Swaragini-Zehnaseeb(My Fate) Episode 21


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Ragini calls Laksh
Laksh answers the call
Lucky: Hi Ragini ..
Ragini: why did u marry Swara?
Lucky: what happen Ragini is there any problem?
Ragini: Swara loves Sanskar?
Lucky: Ragini wat is the matter tell me.
Ragini: answer my questions Lucky pls…
Laksh: Ragini Swara loves Sanskar but don’t wrry Sanskar doesn’t love her…
Ragini: and wat abt u?
Lucky: wat abt me?
Ragini: do u love Swara?
Lucky:Ragini she is my wife.
Ragini: do u love Swara?

Lucky: yh i do ….nw wat?
Ragini: Lucky den listen…………
Sanskar come into the room..
Ragini sees him.
Ragini: chal yaar will talk to u later she cuts the call…
Sanskar: Ragini u r ok here no?
Ragini: Sanskar this is ma house..i will b ok here…
Sanskar (smiling): Ragini i ws talking abt me..not the place…
Rathore calls Ragini she goes to him without answering Sanskar’s question…
Rathore and Ragini spend the remaining tym together.
Riku and Muku gives Sanskar company.
At night Rathore and Ragini sleeps in the sofa seeing a movie…Riku and Muku in their room and Sanskar alone in Ragini’s room.
Morning @ RM
Ragini and Sanskar gets ready..
Ragini cries seeing Rathore. He wipes her tears and tell her to be happy.
They leaves…In the car Ragini ws speaking to smone on phone…They reach MM Ragini disconnects the call…
She comes out of the car..and runs inside the house..and hugs Laksh ti8 who ws standing next to Swara..he also hugs her ti8..
Laksh: Ragu baby i missed u very much..thank god u r back.
Ragini: Lucky….
Swara and Sanskar r looking super shocked.
Swara(in mind): What is with this girl..wen i loved Sanskar she snatched him frm me and nw wen Lucky is ma lo…….she stops..y am i getting angry..or jealous i don’t love Lucky..den y am i feeling lyk this…
Sanskar(in mind): Y is Ragini behaving lyk this…the whole day she didn’t talk to me..and nw she is very happy with Lucky..
Sanskar: Ragini room mein chale.
Swara: Lucky i want to talk to u pls come.
Ragini and Lucky doesn’t give any attention to them.
Lucky: so wats 2days plan?
Ragini: tomorrow is holi ri8..come lets buy colours and pichakaris..
Lucky: and ice golas too..
They both smile…
AP: Ji..look Ragini and Lucky is so happy..
DP: AP i am so happy seeing their happy face..Ragini is very happy with Laksh isn’t.
RP: haan bhaisa i hvn’t seen Ragini lyk this wen she is with Sanskar.
Sujatha: Laksh is so nice…I think Laksh should have married Ragini hain na …
DP: kyun abhi karwa du inn dono ka shaadi?
Every1 laughs…

Sanskar and Swara fumes in anger the go to their respective rooms…
Sujatha calls sm1
Sujatha keeps the phone in speaker.
Everyone: plan success
Ragini: yh……
Lucky smilies…..
A flashback is shown where Ragini asks if heloves Swara and he answers yes..And he tell her tht Swara loves Sanskar. Ragini promises Lucky tht she will make Swara love him. Den she cuts the call and informs DP abt it they all join together and make plans for bringing Swara closer to Lucky.
Flashback ends(even Sanskar doesn’t knw abt it)
Lucky and Ragini reach back….
AP and Sujatha gives them lunch…Ragini and Luckyt r sitting in the sofa watching tom and jerry…
Others r sitting in the dinning table.
Ragini and Lucky feeds each other….SwaSan r looking very angry.
AP: Swara after this come to kitchen pls help us in making Prasad for tomorrow ..its holi no.
Swara nodes.
Lucky: me and Ragu will do the decorations.
Sanskar: i’ll also help u bhai.
Lucky: no no bhai..Ragu and i will handle it.
After lunch all r busy in their respective works for the pooja.
SwaSan see Lucky and Ragini enjoying…..
Sanskar sees AP going to her room he goes to her.
He keeps his head on her lap and cry.
AP wipes his tears and ask him wat happened .
Sanskar tells abt Ragini and Lucky.
AP cant see Sanskar lyk this so she tell him everything..
Sanskar: sachi badi maa.
AP: haan Sanskar.
Sanskar: can i also be a part of this plan?
AP: u r in the plan.
They hug….

Sanskar and AP comes down he looks at Lucky and smilies and ponts towards AP.
Lucky also smilies back.
Swara comes to Sanskar.
Swara: Sanskar pls tell ur wife to stop it.
Sanskar: to stop wat Swara and by the way her name is Ragini.
Swara: ok den tell ur Ragini to be away frm my Laksh…
Sanskar: My Laksh.
Swara: haan he is my husband and i have decided to move on..
She goes angrily.
Ragini and Laksh hears their conversation.
Ragini: my Laksh..she teases him..
Nxt day…
Swara wakes up but doent find Lucky in the room.
She goes to RagSan’s room…Swara sees Laksh applying colour on Ragini’s face..She angrily goes down where AP and Sujatha were chit chatting.
Sujatha: jiji do u knw on holi boys 1st applies colour on tht girl who he loves.
AP: really Sujatha?
Swara remembers hw Laksh ws appling colour on Ragini.
She starts crying and goes to her room.
Swara: Laksh it means u love Ragini. Hw dare she..1st she snatched Sanskar frm me and nw Laksh no..i will not allow her to take him away frm me…(she says this loudly)
Voice: why Swara y cant u?
Swara: becoz i love Laksh…..she realises wat she said..

She looks out…Laksh comes in (Laksh ws the one who asked why Swara y cant u)
Swara goes and hugs him
Swara: i realised Laksh i love u and not Sanskar…..
Lucky hugs her more ti8.
Swara: i love u Laksh..
Lucky: i love u too Swara.
Swara: den y did u apply colour on Ragini 1st?
Laksh takes her infront of the mirror…
Swara: Laksh…
It is shown tht while Swara ws sleeping he fills her mang with red colour..so he applied colour on her first…
Swara gets happy…
Everyone come to their room and starts clapping..and all of them shout happy holi.

Precap: holi celebrations….SwaLak and RagSan….Dadi visits MM

Credit to: Sarika Shah

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    1. Pooja Laksh knw tht SwaSan were not GF BF…Laksh loved Swara but never wanted her to knw this as he kn Swara loves Sanskar…but after wat all happened at the party..and wen Aman said tht he wants Sanskar to marry Ragini..Swara ws heartbroken so he wanted his love to b happy again….thts y he married her
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    1. Niti…C nw Swara is smones wife..and the person whom she love doesnt love her and he loves smone else…..but Laksh even after knwing wat happen with her in the party accepted her….but wen she saw her 1st love wit someone else she reacted but later she realised tht she should love Laksh who accepted her……nd dont wrry nw i’ll be showing more SwaLak scenes….
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