Swaragini-Zehnaseeb(My Fate) Episode 28

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Recap:Sanskar and Swara sees Ragini with someone
Maheshwaris, Singhas and Rathores r chit chatting ..and also playing wit Aman and Dhruv..
SwaLakSan coms down..
Mishti: Swara…they hug..
Rathore comes to her.
Rathore: Swara this is for u..
He gives her a gift..
Swara : Thank u uncle..
AP: Rathore ji itna bada gift…
Rathore: AP ji Swara is my princess bhabhi no..so she is lyk ma daughter only na..
Swara smilies evily(in mind): kuch deer mein woh sabko pata chalega.
Swara: Iknw everyone ..u all want to knw y i kept this party.
Meanwhile Ragini gets a call..she gets really happy after the call. Swara sees it.
Swara(in mind): Ragini all ur happiness will b ruined today.
Swara: Ragini pls come here.
Ragini: Ji bhabhi.
Swara: So everyone this party is not for me but its for her..and points towards Ragini.
AP: for Ragini ??
Swara: Haan maa kyuki its her last day in our house na..
Everyone r shocked..
Laksh: Swara yeh kya tarika hain mazak karne ka?
Swara: Laksh This is not any joke.
Ragini: (confusingly) bhabhi…
Swara: be quiet Ragini don’t dare to utter a word. Ragini frm the day i met u u have been insulting me ..and being everyones favourite.

AP: Swara wat r u talking..
Swara: maa u don’t knw her thts y u r falling in her trap.
DP: Swara stop it nw..
RP: Sanskar y u r quiet?
Ragini: Sans.k…
Swara: Ragini don’t u take his name..
Ragini: bhabhi..wat r u talking abt?
Swara: ohh..tumhe kuch nahi pata hain na?
Ragini: haan bhabhi i don’t knw wat r u talking abt.
Rathore: Swara if u have anything to say den say it directly.
Riku: Swara u knw i go mad if anyone hurts Ragu.
Swara: Riku Rathore uncle u guys r really great..
Riku and Rathore looks puzzled.
Swara: haan u both gave shelter to this najais..
Everyone is shocked to hear..it

Sanskar: najais?
Swara: haan Sanskar This mahan Ragini is not Rathore uncle’s daughter…
Rathore: shut up Swara…
Riku: Swara bas …if u say anything i’ll kill u..
Rathore: Princess u r my daughter …..
Rathore holds Ragini…
Swara takes out some papers and throw it at Ragini.
Swara: read for urself…..Ragini …Rathore uncle is not ur father….u r najais Ragini..
Riku takes all the papers and keep it away frm Ragini.
Rathore: DP ji u called us here to bear all this insult?
DP: Swara enough..
Sanskar: Ragini najais hain?
Rathore: no no…she is my daughter
Swara: hw much u’ll lie uncle?
Riku: Ragu don’t listen to her she is lying see na bhaiyu and papa we r telling u na..dont believe her
Ragini: papa..
Rathore: haan beta i am your papa..dont believe her..
Swara: Ragini u r najais..
Riku goes to slap her..Shekhar comes in between and holds his hand.
Shekhar: don’t even think abt it..
Rathore: Rithwik..comes here hum aise logo ke muh nahi lagthe ..chalo lets go..
Riku: Muku chalo..
They r abt to leave..

Swara: I didn’t tell u all to leave.
Rathore turns back.
Rathore: u have punished my daughter ..isnt it not enough for u?
Swara: no uncle.
Ragini: no papa i want to hear what she has to say.
Riku: Ragu..
Ragini: bhaiyu pls
Ragini: Nw wat u have to tell?
Swara: So listen everyone yeh najais ..har din used to go smwhere in the name of extra class..emergency and na jane kya kya..
Sujatha: Swara..
Swara: do u knw where she used to go?..she used to meet a man.
Ragini is super shocked and so is others.
RP: A man?
Swara: haan chacha ji..she used to be with a man ..
Adarsh: what rubbish Swara.
Sanskar: Swara is telling the truth bhaiya.
Ragini: Sanskar…
Swara: don’t take his name frm ur mouth…
Sanskar: Ragini y did u do dis with me?..i loved u a lot na still..
Ragini: so u don’t believe me ..
Swara: hey najayis…nikal ja meri ghar se..u go and stay with u external relationship…get lost..
Ragini cries…

