Swaragini-Zehnaseeb(My Fate) Episode 25

Sry for the late updates guys woh actually i am tied up with extra classes so sry..but ill try to be regular frm 2morow and i couldn’t replay to any comments….and guys i knw i made RagSan confession a bit fast sry for tht its bcoz i didn’t wanted to drag it…and Guys after reading Sanskar’s diary…after seeing hw much he loved her without letting her knw..she ws happy to b his wife…but still she loves Aman the most….
Recap: Swara follows Ragini

Swara comes back to MM.
AP: Swara kya hua itni deer laga thi.
Swara: woh sry maa.
Sujatha: Swara go to ur room and take rest.
Swara: ok chachi.
Swara goes to her room. And thinks abt todays incident.
Swara sees Ragini going to a small ice gola ventor..and also sees dadi there.
Swara: dadi (in mind).
And hides herself.
Dadi: Laado aaj toh..tumne bahut deer kar di.
Ragini: sry Dadi…
Dadi: acha ok..nw have it..well hw did u sneak out?
Ragini: acha…it ws very difficult…
Dadi: i knw they may b doubting u but wen they comes to knw tht u r coming secretly to eat ice gola then u r gone.
Ragini: abb don’t scare me dadi. Ok..
They have ice gola.
Dadi: Ragini wat did u tell them?
Ragini: i said i have group study….
Dadi: acha group study w go back home ..all the best for exams.
Ragini: Thanx dadi..
They leaves…
FB ends….
Swara: I knw ragini u were trying to fool me ….
FB starts..
Ragini and dadi starts moving frm tht ventor….Ragini hits a man(remember i told u guys tht a man ws also there to eat ice gola).
Man: sry..
Ragini : sry..
The man’s back is facing Swara.
She sees Ragini…showing some actions with her eyes..to tht man.
FB Ends.
Swara: Ragini i will find ur truth ….u just wait and watch ..i knw u r trying to involve dadi in it but i’ll never let u do tht..
Nxt day..
Ragini is in tension she rushes down.
AP: Ragini wat happen?
Swara: aaj konsi grp study ke liye jaa rahe ho?
Ragini: badi ma woh ..Muku bhabhi is in hospital..
AP: Wat?
Ragini: maa i want to go ..
AP: Ragini u take the car v r also coming.
Ragini ap Sujatha and Swara leaves to hospital…

Rathore sees Ragini and goes to her.
Rathore: Princess.
Ragini: papa hw is bhabhi?
Rathore: oh nothing to wry she and baby bth r alri8.
Ragini : thank god….where is bhaiyu?
Rathore : he is with Muku.
AP: Rathore ji we were very scared…
Rathore greets all.
Rathore: come ill take u there..
Rathore takes them.
A nurse comes and stop infront of Ragini.
Nurse: Arrey Ragini mam u here today?
Ragini: hi..
Swara is seeing this and comes to her.
Nurse: y did u come today ..dont u knw Dr. Jaan is on leave?
Ragini: han i knw..well i will have to go nw..
She leaves with Swara to Muku’s room.
Swara: Ragini what were u talking with tht nurse.
Ragini: woh bhabhi ..haan her sister is studying with me thts y….
Swara: oh..ok…

They see Muku and alk with her.
Ragini scolds Muku for not traking care f herself..
Muku’s parents see her lovingly..
After some tym Muku’s father and Riku comes out of the room….
And Swara also comes out as she gets Laksh’s call.
Swara narrates what happened to Muku to Laksh.
Laksh: acha..thank god nothing happened…we will comes there nw..
She cuts the call.
Swara sees Muku’s afther and Riku talking..she hears Ragini’s name and listen to them.
Muku’s father: Riku beta our daughter is really lucky to have a family lyk this..i knw Rathore ji treats her lyk Ragini only.
Riku: no papa we r lucky to have Muku in our family..and don’t wrry frm nw onwards i’ll take care of her.
Muku’s father: Yeh Rathore bhi kamal ka hain..i knw Ragini is not his real daughter still she loves her lyk his own blood.

Riku smiles..
Riku: Ragu hain woh humari…she is our princess…
Swara(in shock): Ragini is not Rathore uncles daughter…
But Swara decides not to share it with anyone.
Swara: Ragini..dont wrry i’ll not expose ur truth to u nw ….1st let me find out at r u doing…then i’ll expose each and everything abt u to everyone…
Screen freezes on the smiling face of Swara.

Precap: leap of some months..Swara sees Ragini with a man…
pls support me wit ur comments guys..pls.. 🙂

Credit to: Sarika Shah


  1. Lovely

    Why Swara want to expose Ragini ? Like she did well sleeping Ragini’s fiance ! Uffo why she always put her nose in others affair cannot she concentrate on herself!
    If you have a doubt I like Hello Shah but not her trait of character ?

    • Sarika Shah

      Hey Lovely even i yk Helly but not Swara…Actually in the show Ragini ws playing negative role ..so i thought i’ll make Swara negetive in my ff only for sm tym….sry if i hurt anyone for it 🙂

  2. Gayu

    What is there to expose? Unlike swara, Ragini didn’t do anything wrong till now. Then why swara is behind her. Waiting for the day she expose the so called truth of Ragini. Dadi will blast her with the reality. No one is mahaan in the world n swara too. But in the show they made her like that. It is good to see so different shade in swara

  3. Oh my god swara
    When she expose ragini by hurting her i am sure she will die in hands of
    Riku and sanskar..
    Wats problem she had with her i think
    She is jeously of her as everyone likes her

  4. nice n swara is too much yaar …n waiting for the truth to be revealed n then swara ko heart attack aayega….waiting for that epi….good to swara in grey character

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.