Swaragini-Zehnaseeb(My Fate) Episode 26

Recap: Swara learns tht Ragini is not Rathore’s daughter
Sanskar: Ragini ji..
Ragini: Ragini ji…?
Sanskar: humne i love u kya bola aap toh hume dyaan dena hi band kar diya…
Ragini: Sanskar ji…its not my fault.
Sanskar: then its whose fault Ragini ji..pls tell me.
Ragini: Sanskar ji….3..2..1.
Voice: ragini pls come down…
Sanskar shows a disappointed face.
Ragini: awe Sanskar ji tell me ..nw is it my fault?
Sanskar: nahi Ragini ji..nw go otherwise they will come here..
Ragini kiss on Sanskar’s cheeks and go..
Voice: Ragini…
Ragini: aayi bhabhi…
Pari: kab se bula rahi hun ..
Ragini: i am here tell me what should we do today…
Pari: studies lyk usual..
AP: Pari this is a very gud idea..
Pari: Thank u chachi..
They smile Ragini makes a puppy face….
(Bcoz Ragini’s exams r coming Pari and Adarsh r teaching Ragini at ni8..so she cant spend tym with Sanskar.)
Swara decides to do DNA test of Ragini and Rathore..
She manages to get Rathore’s and Ragini’s hair…and sent it for DNA test…
Few days later at MM
AP: Ragini…what is dis today also u hv to go this early?
Ragini: haan maa i have extra classes.
Sujatha: but beta.
DP: AP Sujatha let she go..
Ragini kisses DP on his cheeks.
Ragini: Thanx bade papa.
RP: Bribing bhaisa huh?
Ragini comes back and kisses RP on his cheeks.
Pari: Ragini just a second pls come here..
Ragini goes to Pari’s room keeping her mobile on the table. Sawra sees it and takes it..
In Pari’s room.
Pari: Ragu see Dhruv…
Ragini looks at Dhruv who is sitting very sad.
Ragini: Champ what happened y r u so sad..did these kadoos people told smthing to u.
Dhruv: no..
Ragini: Then wat happen Champ….
Dhruv: chachi today is my birthday
Ragini: what?..woh no one told me happy birthday champ and hugs him.
Dhruv: Thanx..(in sad tone)
Ragini: nw wat?
Dhruv: nothing…
Pari: Ragini nw hw long will u irritate him?…its his b’day ..
Dhruv looks at Pari.
Ragini: bhabhi not fair….
Dhruv: what?
Adrash: Dhruv ur chachi…
Ragini: no bhaiya……Dhruv y don’t u go and check it out urself…
Dhruv: but where chachi?
Pari and Adrash together: ur room baba..
(Dhruv slept with his parents tht day )
Dhruv rushes to his room.
Swara takes Ragini’s phone a msg flashes she open it..
‘Meet me @La Cafe ok’…frm Jaan.
Swara: Jaan? ..ho haan smthing struck into her mind
Dhruv finds his room fully decorated..with so many gifts..
Dhruv: wow..
Pari: Dhruv beta ur Ragini chachi sat whole ni8 and did it 4 u…and all these gifts…Ragini bought just for u..
Ragini: nw champ wont u open it?
Dhruv comes and hugs Ragini ti8…
Dhruv: Chachiiiiiiiii………………………he screams..
Hearing Dhruv screaming everyone comes to his room and gets surprised seeing his room. Swara also drops Ragini phone there and goes to see Dhruv.
AP: Dhruv?..u r ok beta.
Dhruv: dadi see my room.
Sanskar: haan Dhruv its looking gud but y did u scream?
Dhruv: chachu my room is looking gud..com on its looking awesome…Thanx to Ragini chachi who sat the whole ni8 and did it for me..
Laksh: acha Ragini so this is hw u study huh?
Adarsh: oo Laksh she studies properly..
Laksh: Ohoo so u r also in her team
DP: y is there a problem with u? We r all in her team?
RP: Ragini beta the arrangement is very nice.
Ragini: Thanx Papa.
Dhruv: Ragini chachi u r best…
Ragini: Thank u champ..champ nw i have to go ..chachi ko class hain na..
Dhruv: ok Ragini chachi but come soon ok.
Ragini: ok champ..
She goes downstairs and finds her mobile lying down.
Ragini: hw did my mobile fall down?
AP: we didn’t see beta..is it working?
Ragini: haan badi maa ..she opens the msg..and reads it.
Ragini: Badi maa bye
She leaves
Swara: Maa can i go to baadi..i am missing Papa and maa..
Sujatha: ok but go carefully ok.
Swara: chachi woh..
Laksh: Swara taxi aa gayi.
Swara: thanx Lucky
Swara goes..
Swara: bhaiya La Cafe chaliye..
She reaches La cafe and sees Ragini sitting with a man..
They r talking but Swara cant hear them.
After half an hour they gets up frm there..and Swara sees his face ..
Swara: Ragini……nw i knw ur secret so this is ur extra class. You snatched Sanskar frm me and nw u r betraying him….u r gone Ragini.
Swara goes to Baadi.

Mishti: arrey Swara.
Swara: maa..
Shekhar: Swaru meri bachi.
Swara: baba..
They hugs..
Dadu: Arrey Swaru.
Swara: Dadu..
Mishti: Swara dyaan se.
Swara: haan maa but where is dadi?
Dada: she went to temple.
Swara spends some time in Baadi.
At noon Dadi also comes
On the way back she collects Ragini’s DNA test report she reads it….it says the result is negative.
Swara: Ragini so u r not Mr.Rathore’s daughter ..u r najaiz….
She comes back to MM.
She sees Ragini at the door.
Ragini: bhabhi y r u late i ws abt to come to baadi…
Swara was abt to tell Ragini smthing but Dhruv takes Ragini with him.
Sujatha: u r coming nw? U went at morning and nw its 6
AP: leave it na Swara go and get ri8..
She leaves.
Sujatha: jiji acha hua Ragini came ast otherwise we would have been in trouble..
AP: Haan Sujatha Ragini is truely a blessing..
Swara hears it.
Swara(in mind): Maa she is not a blessing Ragini i’ll expose u infront of all….tht day will come soon..
She goes to change.
Dhruv introduces Ragini to his friends.
Swara changes and comes down.
RP: Dhruv come nw and cut the cake..
Everyone comes near the table and Ragini brings cake.
Kids and Dhruv: ben 10!!!
Adarsh: haan Dhruv ur chachi made it for u
Dhruv: ragini chachi thank so much..
RP: Dhruv nw cut the cake…
Dhruv: i’ll cut the cake with Ragini chachi.
Ragini and Dhruv cuts the cake together.
Everyone celebrates Dhruv birthday…
8 Months passes…
Uttara gives birth to a baby boy. They name him Aman. Aman will turn 1 soon
Swara and Muku are 9 months pregnant.

Precap: Swara and Sanskar sees Ragini with tht man(Jaan)
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