Swaragini-Zehnaseeb(My Fate) Episode 27


Recap: Dhruv’s birthday
Sanskar sees Ragini going out in car.
Sanskar: RAGINI..
But she does nt hear it..
Sanskar rushes downstairs and sees AP and Sujatha standing there..
Sanskar: Badi maa maa Ragini…where did she go …this late?
AP: Sanskar woh uski friend is hospitalised so she went there.
Sanskar: but badi maa this late and tht too alone?
Sujatha: beta it ws an emergency.
Swara: Sanskar mujhe bhi hospital jana hain.
AP: Swara wat happened to u?
Swara: nothing maa actually the Dr. Who is treating me is shifting to some other place to morrow so i want to get all my reports frm him today.
Sujatha: Swara u should have taken it in the morning itself.
Swara; i forgot it chachi.
Sanskar: its ok Swara ill take u ….
Sujatha: Sanskar wen will Laksh and ur papa reach?
Sanskar: by tomorrow maa..
Swara and Sanskar leaves…
Swara: Sanskar lets go to city hospital.
Sanskar: city hospital but y?
Swara: woh Dr. Will be there ..he works there also..
Sanskar: ok..
They reach there…
Swara : Sanskar i’ll get the reports and come..
She goes in ..
After sometym…Sanskar sees ragini’s car parked there…
Till tht tym Swara comes back.
Swara: Sanskar wat are u looking?
Sanskar: no nothing ..

At tht tym Ragini comes wit tht same man. Swara and Sanskar sees them..
Man: Ragu i’ll get the car…(actually his back is visible to SwaSan)
Ragini waits …the man brings his car and they goes.
Sanskar: Swara what did Ragini said abt where she is going?(angry)
Swara: Sanskar she got a call and she said her friend is hospitalised and she needs to be there…but who is the person with her Sanskar ?
Sanskar: i don’t knw..
Sanskar calls on Ragini’s phone. Ragini picks it.
Ragini: hlo.
Sanskar: Ragini who..
Ragini: Sanskar i am with the Dr. I’ll call u later…she cuts the call.
Swara: Sanskar what did she say?
Sanskar: she lied to me.
Sanskar and Swara reaches MM.
Sanskar: Swara: don’t tell whatever happened at the hospital to anyone ok.
Swara: ok Sanskar.
Sanskar: maa is Ragini back?
AP: nahi beta..
After some tym Ragini reaches MM but Sanskar doesn’t talk to her.
FB Shows
Swara telling Sanskar abt Ragini’s secret meeting with this guy…
FB Ends…

Ragini: Sanskar are u listening to me..
Swara: Sanky i need u…if u could pls come…
Sanskar: y hi am coming Swara.
Ragini: yeh Sanskar ko kya hua…
After some days Muku gives birth to a baby boy.
Rathore family is very happy and for the last one week Ragini is staying in RM only…
And after one week she returns MM..
In these days Sanskar has stopped tlking to her.
After some days…
Swara(on phone): Haan maa all should come pls don’t say no..
Mishti: ok ok we will come..

Nxt day..Gadodias Rathores Singha’s reach MM.
Swara gets ready
Swara(in mind): ragini aaj tumhara khel khatham.
Laksh : Swara for wat r u organising this party?
Swara: Laksh this is not a party..its just a get together..
Screen freezes on the smiling faces of SwaLak.

Precap: Swara tells Ragini tht she is najais….

Guys nxt episode will be a maha episode

Credit to: Sarika Shah

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  5. I want to see how hurt Swara will be after knowing that she was a najais once…I felt bad for ragini but things are gonna get better so it’s fine.

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  13. I can’t believe swara she slept with Ragini finance, but still blaming her for taking Sanskar from her who didn’t even like her at all plus she never felt guilty for what she did at less ragini when she reales that Swara loved Sanskar she tried and help her in understanding she is over her crush and in love with her husband. Not to mention swara is last person should take about being born out of wedlock if it wasn’t for her she would have been raised by both her parents. I hope she get what she deserves. Really she is a bit annoying in they FF

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  17. Swara know that sanskaar never loved her or she knows it?

  18. good one. swara is really too blind to her own faults. sad that sanskar who loves ragini stopped trusting her in all of this. he will have to pay for it and he will hurt ragini in all this as well. i hope there is nothing wrong with ragini health wise that she needed to go to the doctor.

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