Swaragini-Zehnaseeb (My Fate) Episode 9 and summary


Hi everyone this is the summary of ma FF Swaraagini-Zehnaseeb(My Fate)
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On Shekhar’s and Janki’s 5th wedding anniversary Shamishta Shekhar’slover whom he married secrectly comes to baadi…she comes with her mom and daughter..she has been divorced to her husband.
At that ni8 Shekhar comes to knw tht Shamishta’s daughter Swara is his daughter.
Janki also get to knw dis she decides to unite both of them and she leaves baadi. She ws pregnant bit she didn’t tell her family members…After she is left Shekhar and his family comes to knw tht Janki is pregnant.
Meanwhile Janki met with an accident. And a man Raghuvendra Pradap Rathore helps her nd brings her to his house(he knw that Janki is pregnant ). He has a 5 yr old son Rithwik. Months pass on den both Janki and Rathore tells each other their past. Den they decide to get married. Janki gives birth to a baby girl whom Rathore names Ragini.
18 yrs leap
Its Ragini’s birthday Janki is not with them.Rithwik and Rathore loves Ragini a lot. Rithwik is friends with SanLak Swara..and Aman….Ragini and Aman lyk each other but still they behave rudely to each other.
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Recap: Ragini injured.
Ragini goes to the library….
She goes to English literature section…nd starts taking books from lower shelf….nd nw the shelf is slighty shaking but she dosen’t see it and sits there itself.
The shelf starts falling someone pulls her back. He is none other then Aman.
He hugs her ti8.
Aman: Ragini tum teekh ho na?
Ragini: haan..Thank u Aman.
Aman hugs her more ti8
Aman: Ragini..
Ragini: Haan
Aman comes close to her .
Ragini close her eyes.
But then he sees tht blood is coming frm her foot.
Aman: Ragini oh god u r injured.
Ragini opens her eyes. And realises tht students r crowed near them.
Ragini: its ok Aman.
Aman: What ok..come ill help u.
He picks her and make her sit on the chair .
Aman: She is ok u people can go.
He sits down and takes a bandage frm his pocket and keeps her foot on his lap and sticks the bandage.
She looks at him lovingly …he also looks at her…
Ragini: So u carry bandage with u everyday?
Aman: yh…
They hv a cute eye lock. Ragini’s foot is still on his lap.
Ragini: (in mind: Aman today u behaved just lyk papa and Bhaiyu..i think u care for me)
Aman: (in mind: Ragini thank god u r ok. I care for u Ragini.)
Suddenly the bell rings. Both of them come back to their senses.
Ragini: Thanx Aman.
Aman: Its ok…u r fine ri8.
Ragini: yh Aman don’t say dis to bhaiyu he will be worried.
Aman: yh ..dont worry i will not tell him. U take care.
Ragini: bye Aman.
She goes…..
Flashback ends…..
Rathore: princess is it paining?
Ragini looks at Rathore and imagines him to be Aman.
Ragini: No Aman ..its ok.
Rathore and Riku looks puzzled
Riku: Aman?….Ragini..
Ragini come back to senses.
Rathore: princess where is Aman?
Ragini: ahh..woh papa……nothing i said Abhi not Aman.
Riku: nw who is this Abhi?
Ragini: bhaiyu abhi means nw…
Riku and Rathore gives Ragini a teasing look.
Ragini: app log aise kyun dekh rahe ho mujhe? (Why r u both luking at me lyk tht?)
Riku: papa smone is always daydreaming…
Ragini: Bhaiyu i ws not daydreaming..
Ratore: haan prince nw its only Aman..i mean abhi ri8.
Ragini: papa…..
Rathore and Riku run and Ragini run behind them
Scene shifts to the blurr image of the 3 running.
Nxt day
Dadi: i am going to temple.
Swara: Dadi tell me for the past 5 yrs u r going to temple daily..nd u r coming back after hours?
Dadi(little bit tensed): What nw i have to ask ur permission to go to temple?
Shekhar: Maa she didn’t say tht. Even i think she is ri8.
Dadi: u and ur daughter think whatever u want. I lyk spending tym in the temple thts y i come back late. Nw you both want any proofs?
Mishti: Swara dadi ko sry bolo..nw
Swara: sry dadi.
Dadi leaves to temple.
Shekhar: Swaru come i’ll drop u at collage.
They both leave.

