Swaragini-Zehnaseeb(My Fate) Episode 37


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Sarika Shah & Sameer

Recap: Sparsh calls Laksh papa.

Laksh: papa?
Sparsh hugs him tightly.
Sparsh: papa u came back…thank god…Papa nw i’ll never leave u..i love u papa.
Laksh: beta i am not ur papa..
Sparsh: don’t say tht papa..i love u where is my surprise papa..where is my brother.
Laksh:beta mujhe lagtha hain aapko koi galat fayami hui hain beta.
Sparsh: no u r my papa..u r Laksh Maheshwari no?
Laksh: hey hw do u knw my name?
Sparsh: papa coz my name is Sparsh Laksh Maheshwari.
Laksh is super shocked to hear it..
Laksh hugs Sparsh tightly.
Laksh: Sparsh.
Sparsh: papa….pls don’t leave me ppls papa.
Laksh is nw in tears.
Laksh: no beta never.
Sparsh: i love u papa.
Laksh: i love u too..but beta who told u abt me
Sparsh: dad.
Laksh: dad?
FB Starts.
One day @ MM
Sparsh is in Sanskar’s room.
Sparsh: Dad, will u tell me the truth if i ask u smthing?
Sanskar: i’ll tell u ..abb tell me what u want to ask
Sparsh: Wheere is my papa?
Sanskar: papa
Sparsh: dad mumma told me tht my papa left me
Sanskar:beta ur papa is in abroad
Sparsh: so papa didn’t left me?
Sanskar: no beta he will come back soon…he will also bring u a surprise.
Sparsh: what surprise?
Sanskar: he will bring ur brother.
Sparsh: what i have a brother?
Sanskar: haan…but nw u don’t say abt it to anyone ok..
Sparsh: ok dad..but can u show me papa photo?
Sanskar points to the photo on the table…in which Sanskar is standing wit Laksh.
Sparsh touches Laksh inthe photo.
Sparsh: o this is laksh Maheshwari ..hain na dad.
Sanskar nodes his head in yes..and smiles
FB Ends.
Sparsh: Papa bathao na where is my bhaai.
Laksh: come i’ll tell u..
Laksh carries Sparsh.
Laksh makes him sit beside him and Laksh is driving the car.
Sparsh: Papa do u knw even Ragini massi is also here.
Laksh stops his car.
Laksh: Ragini massi?
The Maheshwaris reach mall. They all search for Sparsh but they don’t get him.They drive back home.Sanskar and Adarash goes to police station.
Mishti: Papa Shekhar khana is ready.
Dada ji and Shekhar comes to have fud.
Mishti gets a call frm Swara.
Swara: hlo maa.
Mishti: wat happened Swaru r u crying. What happened beta.
Swara narrates what all happened ..including She seeing Ragini with Dr.Jaan and Sparsh missing.
Mishti: Yeh bhi woh Ragini hi kar raha honga…u don’t wrry Sparsh will be back.
Swara cuts the call.
Mishti: Shekhar Sparsh kho gaya hain .
Shekhar: kya..
Mishti tells Shekhar everything.
Shekhar: Kya Ragini is in Delhi.
Mishti: waha Swaru pareshaan hain aur aapko uss Ragini ki padi hain.
Shekhar: I have only one daughter and tht is Ragini.
Mishti goes frm there angrily.
Sparsh: haan Ragini massi Mumma’s sister.
Laksh: mumma sister..Sparsh who told u this?
Sparsh: mumma…Sparsh tells his meeting with Ragini and Sharwu.
Laksh(in mind): so tht boy must be Shrawu.
Laksh calss on Ragini’s mobile but she doesn’t pick the call so he calls Jaan
Jaan phone starts ringing.
Ragini: Jaan jalthi uttao..Dekho Shrawu ka needh Kharab ho raha hain.
Shrawu is sleeping on Ragini’s lap.
Jaan picks up the call.
Jaan: hlo.
Laksh: where r u guys?..where is Ragini?
Jaan : Laksh Ragini is here only wat happened?
Laksh: acha den why is she not picking her phone?
Jaan; woh Shrawu is sleeping..so she turned her phone to silent thts y.
Laksh: nw put the phone in loud speaker.
Jaan do it.
Laksh: Ragini did u meet the Maheshwaris.
Ragini: ha..haan woh mall mein milli.
Laksh tells Ragini and Jaan what happened wen Laksh reached the mall.
Jaan: tht means Sparsh is with u?
Laksh: haan and i want him to meet his brother.
Ragini: do one thing Laksh u wait in the park we will also reach there nw.
Ragini and Jaan goes towards the park.
Ragini and Jaan reach the park.
Laksh and Sparsh are already there.
Sparsh sees Ragini and runs to her Jaan is carrying Shrawu.
Ragini takes Sparsh and kisses him.
Sparsh: Massi i missed u so much.
Ragini: i miss u too .
Laksh comes and takes Shrawu frm Jaan.
Laksh wakes Shrawu.
Shrawu sees Sparsh with Ragini.
He crys….
Laksh: Shrawu wat happened?
Shrawu: papa what is he doing with mumma?..i hate him.
Laksh: beta don’t say tht he is ur brother.
Shrawu and Sparsh: brother??
Laksh brings Shrawu near Sparsh.
Laksh: haan u both are brothers.
Shrawu looks Ragini and Jaan
They node their head in yes.
Shrawu hugs Sparsh.
Shrawu: u r my brother thts y u were with mumma sry ..
Sparsh also hugs him back.
Sparsh: i am also sry.
Ragini hugs both of them.
Shrawu: u always wanted a twin brother na..so here is it.
Shrawu: mumma h is my twin?
Jaan: haan Shrawu.
Shrawu: but dadda wats his name?
Sparsh: My name is Sparsh Laksh Maheshwari.
Shrawu: nice name..My name is Shrawan Laksh Maheshwari…u can call me Shrawu.
Shrawu and Sparsh plays with Laksh Ragini and Jaan.

Maheshwari family is really worried..Swara and Snaskar r crying.
Sanskar: Swara hw can u do dis..tum Sparsh ka teekh se dyaan nahi rakh sakte the?
AP: Sanskar relax beta Sparsh mil jayenga.
Sanskar: what badi maa Uttara di and Pari bhabhi apne dono bacho ko sambal sakte hain toh…he stops..
Swara crys and runs to her room and lock herself.
Sujatha: Sanskar..
Sanskar: maa i don’t care abt anyone i want Sparsh back thts all Sanskar breaks down
In Swara’s room She is crying..she closes her eyes..
Swara: Sparsh pls come back home…

Precap: Flashback…..Sparsh back with Mahereshwaris

Credit to: Sarika Shah & Sameer

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