Swaragini-Zehnaseeb(My Fate) Episode 34

One more thing guys Except Sujatha and Dhruv no one knws Laksh is with the Rathores..and No one knws tht Shrawu calls Jaan Daddu.They don’t even knw what is Sparsh’s twin brother’s name.Sparsh and Shrawan r not identical twins …

Recap: Ragini Jaan and Shrawu comes to shopping…Maheshwaris reach Delhi.
Jaan and Ragini buys dress for all …
Ragini: nw lets take ur dress.
Jaan: Ragini i don’t want anything.
Ragini looks at him.
Jaan: acha bab u select..
Ragini smiles..Jaan also smiles.
Ragini selects few shirts for Jaan and ask him to try it out
Shrawu is in video games section…
Maheshwaris r doing shopping..
Sparsh: Dad i want to buy video games.
Swara: Sparsh last week only u got one..no m,ore video games.
Sparsh: dad pls…
Sanskar: jaane do bacha hain.
Swara Sanskar and Sparsh enters the video games section where Shrawu is also there.
Jaan tries each shirt comes out and shows Ragini…
At last Ragini selectes 2 shirts for him..
Ragini: Dr saab yeh pehanke bahar mat jayenga..
Jaan: Kyun?
Ragini: ladikiyaan aape pagal ho jayenge…
Jaan: ha ha very funny..abb chalo..
Ragini: he..hee ee chalo..
Swara comes and stand behind Shrawu..she is seeing the video games..
Shrawu: Mumma..he turns back….and sees Swara
Swara looks shocked.
Shrawu: sry aunty i thought it ws mumma…sry
Sparsh: she is my mumma not urs…i will not allow u to take my mumma
Shrawu: sorry..waise i have a much more beautiful mumma y should i take urs….bye..
Shrawu goes..
Swara feels smthing in her heart….
Sparsh: hero samjtha hain kudh ko..mumma u stay with me ok..
Swara: ok.
Shrawu come to Ragini and Jaan.
Jaan picks him up.
Shrawu: shopping ho gaya.
Ragini: haan.
Jaan:no Shrawu abb mumma ka dres lena baki hain..
Ragini: acha toh chalo…
Jaan: hey where is ur video game Shrawu?
Swara: Yeh neeche kaise aaya.
Sanskar: maybe its tht kid’s..
Swara smiles..
Swara: ill give it to hm and come.
Sparsh: don’t go mumma he will take u..
Swara: no beta..i’ll give it and come fast.
Shrawu: oh fo..i left it there itself..
Jaan: den lets get it…
Shrawu: no daddu pehala mumma ki shopping after tht video game..
Ragini: kya chuppa raha hain tum?
Shrawu: no nothing mumma.
Ragini: Aman ki kasam.
Shrawu: don’t drag dude into this.
Jaan: Ragini..pls..let me ask him wat happend.
Shrawu narrates wat all happened ..
Ragini and Jaan laughs….
Jaan: teekh hain we will do ur mumma shopping and get ur game ok.
Shrawu: ok.
Swara comes there searching for Shrawu.
RagJanShr gets into a shop.
Jaan selects a dress for Ragini…she goes inside the trial room for trying it..
Shrawu sees Swara with his video game.
Shrawu: Daddu ill come nw.
Jaan: where r u going Shrawu?
Shrawu: one minute daddu ill come nw ..
Jaan: ok come fast ..
Jaan waits ouside the trial room.
Shrawu comes out of the shop and comes in front of Swara.
Swara: so u r here i ws searching for u..here u left ur video game there itself i came here to give it back to u.
Shrawu: really..oh thank u soo much..he says cutely
Swara(in mind): U r behaviour is exactly lyk my Ragini.
Swara’s thoughts were disturbed ny Shrawu.
Sharwu: whats ur name aunty?
Swara: I am Swara. Whats ur name ?
Sharwu: Nice name aunty my name is Shrawan.
Swara: nice name…
Shrawu: it ws nice meeting u aunty bye..i hv to go mumma and dada will b worried.
Swara: ok bye..
He goes to Jaan..Swara walk frm there
Jaan: where did u go Shrawu?
Shrawu shows him the game.
Jaan: u went to take this?
Shrawu: no tht aunty gave it to me
Shrawu holds Jaan’s hand
..Swara turns and sees Shrawu holding someone’s hand…
Ragini comes out of the trial room wearing a western dress.
Swara sees Ragini.(but Ragini doesn’t see her)
Swara(in low voice ): Ragini!
Jaan: God Ragini u look beautiful..what say Shrawu?
Sharwu: mumma..u r looking very very beautiful..
Swara(in low voice): mumma?
Ragini goes inside the trial room to change..
She comes out..Jaan turns..nw Swara can see his face.
Shrawu: Dadda come…
Swara(in low voice): Jaan..dadda..
She sees they coming and hide herself….

Precap: Maheshwari family sees Jaan Ragini and Shrawu ……
Mohit Bagri asDyan Adarsh Maheshwari….Devyansh Tapuriah as Aman Arnav Singha..Ananya Kolvankar as Amaya Arnav Singha.

Smile is the key tht fits the lock of everybody’s heart 🙂
So keep smiling guys..love u all…

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  1. i hope this doesnt cause more misunderstanding between ragsan because sanskar thinks ragini has married jaan and ragini thinks he has married swara……oh god!

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  3. Nice…plz make ragsan meet soon and also plz dont create misunderstanding about jaan between ragsan

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  5. No more misunderstandings yar

    1. Nothing will happen between RagSan di..trust me pls.. 🙂

  6. Fantastic sarika…..love u

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  7. superb… now just waiting for sanskar’s reaction….

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  8. its really interesting episode…..?

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