Swara: hey najayis nw u don’t have any place in my house get lost…Uncle Riku i don’t understand y u r keeping her lyk a princess hmmm..najayis..na jane iske maa ne kisikke saath..
She ws cut by Ragini Riku and Rathore.
Ragini: tell whatever u want to tell …abt me don’t u dare to utter anything abt my mom.
Rathore: Swara ab tak i ws quiet ..but nw don’t force me ..
Riku: Swara dafa ho jao..
Swara: u get lost with ur najayis .sister…
Dadi comes to swara Ragini stops her.
Swara: abb dadi se bhi natak karvaengi?
Ragini: just shut up..
Swara: najayis ho tum hw characterless is ur mom Ragini…
Ragini(shouting): stop it Swara….
Ragini: dadi aaj mujhe mat roko…..
Dadi is crying and nodes yes..

Precap: Ragini slaps Swara..shocking truths revealed….Dr.Jaan…..

Guys sry for the late updates i went to temple thts y i couldn’t update. Well guys today i am gonna tell u guys abt me..I am Sarika Shah…i live with my father mother and brother..My brothers name is Aayush …guys i want to thank a person who filled my life with beautiful colours.. guys i am a science student and ma parents wants me to become an engineer..but i want to become a writer wen i told dis in my home..they just ignored me…but one person supported me ..throughout …he ws the one who asked me to start a ff…..so i want to thank him ….Shona my love thank u soo much….
Guys his name is Sameer(Sam)….and i love him a lot….Thank u Shona

Credit to: Sarika Shah


  1. Lovely ( FF Broken heart)

    Oh no why you don’t continue! Hope you will update soon please please! Don’t make us wait too long :'(

  2. azure

    wow! really good one! i am waiting for the major reveal now…..hope you can post it soon. the suspense is killing!

    • Sarika Shah

      No baba I dont hate her…in the show they made Ragini negetive so i just did the reverse πŸ™

  3. Anvee

    Yaar I thought it would be a long one but you just made it like a very suspense emotional drama…. anyway waiting eagerly for next one

  4. Tuba

    Sarika its awesome yaar kya kahoon!
    I hate Swara both in the serial and here!
    Please please next part post kar do!
    And Aww so cute Sameer haan. May u become a writer and Be happy with him!
    Wish u best of luck!

    • Sarika Shah

      Thank u so much Tuba..haan Sameer bahut hi zyaada cute hain.. πŸ™‚
      Thanx 4 all ur wishes .. πŸ˜€

  5. Meera

    Please update the next part soon…hiw can’t believe that sanskar supported Swara. Swara is pathetic, she still have feelings for sanskar even after getting married and being pregnant. Shekar didn’t taught his daughter how to respect other so he should be punished too

  6. I guess swaras birth name was ragini…so swara feels ragini is najais but actually she is najais wch she’ll gt to knw nw…n tatll break her completely…

  7. I hate swara yar so much she is so possessive and sanskar dont even deserve her
    Aman is best after knowing she is not their daughter also they loved her a lot.
    Stupid sanskar
    Stupid swara.
    I just want ro knew wat she will do after knowing truth

  8. Genita

    Till now I was a silent reader but today I thought to express my feelings pls do giv some strong dialogues to Rahul because I can’t tolerate this Sears speaking like this I mean Swara is the one who is characterless.she loved Sanky but spent night with Aman then married Laksh. So who is charaterless?coming to her family, sumi was pregnant before marriages. It means she had spent a night with shekar before marriage.isnt that characterless. Now coming to Swara father he had a relation both physical and mental with a lady and married another lady and started his life by cheating sumi just for the sake of his parents. Isn’t that characterless. I just said all this just to express my feelings. I couldn’t tolerate Swara telling raging characterless when she herself had done all this. Sorry if I hurt u. In ur fed I don’t like Swara but in serial I like her a lot. Ur ff is just simply superbbbb

