Swaragini-Zehnaseeb(My Fate) Episode 38

Sry for the late updates guys as u all knw none of my family members knw tht i am writing a FF…And my Dectective elder brother Ayush is behind me ..spying wat i am doing always infront of the computer…He ws behind me asking wat am i doing so becoz of tht i could’nt update..sry for the delay…


Recap: Laksh tells Shrawu and Sparsh tht they r brothers.

Laksh clicks photos of all of them.
At last he takes a photo in which Ragini is carrying Sparsh and Jaan is carrying Shrawu….
Laksh (in mind): it looks lyk a family pic..he takes their picture..
Swara remembers wat happened 7 yrs ago.
….FB Starts….
Laksh ws abt leave wen he hears the babies cry..
Laksh turns back
Laksh: i want my children also.
Swara: Laksh don’t say tht pls.
Laksh: i don’t trust u Swara …its just becoz of u Sanskar and Ragini are separated from each other.
Sanskar: Swara is not
Laksh cuts Sanskar: u stay away its between me and her…
Swara: Laksh i will not give u my babies…
Laksh: i also have equal ri8s on them.
Swara: no Laksh i’ll not let u take my babies away…
Laksh: if they r my blood then i will take them.
Swara: what if they r not…
All r shocked
Mishti: Swara wat r u telling?
Swara: haan maa its Aman and my children.
Ragini: Swara wat the hell r u saying?….y r u dragging Aman into it…Watever happened between u both ws just an accident.
Sanskar sees her….
Swara looks at Sanskar.
Swara: Ragini still loves him..
Ragini: yes i love him yes i do i love Aman more than anything ..but for smdays wen i realised Sanskar’s love for me..unknowingly i loved Sanskar more..tht ws the worst thing ever done by me. Yes i shared all my secrets with Laksh not with u Mr.Maheshwari or even my Bhaiyu and papa….its becoz i didn’t want to trouble u all…i don’t want u to be worried…i would have not told Laksh but smhw he came to knw abt it thts y i told him…
Laksh holds Ragini.
Laksh: i never knw Swara tht u will fall this low..i hate u to the core not only u i hate all those u who judged us..and Swara even it is Aman’s children..i will take them did u get it…
Sanskar comes to Ragini.
Ragini stops him..
Ragini: Mr.Maheshwari just stay away…
Swara: Ragini …it ws just a mistake. I am sorry.
AP: beta we will see what to do 1st let Swara get discharge…
Ragini and Laksh goes to Rathore they goes…..
After some days Swara gets discharged …
Laksh comes and take one baby and Swara the other….
Laksh: Swara from this very second u r not my wife and not my child’s mother…u have no relation with any of us..
FB Ends..
@ the park
Ragini: its late they will b searching for Sparsh.
Laksh: yh i’ll drop him.
Jaan: no i will drop him..
They agrees…
Sparsh: Shrawu bye iam gonna miss u..
Shrawu: i’ll also miss u brother..hey one minute.
Shrawu takes out a photo from his pocket.
Shrawu gives it to Sparsh..it is Aman’s photo.
Shrawu: Sparsh dis is Aman dude ..if u r in any problem..he will sent his angels ok..just think abt him..
Sparsh nodes..They hugs..
Sparsh hugs Ragini and Laksh.
Sparsh: papa i will miss u will u take me out lyk this again?
Laksh: i’ll try beta.
Sparsh gives Ragini kisses on her cheeks.
Jaan carrys Sparsh to the car..
Ragini comes there and asks Sparsh not to tell abt he meeting Laksh..
He agrees…
RagLakShr comes back to RM.
Ragini goes to her room.
She takes a photo which she has hidden behind Aman’s photo.
Its Sanskar’s and her wedding photo..
Ragini: Sanskar i saw everyone today but not u and di…
FB Starts
Ragini is standing at the gate of MM
Sanskar comes to her….
Sanskar: Ragini i am sry…
Ragini: we r leaving today..
Sanskar: ok..i’ll miss u
Ragini: i think i’ll miss u too
Sanskar: so is Laksh coming with u?
Ragini: i don’t knw…hw is baby?
Sanskar: yh he is 5n…nd..
Ragini: they r also fine….
Sanskar: Ragini i knw i ws very rude to u..
Ragini: i don’t want to talk abt it..
Ragini strts to go she turns…and hugs Sanskar.
Ragini(crying): I don’t think we will meet again pls marry someone and be happy…
Sanskar: yh …u also don’t waste ur life..marry smone who stand with u..
They break the hug.
Ragini: Promise?
Sanskar: Promise….
They smile at each other.
FB Ends….
Ragini: i knw Sanskar u would have moved on in ur life..but i am still standing there where u left me ..i don’t knw why i am doing this to myself….but i love u Sanskar…i love u….
Jaan enters carrying Sparsh.
Sanskar sees Sparsh ..he runs to him and take Sparsh from him.
Sanskar: Sparsh thank god u r back where were u?
Sparsh hugs Sanskar ti8.
Jaan: He ws in the mall …so wen i asked him he said he ws lost…so i brought him back here.
Sanskar: Thank u soo much…
Jaan: my pleasure…i am leaving..

