Swaragini-Zehnaseeb(My Fate) Episode 31


Recap: Shrawu Jaan and Sanskar Sparsh.
Sanskar chit chat with all the kids.
Sanskar: So today u all are not going to school?
Aman: Today is Sunday mamu.
Sparsh: haan dada today is Sunday.
Dhruv: what today is Sunday?
Dhruv looks at the clock.
Jaan: Toh aaj tum dono school nahi ja rahe kya?
Rathore: today is Sunday Dr saab.
Jaan: is it papa…so holiday huh?
Taru: kyu aapko nahi hain.
Dadi: Beta for Doctors there is no Sunday or Monday they have to work 24/7..and tumhare Jaanu toh kuch zyaada hi workaholic hain..
Jaan and Dadi smiles..
Ragini: what today is Sunday?
Ragini looks at the clock..it shows 5 mins to 11.
Pari’s phone rings..
Dhruv runs to her.
Pari takes her phone it shows Rajat calling.
Dhruv: Mumma its for me.
Pari gives her phone to Dhruv.
Dhruv takes the phone and rishes to his room.
Adarsh: Pari is it Rajat’s call?
Pari: Haan
DP: He still calls him?
Adarsh: Haan papa.
Sanskar: Who Rajat?
Sparsh: Dad he is Dhruv bhaiya’s old friend who is nw in Delhi so he calls Dhruv bhaiya on every Sundays…
In Dhruv’s room.
Dhruv: Hlo its me Dhruv…
Voice: Acha Dhruv Hw r u?
Dhruv: i am alone its ok we can talk.
Voice: oh thank god(the voice chages to a female’s voice…)
Dhruv: Ragini chachi…i miss u.
Yes guys its Ragini…
Ragini: who Ragini i am Rajat na
Dhruv: Ragini chachi..
Ragini: i also miss u champ. Hw is everyone there?
Dhruv: chachi everyone is missing u ..wen will u come back..i want to see Shrawu..and Taru
Ragini: hey hamp i’ll come to see u wit Shrawu and Taru ok
Dhruv: i want to see u all badly..chachi hw i everyone there?
Ragini: here…all r ok..
Dhruv: chachi ..thanx for calling me on all Sundays..otherwise …i would have been mad..
Ragini: i knw thts y i am calling u na champ..hey hw is studies?
Dhruv: chachi i’ll top this year also..
Ragini: thats great champ u r the best…i love u
Dhruv: i love u too chachi.

Voice: gottcha….
Ragini turns back and sees Shrawu there.
Shrawu: mumma yeh hain aapke sar dard? Whom r u talking to?
Ragini: woh..haan my friends son..do u want to talk..
A confussed Shrawu nodes his head in yes.
Ragini: champ Shrawu wants to talk to u.
Dhruv : what Shrawu wnts to talk to me?
Ragini: haan i’ll give the phone to him.
Shrawu: hlo champ.
Shrawu:I am Shrawan ..and u?
Dhruv: iam Dhruv..
Shrawu: nice name .in which class r u studying?
Ragini: u talk i’ll come nw..she goes
Dhruv: i am in 7th and u?
Shrawu: i am in 2nd . who all r there in ur house?
Dhruv: there r so many people my parents my brother cousins grandparents …and what abt u?
Shrawu: in my house there is Taru, badi nani, nani, nana, mamu, massi, daddu and papa.
Dhruv: daddu and papa?
Pari knocks at Dhruv’s door.
Dhruv: Shrawu i’ll have to go nw it ws nice talking to u.
Shrawu: same here bhaiya..bye..take care.
Dhruv: bye.. disconnects the call
Dhruv opens the door.
Pari: What were u doing in there?
Dhruv : i ws talking with Rajat.

Pari: is it over?
Dhruv: yes..and gives her phone back..
Pari leaves..
Dhruv: Daddu and papa?…….
(Grown up Dhruv is played by Gautham Ahuja..who played aditya in YHM)
Downstairs Sujatha gets a call frm an unknown number.
Sujatha moves away from the family members.
Sujatha: hlo..
On the other end it ws a very familiar voice..
Voice: hlo..
And Sujatha knws this voice very much its been 7 yrs still she remembers it very cleary.
Sujatha: Laksh..
Laksh: chachi…..
Laksh is shown he is sitting infront of a laptop…
Sujatha: hw r u chore?..tears of happiness comes out frm her eyes.
Laksh: i am fine. Hw r u?

Sujatha:Here everyone is gud..except me..hw can i be happy without u my child?
Laksh: chachi i miss u too..
Sujatha: wen will u come back here everyone misses u.
Laksh: i don’t want to knw abt them…well do u knw wats special abt today and y did i call u?
Sujatha: today?..i don’t knw ..wat is it?
Laksh: happy birthday chachi…
Sujatha: kya…oh so today is my birthday….Thank u beta even i forgot it..
Laksh: hw cn i forget it chachi…
Sujatha: today is my birthday..so i want a gift frm u will give me?
Laksh: even if u ask my life i’ll give it..tell me wat u want?
Sujatha: come back home Laksh..
Laksh: chachi if u r talking abt MM then its not my home anymore…
Sujatha: chore..
Laksh: chachi i have to go nw bye..call u later..
Sujatha: Take care…

She disconnects the call.
Laksh: sry chachi i don’t want to come back to tht house ..which snatched her happiness forever…
He sits back and closes his eyes…
He thoughts ran to 7 years before..to tht day wen Ragini slapped Swara with the truth……He remember all those events…once more…
He remember Jaan entering the MM and telling all the truth to them…

Precap: Flashback……what changed all their lifes?..

Yet another confussing episode i knw…..sry guys bear me for this last tym…

Credit to: Sarika Shah

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