Swaragini-Zehnaseeb(My Fate) Episode 22


Sry for the late updates guys…….

Holi celebrations are going on…
Rathore Riku Muku Singhas and Gadodias reach MM
AP: Shekhar ji Parvathi ji nazar nahi aa rahi hain
Shekhar: woh maa holi nahi kelthi.
Swara: comes there and hugs them
Ragini plays holi with Rathore Riku Muku Avanthika Aarav and Dhruv.
Sanskar play holi with Maheshwaris…
Lucky applies colour on Swara and Swara does the same to him…
Dhruv comes and applies colour on Sanskar..
Sanskar runs behind him and accidently bumb on Ragini and both of them falls down..Sanskar is on top of Ragini….
They have a eye lock….
Dhruv: chichi aap ghir gayi..

Sanskar and Ragini get up
Sanskar applies colour on Ragini…..
Ragini smiles and applies colour on Sanskar’s face.
Avanthika sees it and becomes happy.
Holi celebrations are over
All females are busy with kitchen work and all males are cleaning the house.
AP: Swara Ragini Pari u 3 go to ur room…me and Sujatha will manage the rest.
Sujatha: Haan u all go..
The 3 of them leave….
Swara goes to room…When she enters..Laksh comes and locks the door..
Swara: Laksh..
Laksh: Swara..
Swara: whats dis Laksh…
Laksh: what what?
Swara: Laksh …

Laksh comes closer to her..Swara hits the wall..
Laksh comes close to her…his cheeks touch her cheeks….he kisses her cheek…..
She tries to move but Laksh holds her hand.
He pulls her towards him
Swara: Laksh..
Laksh keeps his finger on her lips…
Swara kisses his finger..
Laksh lifts her and places her on the bed…he lies over her..
He kisses her neck..Swara kisses his cheeks….
Finally Swara’s and Laksh’s lips touch.
They kisses again….
Scene blurs…..
Ragini comes inside her room…She sleeps on the couch..Sanskar comes and sleeps on the floor…
Nxt day..
Swara wakes up and smiles thinking abt her and Laksh’s moments..
She blushes.
Laksh kisses her from behind……they hug.

Ragini wakes up and finds Sanskar sleeping on the floor.
She wakes him up.
Ragini: Sanskar y were u sleeping on the floor?
Sanskar: woh ..nothing just lyk tht..
They both get ready…
They have their breakfast…
All males go to office..
AP: Ragini where r u ?..u r getting late for collage come down fast…
Suddenly calling bell rings..
Swara opens the door.
Swara: Dadi aap.
She hugs her.
Dadi: hw r u ?
Swara: i am gud.
Sujatha: arrey samthan sa..
Dadi: Namaste ji.

AP: arrey Namaste ji..
They have a small chit chat.
Ragini comes down wearing a black jeans and pink sleeveless kurti with mangalsutra…
Dadi: arrey Ragini beta hw r u?
Ragini: Dadi..
She comes running and hugs her.
AP: Ragini aaj toh tum late ho gayi…jalthi niklo..
Dadi: well i am also leaving..
Swara: dadi we didn’t even talk.
Dadi: woh i want to go to temple.
Ragini: its ok dadi i’ll drop u in temple..
They leave in the car.
After one month..
AP: Ragini u r late again…come fast..
Ragini comes and hugs her from back.

AP: u r here go get ready fast.
Ragini: maa today is Sunday.
AP: oofo..sry beta i forgot..
Everyone smiles.
Ragini gets a call.
Ragini sees the name on her phone and moves away frm there.
Ragini: haan ill reach there in 10 mins yh..
Swara sees this.
Swara(in mind): yeh Ragini aajkal kaha jaa rahi hain..
Ragini: maa chichi i want to go to my frnd’s house to collect some notes.
Sujatha: so y r u asking permission go and come.
Swara: Ragini y will u go alone Sanskar will drop u.
Ragini(tensed): no Swara bhabhi i’ll go alone..
Ragini leaves.

Swara(in mind): i know Ragini tht u r not going to ur frnds house ill find it out soon.
Precap: Swara follows Ragini

Credit to: Sarika Shah

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