Swaragini-Zehnaseeb(My Fate) Episode 19

Guys sry for this late short update actually i went for a movie…i’ll try to update one more episode today..
Recap: RagSan marriage.

RagSan take blessing frm elders..
Atlast they come to and tk blessings frm Rathore. Rathore hugs Ragini and Sanskar..
Then lucky and Swara comes to dem. Lucky hugs Sanky and Ragini.
Lucky: Shaadi Mubarak mere bhai.
Sanky smile.
Swara forwards her hand to Sanskar.
Swara: shaadi Mubarak ho…
Sanskar comes forward and hugs Swara. Swara is surprised…
AP and Sujatha calls Ragini.
Ragini goes to dem.
Sanskar: Swara shaadi Mubarak ho…
Sanskar hugs Swara and Lucky.
Swara gives a fake smile.
Sanskar: bhai i will not call Swara bhabhi..ok.
Lucky: ok ok bhai nw u go everyone iswaiting for u.
AP: Rathore ji i think nw we should leave.
Ragini comes to Rathore and hugs him.
Rathore: so my princess is going to leave me?
Ragini(crying): i don’t want to go anywhere papa..
Rathore (crying): really my princess.
Riku(crying): Sanskar… bhai pls u become ghar jamai na..
Rathore smiles….and wipes Ragini’s tears.
Rathore: princess don’t cry…..keep smiling lyk ur mom.
Riku: haan princess smiling suits u..
Ragini smiles…
Seeing Ragini’s smile everyone smile.
AP: come beta lets go..
But Ragini is tightly hugging Rathore…and is not leaving him..
Rathore: go princess…
Ragini: no papa i am not gonna leave u alone..papa ..i don’t want to go….
Sanskar comes to Rathore.
Sanskar: Mr.Rathore..u don’t wrry i will keep ur princess as my queen.
Rathore smilies.
Rathore hugs Sanskar.
Sanskar takes Ragini with him…
Riku comes and hugs Rathore. Riku acts lyk Ragini.
Riku: papa i don’t want to go papa…papa pls papa..
Ragini beats Riku. And smilies.
Riku and Rathore: nw here is tht smile…
Sanskar makes Ragini sit in the car.
Ragini sees Rathore and Riku..with a sad face.
Rathore says smiles..and blow her a kiss and waves his handand gives a thumbs up.
Ragini smiles…

A flashback shows….where Ragini is going to school for the 1st tym on that day also she cries lyk this Rathore also cries…and Janaki says smilies and blow her a kiss and waves her hand..den gives a thumbs up
Flashback ends…..
Ragini blows them a kiss …
Muku comes and hugs Ragini….
They leaves…..
Rathore: I LOVE U PRINCESS….he shouts…
Ragini: I LOVE U PAPA…..
They smile….
Ragini enters MM by pushing the kalash….AP doe Sanskar’s and Ragini’s aarthi
Sujatha brings a bowl of milk and drop a ring in it…and ask the couple to find it.
Ragini and Sanskar tries to find the ring.
Ragini gets the ring ..she ws abt to drop it Sanskar holds her hand and pulls it up. So Ragini holds the ring and Sanskar holds Ragini’s hand..Ragini is looking shocked…
Everyone claps..
AP: Swara beta pls take Ragu to Sanskar’s room.
Sujatha: Jiji let Swara take rest i’ll take ur Ragu..
Sujatha tks Ragini to Sanskar’s room

Precap: Ragini comes to knw tht Swara loved Sanskar

Credit to: Sarika Shah


  1. Nusz

    I love it!!! I love it!!! I love it so much!!! It’s getting better and better, oh my god I love your ff so much!!!! and I also posted episode 7 of mine!!! But I can’t wait for the next episode you’re an amazing writer~Nusz

  2. Ritu

    Superb. Please give importance to swara also . give equal importance to swara and ragini. you are giving more importance to ragini and less scene of swara.Sorry if I hurt you.but please give swalak scene Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Sorry once again.

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