Sparsh goes to Jaan..
Sparsh: Thank u ..
Jaan pulls Sparsh’s cheeks …
Jaan: Tk care buddy..
Dhruv: Shrawu nahi aaya uncle?
Jaan: no…
Sanskar: who is Shrawu.
Swara comes down and sees Sparsh.
She runs to him and hugs him.
Swara: where were u ?..do u knw hw much scared i ws..
Everyone sees Swara.
Jaan leaves..
Sparsh: mumma i ws lost in the mall…
Sanskar: yh and Jaan brought him back..
He looks but couldn’t find Jaan.
Swara: Jaan …den Ragini must have also there ri8..
Uttara: Hw do u knw tht Swara?
Swara: i saw Jaan with Ragini and a boy….
Uttara: not a boy its there son.
Sanskar: What?
Sujatha: aisa kuch nah ain chore.
Uttara: no chachi don’t lie to bhai…
DP: kids take Sparsh with u ..go upstairs and play.
Sanskar: Tell me what is it?
Swara: The truth is Ragini is nw Jaan’s wife.
Sanskar: what..but we r not divorced…
Uttara: bhai she moved on….
Sanskar sits in the sofa keeping his hand on his head..he remembers Ragini promising to move on in her life…
He goes to his room..
Sparsh is sitting in his room.
Sparsh: Shrawu i am missing u all…i want to see u…what to do nw?..
He starts thinking…
Sparsh: AMAN.
Sparsh takes Aman’s photo.
Sparsh: Aman dude pls tell me a way to meet my brother…
Sparsh keeps the photo on the table..wind blows the photo falls on the ground upside down..Sparsh picks it up..Behind the photo its written Papa..with a mobile number.
Sparsh: Thank u Aman dude..
Sparsh takes the phone and calls ….

Precap: More twists

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  1. its swara misundstnd clear her soon.. again dont do swara negative dear.. its just her misunderstanding thinks jaan and ragini married.. if this they all again thinks swara bad.. hope u clear misunderstanding that jaan and ragini nt maried? r they maried? if again this heppen laksh will hate swara more and sanskar also thinks bad.. please dont do this with swara? reunite them swalak and ragsan soon…….

    1. dont wry s..Swara is positive nw…. 🙂

  2. Awesome epi…Plz noo more misunderstanding between ragsan…make them together soon.plzzzz it’s request

    1. Yh Lila 🙂

  3. Dis sanskar is such a dumb head n swara a bl***y looser…He believes watever dat mad swara tels…doesn’t he never trt to use his own brain atleast once….I m sorry swasan fans…my comments r juts regarding dis ff only…If it was raglak also I would hv commented the same way….but u really dis ff…today’s was really gud…plz update the next one fast…❤❤??

    1. Thanx yaar Smrith…????

  4. Nice one.waiting for next part

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  5. wow…..swara and uttara jointly caused more confusion and misunderstanding for ragsan. and ragsan is trusting swara again instead of looking into his own heart or at least going and asking jaan/ragini. nice update sarika…emotional and beautiful. i liked how ragini still loves him and had their wedding photo hidden behind aman’s photo. i hope sanskar doesnt do something foolish like go with swara now because of the misunderstanding. i really don’t understand that someone like swara who wanted to hurt ragini so badly and wanted sanskar back again, change all of a sudden and become good and miss her sister!!

    1. meant sanskar trusting swara again :O

      1. Dont wrry Azure..just wait and watch 😀

    2. Thanx for sharing ur opinion Azure..Love u yaar 😀

  6. superb dea sorry couldn’t comment on some of the previous updates ….swara is crazy yaar she again misunderstood hope u will clear it soon

    1. Its ok Naimi..yh i’ll clear everything soon 🙂

    1. Thanx 123 🙂

  7. Awesome didi…but please let sanskaar believe ragini this time…… but swara is unbelievable

    1. Hi Nikki ….Sanskar will..dont wrry 🙂

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    1. Its simple yaar copy paste it in the box which says submit ur article..and fill the rest.. 🙂

  9. Why always Swara misunderstands? Why do u always write against Swara?Give her some importance too…everyone blames Swara…that’s not fair…

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      here is the link incase:


    2. ok yaar but i need tym for tht Revti 🙂

  10. awesome

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  11. Awesome

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  12. I’m really confused right now?? Is this ragsan or swasan?? But anyways good episode Hun, love you aha~Nusz

    1. No bestie the pairs r same same its RagSan and SwaLak…. 🙂

  13. Superb….unite ragsan soon….

    1. Thanx Kriya..yh i’ll 🙂

  14. Mindblowing ……epi sarika love u……dear

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