Swaragini-Zehnaseeb(My Fate) Episode 29 MAHAEPISODE


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Prcap: Swara tells Ragini tht she is not Rathore’s daughter
Dadi comes to Ragini
Dadi: Ragini iss besharam ko apni aukat dikhao.
Swara: Dadi??
Ragini: ek dam chup Swara..
Swara:Dadi u r wit her?
Ragini: Swara wat did u call me najayis..and wat did u call my mom characterless?…..nw come ill tell u who is najayiz..
Swara looks puzzled.
Ragini takes Swara
Ragini: Swara don’t u want to see my biological father..and points smone..
Everyone is shocked as she points to Shekhar.
Dadi crys..
Shekhar: what the hell r u talking i am not ur father..
Swara: Ragini…dont drag my baba into this.
Ragini: I don’t want ur baba u can keep him..

Mishti: Shekhar what is she up to?
Ragini: what am i up to?..so Mr.Shekhar Gadodia …will u pls tell ur daughter who is Janki Gadodia?
Shekhar Mishti Dada Rathore and Riku r shocked to hear it..
Shekhar: Jank..ki..
Ragini: Meri maa ka naam bhi mat lena…..
Dada: u r Janki’s daughter?
Ragini: Hann i am Janki’s daughter..
Swara: baba who is Janki?
Ragini: yeh kya?..apne apni pyaari beti ko..apne wife ke bare mein kuch nahi bataya?
Swara: baba..
Ragini: So listen Swara ….i am the daughter of Janki Gadodia nad ur baba…..ur baba married my mom….She ws his wife….not ur mom..
Swara: no no..tht cannot happen u r lying to me..
Swara is crying ..
Ragini: u don’t belive me ..but Swara i don’t have any DNA Reports and all ..hey y don’t u ask ur baba itself?
Shekhar: Ragini tum meri beti ho?

Dadi: kyun nw also u want proof..
Mishti: maa u knew this all?
Ragini: Mr.Gadodia will u tell ur pyaari beti the truth or should i do it..
Shekhar stands there still.
Ragini: ok then Swara i’ll tell u everything…
FB shows….Mishti coming to baadi with Swara on Shekhar Janki’s wedding anniversary..and Shekhar gets to knw tht Swara is his daughter…and Janki telling Shekhar to accept Mishti as his wife..Shekhar coming to knw Janki is pegnant..Janki meeting with a accident..Rathore finding her..Janki’s bonding with Riku Rathore marrying her ..Rathore’s happiness wen Ragini nis born..Rathore loving Ragini more than anything…
FB Ends..
Everyone is in tears..
Swara: no Ragini i’ll not believe this u r saying all this to make me weak..
Shekhar: she is lying Swara….
Swara is double shocked to hear it..
Shekhar: Ragini ..den wat happened..
Rathore comes and holds Shekhar’s collar
Rathore: so u r the person who hurt her….do u knw hw much she loved u ..
Shekhar is also crying..
Mishti tries to free Shekhar frm Rathore..but she fails.
Riku: Ragu hw come u knw all these?..maa papa and me never told u abt it….
Ragini: haan bhaiyu….but she did..she points towards dadi…
FB starts

Calling bell rings Swara opens the door
Swara: dadi aap
Swara hugs her
Dadi: hw r u?
Swara: i am gud..
Dadi greets AP and Sujatha they greets her back.
Ragini comes down and hugs dadi..
AP: Ragini u r late..
Ragini: i am leaving maa..
Dadi: i am also leaving..
Swara: but dadi we didn’t even talk..
Dadi: i have to go to temple
Ragini: ill drop u dadi..
Ragini and dadi leaves in car..
(I have mentioned this incident in episode 22…


Ragini is driving the car and Dadi is sitting beside her.
Dadi: Ragini..take left frm here.
Ragini: but dadi temple is not this way.

Dadi: i am not going to temple.
Ragini: ok but where do u want to go then.
Dadi: to hospital..
Ragini: hospital..she stops the car..u r ok na dadi..
Dadi: Ragini i am fine nw will u pls take me there…my daughter is admitted in there.
Ragini: what ..dadi u have a daughter also?
Dadi: haan ..
Ragini and dadi reach a hospital..
Dadi: u hv’nt met my daughter ri8
Ragini: woh..
Dadi: pls Ladoo..
Ragini: Ladoo..
Dadi: kyun main nahi bula sakthi?
Ragini: ofcourse dadi..
Dadi and Ragini enters hospital..
Nurse: Gud morning..
Dadi: gud mrning..
Nurse: who is this dadi.. ?
Dadi: she is Ragini….. dr. has reached ?
Nurse: no dadi..hi Ragini..
Ragini: hai…
The nurse goes..
Ragini: Dadi what is wrong with ur daughter?
Dadi: Ragini she is in coma..
Ragini: what coma..
Dadi: haan its been 5 yrs…
Ragini: oh ..dont wry dadi she will be alri8..

