Swaragini-Zehnaseeb(My Fate) Episode 23


Recap: SwaLak consummation.
Swara: Maa i want to go to baadi..if u don’t mind can i go and come.
RP: u can go Swara.
Swara: Laksh i’ll go alone.
Laksh(audiable only to her): want to lyk Rago.
Swara gives a fake smile…
Swara: papa can i go in a taxi?
DP: but y Swara?
Swar: pls ..its been so many days.
RP: ok go by taxi.
Swara takes a taxi and follows ragini.
But Swara’s taxi gets punctured. And Swara losses ragini.
After searching for smtym she comes back to MM.

AP: Sanskar, Ragini ab tak nahi aayi?
Sanskar: No Badi maa.
Sujatha: chore its too late..try her number.
Laksh: i tried it chachi they r saying its connection error.
DP: Ram come lets go and look for her.
Voice: Look for who papa.
DP: Ragini beta.
Ragini: what happened why r u all tensed?
AP: Where were u ? we all were tensed.
Ragini: badi maa padai karthe tym ka pata hi nahi chala.
Swara: toh there is no network in ur frnds house?
Ragini: i don’t knw…
Sujatha: Swara sawaal jawaab baad mein karna…Ragini u go to ur room.
Adarsh: Pari Swara u guys nw stop trying nw maa and chachi loves Ragini more hain na ?
Sujatha: jiji ..apko jalne ki bhoo aa rahi hain?
AP and Sujatha laughs
All goes their rooms.

Its ni8…
AP: bacho come …Rathore ji will be waiting for us…
Ragini: badi maa i am ready ..
AP: for meeting ur papa u got ready fast ri8.
Sujatha pinches Ragini’s ears..
Everyone comes down.
DP: chalo lets go.
Swara(in mind): i have to find out what is Ragini up to..
Swara: Papa i am not feeling well i’ll stay at home.
Laksh: Swara..ok i’ll stay with her.
Swara: no Laksh u go pls …
DP: r u sure Swara?
Swara: haan papa..

Everyone leaves to RM.
Swara goes to RagSan’s room she searches there.
But she could not find anything..She opens the cupboard..and start searching….

In the car.
Laksh: oh i forgot ma mobile in the house…
AP: ab jane do..
Laksh: no mom kuch important calls will come. I’ll take an auto go all go to RM.
Ragini: Laksh we all knw u purposely left ur obile at home ..so tht u can go back and check bhabhi.
Laksh: Ragu tujhe toh sab pata hain.
Laksh leaves in auto to MM.

Swara searches the cupboard….Sanskar’s dairy falls down but she didn’t see it..
Suddenly she feels dizzy..she goes downstairs…she slips and falls down uncounsious …

Maheshwaris reach RM
Ragini runs and hugs Rathore.
Rathore: Princess!
Ragini: Papa!!
Riki(acting lyk Rathore and Ragini): papa! Princess!
Ragini: bhaiyu!!
The trio hugs.
Rathore greets the Maheshwaris.

Riku: Sanky where is Lucky and Swara?
Sanskar: woh Swara is not well so Lucky is with her.
Rathore takes Ragini and Riku…
Ragini: Papa for what is this party for?
Rathore and Riku looks at each other.
Ragini: what happen hey where is bhabhi?
Muku: i am here Ragini.
Muku and Ragini hugs.
Rathore: Princess…u are going to become bua..
Muku and Riku blushes.
Ragini: yahh……
She hugs Muku and Riku.
Ragini: bhaiyu bhabhi congrats……i love u both.
Muku and Riku takes blessings from all.
Ragini and Rathore spend tym together.

Laksh reach MM.
He opens the door and is shocked to see Swara lying down uncounsious.
Laksh: Swara Swara what happend to u..r u ok..pls wake up.
He calls the Dr.
He takes Swara to their room.
Lucky clls Sanky and informs him abt Swara.
Maheshwaris come back to MM.
Sujatha: chore what happened hw is she nw?
Laksh(crying): Dr is checking her chachi.
Sujatha: na na chore don’t cry.

Dr comes out.
Lucky: Dr. Hw is Swara?
Dr.:Congrats she is pregnant.
Laksh: what i am going to become a father?
Sanky: congrats man….
Everyone congrats them.
Dr.: nw u can meet her just take care of her health.
Sansky: i’ll leave the Dr and come.
Everyone comes inside and congratulates Swara.
Sujatha: Ragini u r going to become chachi and bua at the same tym.
Ragini: Swara bhabhi, congrats.
Swara smiles..
Elders bless her. All goes back their room.
Sansky: Swara Laksh congrats ….
In Sanskar’s room

Ragini finds the room messier.
Ragini: How did the room became this messy…
She arranges everything..She sees the cupboard open she close it and found a dairy lying down
Precap: RagSan and Aman’s memories..Swara gets suspicious abt Ragini

Credit to: Sarika Shah

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