Swaragini-Zehnaseeb(My Fate) Episode 32


Recap: Ragini calls Dhruv and Laksh calls Sujatha..Laksh remembers his past..

Jaan tells everyone abt he being Janki’s relative..and hw he treated her ..abt his meetings wit Ragini to disscuss Janki’s medical conditions.. and all.
Flashback starts.
Laksh: nw Sanskar wat u have to tell?..Ragini didn’t do anything wrong.
Sanskar: She said it to u but not me…
Laksh: coz i knew everything…abt Aman and Swara…abt u and Ragini..
Ragini: tht day wen i found the dairy and cd i came to knw tht Laksh knws everything so i told him the truth..i knw he would be wit me.
Sanskar: so wat abt me?.u didn’t trust me?
Avanthika: Sanskar u r still questioning her…hw could u do it to her…even after knwing abt Swara and Aman..she kept mum..she suffered everything alone…
Sanskar: But Ragini u could have told me once…
Ragini: i am sorry Sanskar…
Avanthika goes to Swara.
Avanthika: Swara Ragini is ur sister see and learn smthing frm her…even if she wasn’t ur sister u shouldn’t have treated her lyk this ..even god will not forgive u this..
Swara goes to Sanskar.
Swara: S..an..sanskar…she ws abt to fall but Sanskar catches her.
Mishti: Swara open ur eyes..
Shekhar: Swaru…They take her to the hospital..
Dr.Jaan and other Dr. Comes out.
Dr: see since patient is pregnant we cant take any risks…
Dr.Jaan: we have to do her delivary nw…
They goes inside…
After some tym a nurse comes out.
Nurse: Patient is critical nw..u have to get these medicines fast
Shekhar,Laksh,Sanskar and Riku goes out to get the medicines..
Mishti comes to Ragini who is standing with Rathore and Janki.
Mishti comes to her and slaps her hard…
Everyone r shocked.

