Swaragini-Zehnaseeb(My Fate) Episode 30

Guys i knw after the promo u all r confused..and also u guys don’t want the leap..pls trust me guys i’ll not disappoint u ..pls keep ur trust on me..pls don’t stop reading my FF love u all..Keep supporting me ..Guys today i am writing my 30th episode a very big thanx to each and everyone of u who enouraged me….Sameer thank u soo much …i really owe to u all.
Love Sarika Shah

Recap: Janki alive..Ragini slaps Swara….
7 Years later at MM
A lady is shown..doing pooja…
She does Aarthi and takes the prasad…her face is revealed she is AP.
AP: Sujatha saare badmash kaha hain..
Sujatha: Yahi hain jiji.
AP: Bacho come down..
DP and RP comes down with kids..
Dhruv (12 years..Adarsh and Pari’s elder son), Dhyan(5 yrs second son of Adarsh and Pari..) Aman(8 yrs Uttara and Arnav’s son) and Amaya(4 yrs Uttara and Arnav’s second child)
Kids: Dadi…chotti dadi
AP gives them Prasad..
Sujatha: jiji sabse bada badmash toh aaya hi nahi..
A boy comes and hugs AP frm back.
Boy: dadi pls don’t let mumma find me.
A lady comes down.
Lady: maa have u seen him.
AP: no i hvn’t..
Sujatha: no Swara Sparsh is not here..
The lady is Swara.
Swara sees a boy behind AP.
Swara pulls him towards her.
Swara: kitna shaitaani karenga tum.
Sparsh: sry mumma i did it by mistake.
Swara: what mistake?
Sujatha: Swara he said sry na its enough
Swara: but chachi..
AP: Swara..
Swara goes to upstairs..
AP: Sparsh iss baar maine bacha liya ok..
Sparsh: my dadi r chotti dadi r the best.
Swara comes to her room she sees Ragini photo there she takes it out..
Swara: Ragini my sister i am sry..
In Delhi
A house lyk palace is shown..
A lady is arranging everything in a room.
He sees a photo and takes it ..
It is Aman Singha’s photo
And hear something breaking..
Lady: dekho na Aman Shrawu has become really naughty nw..
A boy comes running and hugs her..
Boy: sry mumma
The lady’s face is shown she is Ragini.
Ragini: Shrawu
Shrawu goes near Aman’s photo..
(Guys u remember our Shrawu is a chotta version of Aman)
Shrawu: Aman dude dekho na Mumma phir naraaz ho gayi
Ragini:Shrawu what did u break?
Shrawu: flower vase mumma….
Another boy comes there.
Boy: bua Shrawan ne sry kaha na…
The another boy is Tarik Rithwik Rathore..Rithwik and Muku’s son.
Muku comes there.
Muku: Tarik..y r u breaking all these things…
Shrawu: sry massi….
Ragini and Muku smile….
Shrawu: Aman dude ur Ragini is smiling ok…
Voice: Shrawu Taru come fast and have breakfast..
Its none another than Janki..
Rathore also comes there..
The kids comes down.
Rathore: com on mere shero…have breakfast.
Tarik: haan dada…
Shrawu..: yes nanu…
Rithwik: Shrawu Taru wat did u break today?
Shrawu: Kuch khaas nahi mamu.
Taru: haan papa we broke one flower vase only
Janki: ohoo..break amthing big tomorrow ok.
Rathore: Janki….
Janki: Acha Raghu…
Dadi: Riku come lets also have breakfast.
Rathore: Muku, Princess where r u both..
Muku and Ragini come down they sit in the dinning table
Shrawu: Mumma daddu kab ayenga?
Ragini: Shrawu tumhare daddu athe hi honge..
Sparsh comes upstairs and see Swara crying.
Sparsh: Mumma y r u crying?
Sparsh sees Ragini’s photo in Swara’s hand ..he wipes Swara’s tears.
Sparsh: Ragini massi ..see na Mumma is crying again..massi pls come back..
Swara hugs Sparsh.
AP: Sparsh…ur dad has come..
Sparsh: Mumma dad has come ..he rushes down..
Swara: Where r u Ragini…i need u my sister pls forgive me
A man is shown walking….he is wearing a formal suit…
The man is revealed as Sanskar……
Voice: Shrawu….
Shrawu: Daddu aa gaya..
Shrawu runs and hugs him……..
Shrawu: daddu i missed u so much…..
The man whom Shrawu is hugging is revealed….he is Dr.Jaan…
Jaan picks up Shrawu…
Taru: Jaanu…..
Jaan picks up Taru also…
Jaan: so do u both miss me?
Taru and Shrawu: Haan…
They kisses Jaan on his cheeks….
Rathore family looks happy…….
Sanskar comes inside MM.
Sparsh: Dad…
Sanskar: Aye mera champ hw r u?
Sparsh: I am ok after seeing u Dad..
Swara comes ..
Sanskar looks at her and smiles..Sanskar smiles back.
Sanskar picks up Sparsh.
Screen splits in the smiling face os Sanskar with Sparsh and Jaan with Shrawu and Taru…..

Precap: What happened 7 years ago….Laksh…
Guys keep smiling…love u all very much 😀

Credit to: Sarika Shah


  1. nusz(T!B!H!)

    Im really confused, but I hope you will clear everything up on the next episode… I am actually depressed a lot… So I might not comment on your upcoming episodes, But I will try.
    Anyways this episode was really interesting and impressive like always. I will be waiting for the next episode Hun.
    Love you aha~Nusz

    • Sarika Shah

      Hey Nusz is everything alri8?…r u ok..Thanx for commenting..take care Love u lots..
      Take care bestie….
      With lots and lots of love Sarika Shah 🙂

      • nusz(T!B!H!)

        You always cheer me up thanks a lot Hun.
        Man you’re my bestie aha.
        Also I posted episode 14 of my ff… Hope to see your comment
        But love you too~Nusz

  2. smrithi

    It’s just awsome….The whole day I keep waiting for ur update….bit can u plz create link for the previous page…plzzz?❤

    • Sarika Shah

      I am sry..for making Swara negetive….and if u find my FF boring..well i am doing everything to make my FF interesting..Still if its boring u ..then i would suggest u to stop reading my stuff…Thanx for ur comment 😀

  3. Lila

    Sarika yaar what is this? Shrawu is ragini and jaan son how can u separate ragsan…I feel so sad now…plz fix all this fastly I can’t bear ragsan separated

  4. kriya

    where is laksh??n ragini is married to sanskar then why sparsh is calling sanky as papa n swara n sanskar r married or there is a reason????update one more part today itself plzzzzz…….

  5. Where is laksh.. ???? Swasan ….???i am still confused yaar ….plz next epi update asap I can’t wait???? Ragjaan???? ????

  6. Meera

    Who’s son is shrawu???is it ragsan child??im soo confused please clear all the misunderstanding..I want to see ragsan together, it’s a request

  7. Anaita

    Sarika plz dont seperate ragsan in this ff aftrall they loved each other… Thn how come yaar.. i really wish that they’ll be back together… And plz dont pair RagAan..

    Sorry if u felt bad…

  8. sinzo

    i knw its confusing…..but i really enjoyed it….and really sorry for late comment Sarika……

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