Swaragini-Zehnaseeb(My Fate) Episode 36


I am really sry guys as i said tht nw i am in 12th..so i have tuitions and also extra classes..i didn’t get tym to update it thts y ..pls forgive me..and sry if my episodes r short…Guys pls Express ur views through ur lovely comments..
Love Sarika Shah 🙂


Precap:Maheshwari family and RagJanShr meets
AP: But hw can Ragini marry Dr.Jaan?
DP: AP ji she have moved on..
Sujatha: jiji aise bhi toh ho sakta hain we got her wrong..
RP: Bhaisa lets go i don’t want to see anything more.
Uttara: But where is Laksh bhaiya and Swara bhabhi.
Dhyan: woh rahe chacha.

Sanskar and Swara come.
Sanskar: what happened y r u all sad?
DP: kuch nahi comes lets go..
Swara: hann Bade papa..
Sanskar: Sparsh did u cry…what happend?
AP: Sanskar we will tell u everything but nw lets go.
Sanskar: Champ come i’ll get a u..infact all kids come we will have a chocolate and come.
Swara: Sanskar i’ll take them.. u go and take the car..
Swara leaves with all the kids.
Ragini Jaan and Shrawu enters their car..

Jaan is sitting in the driver seat..Ragini beside him and Shrawu at the back.
Shrawu hugs Ragini from back.
Shrawu: Mumma who ws he..why did he hug u..mumma wat all he ws calling u..mumma u r mine only..dadda tell mumma na tell her not to leave me lyk tht mumma
Shrawu starts crying
Jaan: Dadda ..ke Shrawu ho na nw stop crying..Dekho if Shrawu cries them mumma aur dada ko be rona aayenga..
Ragini: haan Shrawu..mumma tumhe chodkar kahi nahi jayenga
Shrawu: promise?
Jaan and Ragini: pakka wala promise…
The trio smiles.
Ragini makes Shrawu sits on her lap..
Sanskar reach the parking section ..He sees something and turns Ragini’s car pass him…They didn’t see each other
Swara buys chocolates and give it to all the kids..She asks the kids to stand there and she goes to pay the bill.
Sparsh(in mind): i should go and see what if massi is still there..

He goes frm there the kids didn’t se it.Swara comes back and ask all kids to go and sit in the car..all kids go..She also sits The Maheshwris goes.
Sparsh is still in the mall..
Laksh: Maa i am going out.
Rathore: where r u going?
Laksh: i want to give Shrawu a surprise..
Janki: yh u go beta..
Rathore: haan u go its ok i am with Janki
Rathore looks at Janki and smiles..Janki also smiles.
Laksh sees it.
Laksh: ahem ahem….i am still here..ooMaa u r blushing.
Rathore: enough u go..
Laksh: haan jaa raha hun..enjoy..
He goes…
The Maheswaris are in the car.
Sanskar is driving..DP is sitting beside him.
AP Sujatha and Swara at the back.
In the other car adarsh is driving. RP beside him. Pari Uttara and Kids are behind.
Sanskar: Swara is Sparsh fine.
Swara: i don’t knw Sanskar.
Sanskar: u don’t knw.
Sanskar stops the car.
Sanskar calls Adarash.
Sanskar: bhai give phone to Sparsh.
Adarsh: Sparsh..he is not with us..he came with Swara na.
Sanskar: What?…no bhaiya ..he is not in here.
Adarsh: No Sanskar he is not here also.
Sanskar: Bhaiya we r going back.
Adarash: yh we will also reach there.
Sanskar; Swara Sparsh kaha hain?
Swara: Bacho ke saath hain

Sanskar: Sparsh is not with them.
Swara Sujatha AP and DP: What!…
Laksh reaches the same mall.
He goes to the same shop from where Swara bought chocolates for kids.
Laksh: Excuse me can i have Tht chococlate…just give me tht bigger pack ok…he also buys some other things
Shopkeeper: yes sir..
The shopkeeper packs it and Laksh pays him…
Sparsh comes there and searches for Swara and the kids..but he couldn’t find them her there.
Sparsh sits there and starts to cry..
Laksh sees a boy sitting and crying (Sparsh)
Laksh goes to him.
Swara: (crying) mera bacha.
Sanskar: Swara how can u be so irresponsible…
Sujatha: Sanskar lets go tht mall and search for him.
Sanskar: Swara if smthing happened to him den u see…tears come frm his eyes..
Laksh Goes to Sparsh.
Laksh: What happened beta…
Sparsh is crying ..Sparsh dosent look Laksh.
Sparsh(crying): I want to see dad..and mumma..
Laksh: Where r they?
Sparsh: i don’t knw..
Laksh: hey..dont cry beta..i’ll help u to find ur parents ..where r u coming frm.
Sparsh: Kolkata.
Laksh: what Kolkata?
Sparsh: haan Mumma went to buy chocolate..but nw she is not here ..bhaiya is also not here.
Laksh(in mind): hw irresponsible parents…who will leave a child in a new city…lyk this.
Laksh: beta come lets find ur parents nw pls stop crying..he gives Sparsh he chocolate he bought for Shrawu.
Laksh forwards the chocolate to him.
Laksh: whats ur name ?
Sparsh: I am Sparsh…

Laksh: Sparsh?….beta take this chocolate.
Sparsh lifts his head up and takes the chocolate..Sparsh sees Laksh’s face.
Sparsh: papa….
The screen freezes on the shocking face of Laksh and happy face of Sparsh

Precap: Laksh Sparsh and Shrawu 🙂

Credit to: Sarika Shah

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