Sanskar: Lucky tell me which shirt is gud yellow or blue?
Lucky: waisa Sanky Swara loves yellow. So wear tht yellow one.
Sanky: oh stop it Lucky y should i wear her fav colour. Ill wear the blue one.
Lucky smiles.
Lucky: den 5n i’ll wear tht yellow one i lyk this shirt.
Sanky(in teasing tone): Waise Lucky u always say tht Swara is ma Girlfriend ri8..
Lucky: haan becoz u both r GF and BF.
Sanky: acha..Lucky evrn i don’t knw her fav colour.
Lucky(nervously): woh i just guessed thats all.
He goes frm there Sankaar smiles at him.
Sujatha: Sanskar lucky come down for breakfast.
Lucky: coming chichi.
Maheshwari’s have breakfast.
DP RP and Adarsh leaves to office
SanLak leaves to collage.
AP: Sujatha after 2 months collage will b over ri8?
Sujatha: haan jiji
AP: so we should start luking for our bahus …
Sujatha: haan jiji….we will have the best bahus…lyk our Pari.

@Singha House
Avanthika: Uttara ..
(Avanthika Mehra Singha’s intro: wife of Aarav Singha. Mother of Arnav and Aman. Uthara’s mother in law. Sweet and caring nature)

Uttara: Gud morning ma..
Avanthika: beta u came back? Beta went u ur house after so many days still u came back so fast?
Uttara: ok den ill go back no one lyks me here.
Avanthika: oh ..sry baba forgive me.
Uttara smiles.
Avanthika: ok go keep ur bags and come for breakfast.
Uttara goes to her room.
Aman comes down.
Aman: mom breakfast
Uttara comes down.
Aman: bhabhi u came.
Uttara: haan devar ji
Avanthika: hv breakfast beta.
Uttara: u also sit na
They all hv breakfast.
Avanthika: Ammu…
Aman(angrily): don’t call me tht see even bhabhi is here pls mom
Uttara: AMMU!! Seriously? And starts laughing.
Avanthika: What Ammu?
Aman: mom…..
Avanthika: ok ok sry baba.
Aman: Bhabhi don’t laugh too much otherwise i will tell wat u call bhaiya..
Uttara’s smile disappears
Uttara: hw do u knw tht?
Aman: till nw i didn’t knw..but NW i knw.
He smiles…
Aman: bye mom bye Bhabhi…
He goes.
Avanthika: Uttara beta..tell me na what u call him?
Uthara: mom!!
Riku is sitting in the dinning table. He see Ragini coming down.
Riku: Kaku(their driver) Anthashiri khela kay?
Kaku: ok Riku babu
Riku(loudly): Kaku nw i’ll sing …nd sings Abhi mujh mein kahi song frm agneepath..he stretches the word ABHI.
Ragini hears it and gets irritated
Rathore also comes down.
Kaku starts to sing ek ladki ko dekha toh….
Riku: no kaku u have to sing a song which has the word ABHI.
Kaku: ok den….he stands there thinking..
Rathore: Athashiri huh?….com on Princess hum we will also play.
Rathore: Princess nw u sing…ABHI toh party shuru hui hain…
Ragini: Papa……
They all laugh.
Ragini: U too Brutus….and makes a sad face.
Rathore: goes to her and cups her face. Never ma Princess. Riku stop irritating her.
Riku: ok King so ABHI se…
Ragini: Papa!!
Riku: ok ok….
They hv breakfast..Rathore leaves to office and RagRik to collage in the car

Precap: Ragini meeting Shekhar

Credit to: Sarika Shah

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