Dadi and Ragini enters a room..Ragini is standing a behind Dadi…
She sees a woman is lying on the bed Ragini cannot see her face..
Dadi moves and Ragini sees tht woman’s face..
Ragini: MAA!!!
FB Ends..
Rathore and Riku are shocked as well as surprised..
Rathore : Janki is alive ..
Riku: Ragu maa is alive…
Ragini nodes in yes..
Rathore hugs Ragini ti8..
Rathore: i knew it…princess i love u
Ragini: i love u papa..
Rathore: but where is she..
Ragini: i’ll take u papa..first let me talk to this man and his daughter
Shekhar: Ragini…beta pls forgive me..
Ragini: i am not ur daughter …
Shekhar comes towards Ragini. Rathore stands infront of Ragini.
Rathore: She is my princess Ragini is my daughter…
Shekhar: Rathore ji pls…dont say tht..i also loved Janki..
Riku: don’t take my mom’s name u….
Shekhar: Ragini i tried to find her but..i couldn’t find her.

Ragini claps..
Ragini: wah ..hw many days did u search? One day ?..two days..one weak..?
Shekhar: beta woh..
Ragini: u searched only one day…u knew she ws pregnant still u just….ignored her..mom had an accident and thank god papa found her.took care of her.he married her..Bhaiyu treated her lyk his own mom..and wen i ws born..Papa or bhaiyu never made me feel tht i am not her daughter or sister..they treated me lyk a princess…
Shekhar: i am sry Ragini…
Riku: don’t u dare u take my Ragu’s name ..
Ragini: Do u knw wen we heard maa lost her life in Kolkata bomb blast papa looked for her..We got the news she is no more but papa never agreed to it..She looked for her ..not for 1 day ..1 weak or 1 month..he looked for her 1 year..he never believed tht she ws not in this world…it took 2 years for papa to believe it…but he never completly agreed tht mom is not in this world….
Dadi comes to Rathore and Riku and blesses them…
Ragini goes to Swara…Swara is sitting on the chair she is completly broken down…
Ragini: Swara what did u call me najayis..nw let me say smthing..u r najayis..not me..
Ragini slaps her ..Swara is shocked
Ragini: u r going to become a mother thts y i am leaving u otherwise i would have killed u by nw for insulting my family..

Muku comes to Swara who is keeping her hand on her cheek where Ragini slapped her..
Muku: Swara i didn’t knw u can fall this much low…hw can u do this my Ragu?
Muku hugs Ragini…
Riku comes to them and hugs …
Rathore also joins…
Avanthika goes to Sanskar
Avanthika: Aman ws wrong..he ws wrong abt him Ragini….
Ragini: Maa.
Avanthika: Ragini he choose Sanskar 4 u ….Sanskar who didn’t doubted u….no beta Aman ws wrong..
Rathore: but hw did u find Janki …maa
Dadi: woh..
Voice: ill explain…
All turns back..they r shocked to see the person..
Riku and Ragini: Maa..
Rathore: Janki..

Riku runs and hugs…
A person ws holding Janki
Person: she is still weak..
Riku: maa why did u leave me..do u knw hw much this papa bati did to me..
Janki: Raghu is it..
Rathore ws in tears ..
Rathore and Ragini goes to her and hug her…
Ragini brings Muku..
Ragini: yeh bhabhi hain.
Janki blesses her..
Muku hugs Janki…
Janki hugs dadi.
Janki: maa ji..
Dadi: meri bachi…
Janki: Raghu…2 days before the bomb blast i saw maa ji at the market ..we talked and i told abt u Riku and ragini…..
And the day wen the bomb blast occurred i ws seriously injured and admitted in some hospital..luckly maa ji saw me…then i ws in coma…yesterday only i came out of coma..
Rathore: thank u maa ji..

Dadi: beta u kept my child happy…and sry it ws me only who told Ragini everything…..
Rathore: princess….
They all hug again..
Swara: Haan Ragini nw u r happy na u got ur family..and u have spoiled my life..
Ragini: Swara Lak…
Laksh: Ragini nw she is just Swara Maheshwari….
Swara: Laksh..
Laksh: Swara u r going to become a mother thts y i am leaving u…I knew everything…frm beginning….Avanthika aunty nw i also think Aman ws wrong..becoz he chose Sanskar for Ragini…
Sanskar: Laksh..
Laksh: do u knw Sanskar y did he said Ragini to marry u ..becoz he read ur dairy…
Sanskar is hell shocked.
Sanskar: what….
Lucky tells everything….
Laksh: Swara i am sry for this but u deserve this..
Lucky tells everyone abt the bachelor party and tells him Aman’s recording..
All r shocked …

Lucky: Swara do u knw Ragini also knws abt it but she never taunt u by saying this..and Sanskar u were doubting Ragini…Wen Ragini found ur dairy and Aman’s recording she told me everything abt Janki aunty and Jaan…
Jaan: Lucky tell me introduce me to him..i am Jaan a Dr. By profession She is my massi..
Rathore: what?
Ragini: haan papa Jaanis mom’s elder sister Janvi massi’s son..
Jaan: I lived in Canada with my parents wen i lost them in an accident i came to India..i worked in the hospital where massi ws admitted and i recogonized her..Dadi told me everything…
(Jaan Kashyap is played by Vijeyndra Kumeria)

Precap: 7 years leap

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