  9. Gayu

    I want laksh to reveal swara one night stand with aman in the next chapter ask her who is characterless?? Ragini helped him to get his love n I think he already know the truth of Ragini n he will support her. Aman told his night with swara to laksh without hiding, so surely if aman knows about Ragini parents then he would have told laksh also. Pls update soon n long update pls pls

  10. unknown

    Plz yr….stop it now.why r u dragging. Love confession itna chhota epi tha and this drama still going on.
    Swara deserve storng punishment and i wann aman’s mom reaction after knowing this.unko yeh kehna hoga sanskar ko ki aman ki sab se badi galti thi ki usne ragini k liye sanskar ko select kiya.strong punishment swara ko na mili to me nahi padhunhi…i littly getting fed by her.

    • Sarika Shah

      Sry yaar i knw i am dragging…but i’ll try to make it long frm nxt tym ok…thanx for supporting me πŸ˜€

  11. Genita

    After doubting raging I don’t want rags an to unite as he doubted his wife and trusted on another girls words. If trust is not there then what is the use of love

  12. Common any one in place of sanky wil doo that nd mainly he told that he have seen her with some man nd ha he should clarify it directly but he was angry as she lied to him he deserves her its just a missunderstanding nd he should say sorry thats it.any ways its my point of view

  13. S @meer

    hlo [email protected]@ hey pls updte the next episode soon….its so nice

  14. Leia

    Truly one of the best chapter do far all this build up was truly worth it. Had read it twice already. Such emotionalfull of chapter I can clearly imagine how everyone reaction and emotion truly amazing story. Can’t wait for the epic showdown and Ragini KO that Swara. Another think please thanks Sam because his encouragement we are all her reading one of the best work in this site, God bliss you two and insallah keep you together happy always.

    • Sarika Shah

      Thank u so much Leia…i am very happy tht u r loving my work….And yh abt Sam….hey y dont u tell him urself…..he will be happy..thanks for ur wishes……Love u… πŸ˜€

  15. sinzo

    soo cute Sarika…..may god fulfill your all dreams ….always be happy dear…..

    and you knw my brother name is also ayush….he is my cousin bro..but i love him alllooottttt….

    and today’s episode is juz awesome…..i am waiting for next…… plzzz update soon……?

    • Sarika Shah

      Yh Sinzo…Well Ayush is my elder bro…Thanx for all ur wishes dr…be happy…i’ll update it soon πŸ™‚

  16. Nikki

    Pls tell whether Swara knew that sanskaar never loved her?…..and don’t let Ragini forgive sanskaar easily he could have confronted Ragini rather than blaming her

    • Sarika Shah

      Nikki …Sankar told Swara tht he loves Ragini and not her……thanx for ur suggestion πŸ˜€

  17. Roja

    I’m sorry to say that the characterization of swara is very poor in ff than the character of ragini in original serial… n sanskar if he loves ragini truely, he would hv confront her but he is nt…

  18. Awesome epi……rags slaps swara n how could sanskar do that …..he should suffer plzz n good to know about u …..next part make it soon dea

  19. Tuba

    I had commented before also but have to comment again!! I read ur whole ff again yesterday!! Love u Sarika I am just going mad to read!! U havr made Swara evil. Dil khush kardiya! I am huge Ragini fan I love RagLak! Please please please make it RagLak a request from ur fqn. Yeah I am ur fan!
    And Mr Sameer man u r so good u have encouraged her and made her a great writer!!I wish u both best best of luck in future!

    • Sarika Shah

      Oh my god..thanx Tuba..Thank u so much for loving my work…
      Tuba ill start a new FF …its a raglak FF…specially 4 u ..even i am a Ragini fan yaar..thank u so much for supporting me lyk this love u yaar ..and haan Tuba Sam have really encouraged me..Thank u so much…thanx 4 ur wishes …?

    • S @meer

      [email protected] Tub@…..u knw [email protected]@ is [email protected] [email protected]…..she must be [email protected]….so [email protected] she will shine bright in future

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