Swaragini-Zehnaseeb(My Fate) Episode 28


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Recap:Sanskar and Swara sees Ragini with someone
Maheshwaris, Singhas and Rathores r chit chatting ..and also playing wit Aman and Dhruv..
SwaLakSan coms down..
Mishti: Swara…they hug..
Rathore comes to her.
Rathore: Swara this is for u..
He gives her a gift..
Swara : Thank u uncle..
AP: Rathore ji itna bada gift…
Rathore: AP ji Swara is my princess bhabhi no..so she is lyk ma daughter only na..
Swara smilies evily(in mind): kuch deer mein woh sabko pata chalega.
Swara: Iknw everyone ..u all want to knw y i kept this party.
Meanwhile Ragini gets a call..she gets really happy after the call. Swara sees it.
Swara(in mind): Ragini all ur happiness will b ruined today.
Swara: Ragini pls come here.
Ragini: Ji bhabhi.
Swara: So everyone this party is not for me but its for her..and points towards Ragini.
AP: for Ragini ??
Swara: Haan maa kyuki its her last day in our house na..
Everyone r shocked..
Laksh: Swara yeh kya tarika hain mazak karne ka?
Swara: Laksh This is not any joke.
Ragini: (confusingly) bhabhi…
Swara: be quiet Ragini don’t dare to utter a word. Ragini frm the day i met u u have been insulting me ..and being everyones favourite.

AP: Swara wat r u talking..
Swara: maa u don’t knw her thts y u r falling in her trap.
DP: Swara stop it nw..
RP: Sanskar y u r quiet?
Ragini: Sans.k…
Swara: Ragini don’t u take his name..
Ragini: bhabhi..wat r u talking abt?
Swara: ohh..tumhe kuch nahi pata hain na?
Ragini: haan bhabhi i don’t knw wat r u talking abt.
Rathore: Swara if u have anything to say den say it directly.
Riku: Swara u knw i go mad if anyone hurts Ragu.
Swara: Riku Rathore uncle u guys r really great..
Riku and Rathore looks puzzled.
Swara: haan u both gave shelter to this najais..
Everyone is shocked to hear..it

Sanskar: najais?
Swara: haan Sanskar This mahan Ragini is not Rathore uncle’s daughter…
Rathore: shut up Swara…
Riku: Swara bas …if u say anything i’ll kill u..
Rathore: Princess u r my daughter …..
Rathore holds Ragini…
Swara takes out some papers and throw it at Ragini.
Swara: read for urself…..Ragini …Rathore uncle is not ur father….u r najais Ragini..
Riku takes all the papers and keep it away frm Ragini.
Rathore: DP ji u called us here to bear all this insult?
DP: Swara enough..
Sanskar: Ragini najais hain?
Rathore: no no…she is my daughter
Swara: hw much u’ll lie uncle?
Riku: Ragu don’t listen to her she is lying see na bhaiyu and papa we r telling u na..dont believe her
Ragini: papa..
Rathore: haan beta i am your papa..dont believe her..
Swara: Ragini u r najais..
Riku goes to slap her..Shekhar comes in between and holds his hand.
Shekhar: don’t even think abt it..
Rathore: Rithwik..comes here hum aise logo ke muh nahi lagthe ..chalo lets go..
Riku: Muku chalo..
They r abt to leave..

Swara: I didn’t tell u all to leave.
Rathore turns back.
Rathore: u have punished my daughter ..isnt it not enough for u?
Swara: no uncle.
Ragini: no papa i want to hear what she has to say.
Riku: Ragu..
Ragini: bhaiyu pls
Ragini: Nw wat u have to tell?
Swara: So listen everyone yeh najais ..har din used to go smwhere in the name of extra class..emergency and na jane kya kya..
Sujatha: Swara..
Swara: do u knw where she used to go?..she used to meet a man.
Ragini is super shocked and so is others.
RP: A man?
Swara: haan chacha ji..she used to be with a man ..
Adarsh: what rubbish Swara.
Sanskar: Swara is telling the truth bhaiya.
Ragini: Sanskar…
Swara: don’t take his name frm ur mouth…
Sanskar: Ragini y did u do dis with me?..i loved u a lot na still..
Ragini: so u don’t believe me ..
Swara: hey najayis…nikal ja meri ghar se..u go and stay with u external relationship…get lost..
Ragini cries…

Swara: hey najayis nw u don’t have any place in my house get lost…Uncle Riku i don’t understand y u r keeping her lyk a princess hmmm..najayis..na jane iske maa ne kisikke saath..
She ws cut by Ragini Riku and Rathore.
Ragini: tell whatever u want to tell …abt me don’t u dare to utter anything abt my mom.
Rathore: Swara ab tak i ws quiet ..but nw don’t force me ..
Riku: Swara dafa ho jao..
Swara: u get lost with ur najayis .sister…
Dadi comes to swara Ragini stops her.
Swara: abb dadi se bhi natak karvaengi?
Ragini: just shut up..
Swara: najayis ho tum hw characterless is ur mom Ragini…
Ragini(shouting): stop it Swara….
Ragini: dadi aaj mujhe mat roko…..
Dadi is crying and nodes yes..

Precap: Ragini slaps Swara..shocking truths revealed….Dr.Jaan…..

Guys sry for the late updates i went to temple thts y i couldn’t update. Well guys today i am gonna tell u guys abt me..I am Sarika Shah…i live with my father mother and brother..My brothers name is Aayush …guys i want to thank a person who filled my life with beautiful colours.. guys i am a science student and ma parents wants me to become an engineer..but i want to become a writer wen i told dis in my home..they just ignored me…but one person supported me ..throughout …he ws the one who asked me to start a ff…..so i want to thank him ….Shona my love thank u soo much….
Guys his name is Sameer(Sam)….and i love him a lot….Thank u Shona

Credit to: Sarika Shah

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  1. I’m sorry to say that the characterization of swara is very poor in ff than the character of ragini in original serial… n sanskar if he loves ragini truely, he would hv confront her but he is nt…

    1. Sry Roja as i could’nt stand up to ur expectation 🙁

  2. Awesome epi……rags slaps swara n how could sanskar do that …..he should suffer plzz n good to know about u …..next part make it soon dea

    1. Thanx Naimi dr…love u 😀

  3. When will u update the next part?

    1. Already updated Genita 🙂

  4. Pls update soon. Waiting for the original confrontation n revelation

    1. I have already updated it Gayu 🙂

  5. I had commented before also but have to comment again!! I read ur whole ff again yesterday!! Love u Sarika I am just going mad to read!! U havr made Swara evil. Dil khush kardiya! I am huge Ragini fan I love RagLak! Please please please make it RagLak a request from ur fqn. Yeah I am ur fan!
    And Mr Sameer man u r so good u have encouraged her and made her a great writer!!I wish u both best best of luck in future!

    1. Oh my god..thanx Tuba..Thank u so much for loving my work…
      Tuba ill start a new FF …its a raglak FF…specially 4 u ..even i am a Ragini fan yaar..thank u so much for supporting me lyk this love u yaar ..and haan Tuba Sam have really encouraged me..Thank u so much…thanx 4 ur wishes …?

      1. O Thank u so much Saru!! Love u!
        Thank u thank u!! Jaldi se part 30 post kardo wanna get over the chaos!

      2. Yh Tuba dear ill try to post it 2day☺

      1. Sameer.love u??

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