Swaragini-Zehnaseeb (My Fate)


Hi Everyone..I am Sarika Shah & dis is ma 1st ff….till nw i ws a silent reader but after reading lot of ur ff i decided 2 write one of ma own ..so i need ur support….
It is the 5th wedding anniversary of Shekhar & Janki Gadodia(They dont hv kids till nw). Dadi and dada ji were welcoming the guests …suddenly 2 ladies and a lil girl comes in one lady is in her 50s and the other is in her 30s the lil girl ws 5 yrs old. Everyone in the badi were stunned looking @ them.
Person 1:Arrey Shamista u came back?
………she ws Shamista Bose Shekhar’s neighbour…the old lady ws her mother nd the lil girl ws her daughter.
People who were gathered went to her
Person 2:Mishti who is dis li8l girl?
Shamista(Mishti): She is ma daughter
People(in chorous): So beautiful…

After some chit chat they went to Shekhar’s place
Shekhar was lost in thoughts….
*********A flashback is shown where Shekhar and Mishti secretly getting married & they consummate their marriage and 5 months after tht dadi decides to get Shekhar married to Janki(becoz dadi doesnt knw tht Shekhar loves Mishti ..well Mishti is a Bengali nd dadi hates her nd her family). Mishti ws shocked to hear this so ws dida(Misti’s mom) dida knew that Shekhar and Mishti love each other. So she married Mishti to a Mumbai based businessman one day before Shekhar and Janki’s marriage. After 1 month he came to knw tht Mishti got divorced. But after her wedding she never came to badi..and after her divorce dida and Mishti shifted to Mumbai.*********
his thoughts were disturbed by Janki who ws calling him.
Shekhar: Haan Janki..what happened…………..nd he saw Janki with Mishti’s daughter. He bend down sat her
Mishti’s daughter: Congratulations…nd hugged nd kissed him on his cheeks. She did the same wih Janki too.
Janki pulled her nose nd said: Thank u beta..what is ur name?
she replied: Swara(innocently)

Shekhar ws shocked to hear this(becoz he and MIshti decided tht they will name their daughter Swara)..he looked at Mishti who ws in tears.
The function got over nd its night. Shekhar goes to Mishti’s room
He knocks on the door ..Mishti opens the door nd comes out.
Shekhar: Where is Swara’s father?
Mishti: I dont knw.(without making an eye contact)
Shekhar: Look into my eyes nd say. Swara’s father is ur husband?
Mishti: (without making an eye contact) yes ..she has tears in her eyes.
Scene: in Shekhar’s room
Jnki: Where r u Shekhar ji?..come fast a big surprise is waiting for u…she goes near the table nd take some reports nd wrap it in gift paper. She looks at the clock it shows 11.45 pm
She gets worried
**************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************Scene; Mishti’s room
Shekhar; Swara is my daughter right.

Mishti is silent
Shekhar: Mishti…
Misti nodes in yes
Mishti: Shekhar In trhe 1st day of my marriage life i realised tht he married me just becoz his mom wanted him to marry me and a week after that I came to knw tht i am 2 months pregnant and i decided to tell him everything after tht we got divorce..nd i asked maa to come nd stay with me in Mumbai nd i told her everything abt our relation….Yes Shekhar Swara is our daughter the symbol of our love..

Shekhar too has tears in his eyes he looks inside the room and sees Swara sleeping peacefully
Suddenly they hear a noise and looks outside nd sees Janki there…she came to look for Shekhar nd listens to everything….
Shekhar : Janki u here?
Janki(in tears): u both love each other…
Mishti:..Janki….woh…we were just..
Janki: aur kitna jhoot bolengi aap..(hw much u will lie to me nw)
Shekhar: Janki u r misunderstanding us..
Janki: Shekhar ji app bhi…(Shekhar u also)
Shekhar : Pls Janki try to understand.
Janki: NO .. there is no need of any of this..becoz of me u both got separate but nw…u both should be one…
Janki goes to her room and packs her bag..but in hurry she forgot to take that report with her
Shekhar and Mishti comes there.
Shekhar: Janki wat r u doing?
Janki: Shekar ji if u ever loved me den tell everything to maa ji..and tell her to accept Shamishta ji as their daughter in law and Swara as their grand daughter nd pls let me leave.
Mishti: No Janki dont do this.
Janki: Khyal rakhna apna aur mere parivaar ka(take care of ourself and ma family)
Janki leaves Badi

Precap: Janki is walking in a lonely place nd feels dizzy she falls down nd hits a tree..she is in a pool of blood

Credit to: Sarika Shah

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  1. OMG!!!! Superb yaaar can’t wait for next episode
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    Really loved it 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. Thanx Krithi…Ragu will come soon..continue reading…….
      …..Sarika Shah

  2. Awesome
    I think janki is pregnant
    Update the next part?

    1. Thanx Ragsan
      …well u’ll get to abt it soon…continue reading…
      …Sarika Shah

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