Swaragini-Zehnaseeb(My Fate) Episode 35

Recap: RanJanShr… 😀


They goes to another shop..Swara comes out..
Swara(in mind): Ragini….
Tears come from Swara’s eyes…
Sparsh: papa yeh mumma kaha gaya?
Sanskar: haan champ..ek kaam karo u go and be wit Bade dadu ok..i’ll look for her.
Sparsh goes to The Maheshwaris.
RagjanShr enters a shop (lyk bakery ) …where the Maheshwari family is present…..
Ragini: i’ll go and check at tht section ok.
Jaan: Ragini thts ice cream and chocolate section
Ragini: So wat i am just checking ..i am not eating.
Jaan gives her a deadly look..
Ragini: what…i am not a kid anymore.
Jaan: exactly Ragini u r not a kid anymore….so?
Ragini: what so?….i will have whatever i want ..understood.
Jaan: yh Ragini…u r not a kid it doesn’t mean u can have anything as u lyk…look at Shrawu..and learn smthing frm him.
Ragini: Jaan i just want little bit of ice cream i am not gonna empty the whole shop..
Jaan: Ragini u r not a kid to have ice creams lyk this..nw ull say little bit but ..i knw u r crazy for them
Ragini: Jaan its me who decides wat should i eat not u..got it.
Jaan: Ragini don’t behave lyk a kid..

Ragini: i am not a kid
Jann: u r
Ragini: i am not.
Jaan: u r a kid Ragini..who shouts on people for just an ice cream.
Ragini: shouts on people…hey u r a Dr it dosent mean u can make me away frm my ice cream.
Jaan: i cant believe u Ragini i must say Shrawu is better than u..
RanJan were arguing for a ice cream..and the whole people in the shop were staring at them …Maheshwaris also come there.
AP: Ragini..
But Ragini and Jaan are continuing arguing with each other
The whole Maheshwari family sees them (expect Sanskar and Swara )
DP: Ragini here?
Shrawu: stop fi8ing ..see everyone is seeing us.
RagJan sees around them…(They don’t see the Maheshwaris..)
Ragini: woh acha sry..
Jaan: y hi am sry too i only over reacted.
Ragini: what ..so can i have an ice cream?
Jaan looks her..
Ragini: acha baba teekh hain.
Shrawu: thts lyk a gud girl and gud boy..
The trio hugs..
Everone who were seeing them starts moving.
Person 1 : pagal hain dhone ked hone..humare tym waste kar diya.

AP : Ragini.
Ragini Jaan turns back they r shocked to see Maheshwaris there.
Sparsh and Dhruv runs to her..they hug Ragini.
Dhruv: Ragini chachi..
Sparsh: massi….
Ragini hugs them happily…
Ragini: champ….
Dhruv: chachi yeh Sparsh hain.
Ragini hugs Sparsh…Shrawu comes frm Jaan and separate Ragini and Sparsh.
Shrawu: Tumhara itna himat ki tum mere mumma ko hug kare..
Sparsh: tumhare mumma…she is my massi..
Shrawu: Daddu..i told u abt tht video game thing na woh yahi tha….
Ragini: Shrawu its not lyk tht..he is ur…
She ws going to say ..but Jaan keeps his hand on her shoulder..Ragini realises wat she ws abt to say…
Shrawu: he is my wat..
Jaan: see he is almost ur age na..thts wat mumma wanted to say..

Shrawu: Daddu lets go..mumma aao na lets go.
Shrawu drags Ragini and Jaan.
Sparsh holds Ragini’s other hand.
Sparsh: Massi don’t go..Massi mumma misses u very much ..she cries looking at ur photo everyday pls massi..
Ragini is in tears.
Ragini: Shrawu ek second..
Ragini goes to Sparsh and kisses on his forehead..
Ragini: Sparsh..take care massi love u.
Adarsh goes and hugs Ragini.
Adarsh: Ragini i missed u ..
Ragini: i missed u too bhaiya.
Pari: Ragini come back home..
Shrawu: Mumma chalo..lets go
Pari: Ragini who is he?
Sharwu: I am Shrawan…and this is my mumma….Daddu mumma ko kaho na..lets go..
RP: Ragini..yeh tumhara beta hain?
Shrawu: Haan uncle..she is my mumma and he is my daddu..nw can we go..
Shrawu drags Jaan and Ragini frm there.
Sparsh cries..Ragini turns back..She sees him Crying…
Uttara: tht means ragini bhabhi ne Dr se shaadi kar di..

Precap: Sparsh and Laksh meets…..

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    1. Thanx Kriya 🙂

  1. awesome plsz clear their misunderstanding soon and unite ragsan soon……..

    1. Yh i will Crystal 🙂

  2. So cute.. Plzz update next episode soon

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  3. Awesome…clear understanding quickly plz

    1. Yh Lila 🙂

  4. Aww… Sarika plzz next time a really really long update n it was awesome like always i really like the icecream fight between ragjaan but the pair r ragsan rite ?? Anyway am a big fan of ragini whoever is the pair i will read ur ff till ur last epi but dont end it soon ok am addicted to ur ff plzz update soon n also ur new raglak ff plzzz a reaaly long update

    1. Thank u Elina..nxt tym ill update a longer episode..once again thank u dear..?

  5. very nice episode?

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  6. Awesome…..but don’t let ragini forgive sanskaar easily

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  7. superb…. U r awesomee…

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  9. I will say this when Lakesh mention Jaan could be Ragini husband I was not very thrilled, but after today chapert i have been convert I could see Aman her first love reacting the same way with Ragini over ice cream and we all know how much she still attach to him she deserve to be with someone who make her laugh and smile like Aman use too and Jaan doing. oh god the riunion scan btween adresh pari and Dhruv just show the place that ragini forever made in there heart and live, Even Shrawu. love the twin scan and how they act possessive over Ragini.
    Oh miss Uttra bringing more drama for the show and keeping it entertaining. Waiting for another grate chapter.

    1. Thank u Leia ..for another awesome comment i love u yaar thank u so much 🙂

  10. Awesome but make it long sarika…..

    1. Yh i’ll try it Iqra..Thank u 🙂

  11. oh dear….uttara is going to add fuel to fire because of her confusion. poor ragsan. dhruv knows the truth does anyone else know? laksh doesnt know about sparsh right? i mean how he looks etc?

    1. Laksh know his son’s name is Sparsh but he hadnt seen him.. Azure:)

  12. gud one hey nothing….i love this

    1. U love this?..but..I love u 🙂

  13. Sarika where are u dear??? I am waiting for ur nxt part…

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