Mishti: till nw i ws quiet..Ragini if smthing happens to my daughter then i will not leave u..
Janki: Hw dare u slap my daughter..
Rathore Goes to slap Mishti but Ragini stops both Rathore and Janki.
Laksh, Shekhar,Sanskar and Riku reaches there..They give the medicines to the nurse.
Dr. Jaan comes out.
Jaan: She has lost blood we need A-ve blood…i ahve contacted the blood bank but this blood group is not there pls u have to arrange it fast.
Mishti: yh we will…
Ragini goes to Laksh and tells smthing in his ears.
Ragini and Laksh goes out.
Shekhar and Mishti sees it.
Shekhar: where is Laksh going wit her?
Everyone r busy trying to arrange blood for Swara.
Ragini and Laksh reaches there.
Dr.Jaan: congrats its twin boys for her…
Everyone is happy.
RP: but what abt Swara?
Jaan: she and the babies r fine.
Dr.:we have shifted her to room u can meet her.
Everyone enters the room.
Mishti: Swaru ..meri bachi..
She cries..
AP and Sujatha takes the babies.
Swara looks at Laksh who is not looking happy.
Swara: Laksh r u not happy?
Laksh:y i am..he plays with the kids…..
Mishti: Laksh ..wen we were here in tension for providing blood for u he ws enjoying wit her…
Laksh gets angry….Ragini enters the rrom..
She smiles a Swara.
Swara: Laksh ws wit whom?
Mishti: with tht Ragini..
Ragini’s smile vanishes…
Laksh sir….Laksh sir..its tym. (in present)
Laksh opens his eyes.
He sees his PA there.
PA: sir its tym to go ..
Laksh: yh..i am leaving u just all the files before leaving ok.
PA: yes sir..
Laksh leaves frm there.
Laksh drives the car..and stops at a place…
He comes out ….He sees Janki there.
(Its RM guys)
Laksh: maa
Janki turns the other side.
Laksh goes to her..
Laksh: naraz ho?
Janki don’t say anything.
Laksh: acha baba i am sry..phir se nahi karunga..acha baba pakka wala promise..
Janki turns with a smile on her face.
Laksh: abb lag rahi ho aap princess ki maa.
Janki: makhan lagana band kar….
Dadi: u r back Laksh?
Laksh hugs her.
Laksh: haan dad ii am back.
Dadi: Laksh today is Sunday still u go to office y?
Laksh: becoz i lyk going to office….aab chalo i am hungry dadi..
Janki serves him him and she also eats..
Laksh: u didn’t have fud maa?
Dadi:hw can she wen her son is hungry.
Laksh side hugs her.
Laksh: maa where is everyone?
Janki: Raghu, Riku and Muku went to pick Mehta saab.
Laksh: Have Jaan came?
Janki: haan.
Laksh: thats y no one is seen here.
Laksh goes to kids room.
He sees Ragini Jaan Taru and Shrawu plying ludo..they r having ice cream also…4 of them r happy..
Laksh turns back and sees Janki..
Laksh and Janki goes to Janki’s room..
Laksh: Maa i not at all a gud father ..
Janki: don’t say lyk tht Laksh..
Voice: Surprise……
Laksh turns back and sees Ragini Jaan Taru and Shrawu…
Shrawu runs to him.
Shrawu: surprise papa….
Taru: Surprise chach(chachu)
Ragini: i knw today is chachi’s birthday ri8…
Jaan: and we r all gonna celebrate it.
Laksh hugs Shrawu and Taru happily..
Rathore: we r also here..
Everyone greets Mr. And Mrs. Mehra.
Taru and Shrawu cut the cake….and feeds everyone..all r happy..
(Tarik Raithwik Rathore is played by Faiq Shaikh)
Sujatha is sitting in her room..
Sparsh: chotti dadi come lets have lunch.
Sujatha: no today i am fasting..so u go and have fud..
Sparsh goes
Sujatha: Laksh i’ll not have food on my birthday till u feed me with ur hands..
She remembers wat happened 7 yrs ago
Swara: Laksh wat where u doing wit Ragini..
Ragini ws abt to say smthing but Laksh stopped her.
Sanskar: Ragini Swara asked u something….
Laksh: Sanskar r u again doubting on her?
Sanskar: No Laksh i am not doubting on her….i am doubting on u.
Laksh: what me?
Sanskar: i don’t trust u Laksh..anyone but not u.
Everyone is shocked.
Riku: what r u talking Sanskar?
Sanskar: U stay out of it Rithwik..
Ragini: whats wrong wit u Sanskar?
Sanskar drag Ragini to him.
Laksh: u r angry with me ri8 then y r u hurting her..?
Sanskar: she is my wife..but she trusts u more.
Laksh: what do u mean?
Sanskar: wen all these happened she took ur help..she didn’t even said it to Riku or Rathore uncle..
Ragini: its becoz..i..
Sanskar: just shut up.
Laksh takes Ragini to him.
Sanskar tries to stop it.
Laksh: bas Sanskar ..u want to knw where did we go thts all na i will tell..nw u all r happy tht ur Swara is perfect do u remember a little while ago Dr said we need A-ve blood do u knw frm where did it came?
Sujatha: tht means…
Laksh: it ws donated by Ragini ..she is A-ve…we went for tht.
Mishti comes to Ragini. Laksh stops Mishti.
Laksh: Sanskar u were very curious to knw where we went but have u noticed the redness on Ragini’s cheek?
Ragini tries to hide it but Laksh doesn’t allow her.
Sanskar: what happend
Laksh: Mishti aunty slapped her for hurting Swara.
Tears comes frm Ragini’s eyes..
Laksh: See Sanskar…u might have forgotten but i hvnt…Aman asked u to keep her happy but what r u doing?
Sanskar: so our relation is just a compromise isn’t it Ragini.
Ragini: Sanskar.
Sanskar: yh u were just keeping ur Aman’s promise…u were just pretenting to love me …Swara loved me to a lot and i loved u …for u i left Swara..do u knw tht. I hurted her for u …
Riku: Ragini come i don’t want to stay here anymore.
Laksh: nor do i.
Ragini: i love u Sanskar
Laksh: don’t say tht Ragini..coz u r just pretenting….Aman i am sorry to say ur choice ws wrong..she cant be happy with Sanskar.
Sanskar: is it so?..i tried my level best to keep her happy ..but she still loves Aman.
Laksh: Ragini don’t love him ..he is a monstor nw…
Swara: Laksh..pls don’t make the matter worse.
Laksh: Swara all this is happening just becoz of u…
Sanskar: nw y r u angry at her ..instead we should thank her becoz of her only i realised it is not love ..Thanx Swara
Laksh: Ragini will not stay in MM…if he is there.
DP: Sanskar is our son he is not going anywhere..Laksh we can sit and sort it out ..
Laksh: no..no need coz there is nothing left to sort…Ragini is gonna come with me…
AP: Laksh wat r u saying?..she is ur brother’s wife.
Laksh: She is Sanskar’s wife…and he is not my brother
DP: What r you saying Laksh.
Ragini: Sanskar do u love me?
Sanskar: y should u care u love Aman ri8.
Ragini: Sanskar…
Sanskar: Ragini i cared for u a lot but nw its all over…
Ragini: Papa i don’t want to …
Rathore: Janki Riku Muku lets leave.
Laksh: Can i also join?
Rathore hugs Laksh.
Jaan also comes…..
Laksh ws abt to leave but the babies cries Lasksh looks on…..
Laksh: Swara i want my kids also
All r shocked…
Sujatha opens her eyes..(@ present)
Tears comes frm her eyes….
Janki Rathore and Laksh r in Rathore and Janki’s room.
Laksh: Rathore papa Ragu is happy nw hain na.
Janki: Haan beta its becoz of Shrawu and Taru
Laksh: Maa papa wat abt Jaan?
Rathore: Jaan?
Laksh: haan papa Ragu is really happy with him i think we should marry her to him.
Janki: beta Jaan is really a nice person but will Ragini agree.
Rathore: we will not do anything aganist princess’s wish…
Laksh: haan papa.
Sanskar is in his room…He takes out his wallet ..He opens it it has a photo in it…it is Ragini’s….
Sanskar kisses her photo…
Sanskar: come back Ragini i miss u …i need u

Precap: Maheshwari family comes to Delhi

Credit to: Sarika Shah & Sameer

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