Swaragini-Zehnaseeb (My Fate) Episode 7


Thanx everyone for liking and commenting on my ff. I love u all And sry for dis short update..thts because i am studying in class 11th….nd ma board exams are not over…so i cannot update on Sunday. Ma exams. Will b over on Monday after tht i’ll update 2 episodes daily………please pray for me
Sarika Shah

Recap: Entry of Swara and the Maheshwaris.
Ragini opens her eyes A man walking towards her….
She runs and hugs him…..
Ragini: Y r u late?
Man: Sry Ragu..
Ragini: Acha abb mere present kaha hain?
Man leans forward to kiss her…..
Riku: Ragu.. Ragu..kaha khoyi hui ho?
Ragini come back to her senses..(sry guys it ws just her imagination)
Riku: Dekho Aman has also come……nw no one is left cut the cake.
Man is revealed as Parth Samthaan .
(Aman Singha’s intro- Aman is the younger son son Aarav Singha And Avanthika Mehra Singha. His elder brother is Arnav Singha. Uthara’s devar. Caring and gud natured and rich person..he is also friends with SanLak, Swara and Riku)
Ragini(in mind): u r really late..i would talk to u.
Aman(in mind): sry princess i am late.
(Ragini and Aman lyks each other but doesn’t show it to each other they always behave rudely to each other)
Ragini cut the cake…everyone sings Happy birthday song.
Rathore takes a piece of cake and feeds it to Ragini
Rathore: Happy birthday princess.
Ragini also feeds him a piece of cake.
Ragini: thank u papa.
Riku: Papa ki chamichi abb mujhe nahi khilaonge kya?
Ragini feeds him cake
Rathore also feeds him
Rathore : Yeh lo maa ke chamche…
They all smile.
Aman: Ragini yeh lo happy birthday.
Ragini(without giving much attention): Thank u..
The day ends………

Riku: Ragu come fast.
Ragini: Coming bhaiyu
Rathore: Prince….take care of my princess also..
Riku: Haan papa u don’t wrry
Riku and Ragini left in bike.

Ragini and Riku reaches the collage…….
Riku is doing his final year along with SanLak, Swara and Aman and Ragini is doing 1sy year…..
Aman, SanLak and Swara also reaches there…..

Precap: Aman Ragini knok jnok….

Credit to: Sarika Shah

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