Swaragini-Zehnaseeb (My Fate) Episode 6


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Recap: Ragini’s entry
Rathore: Happy birthday princess.
Ragini: Thank u papa.
Riku: Happy birthday baby sister.

Ragini: Thank u Bhaiyu..i love u both..
Rathore: Mom ke aashirvad nahi lenga?
Ragini nodes in yes
She goes infront of her photo Rathore and Riku are also there. Then she kisses the photo nd turns towards Rathore
Ragini: Papa app mere papa bhi hain aur maa bhi…
Rathore hugs her ti8. And looks at Janki’s photo and smile
Riku: nw if father and daughter’s sentiments is over ….den can u go nd pls change Ragu?
Ragini gives a fake angry look to Riku. And goes to her room. She comes back wearing a royal blue gown . As she is coming down everyone claps.
(Ragini’s intro-Ragini is exactly lyk whom Amaya wanted she is strong, brave , independent, bold, kind hearted and loved by all )
(Rithwik’s intro- Rithwik is a very handsome and kind hearted person. Loves his family a lot..attachedmore to Janki)

@ Badi
A girl is shown doing makeup. She is wearing a red knee length cocktail dress.
Mishti: Yeh tum kya pehan ke raakhe ho?
The girl is shown as Swara

Swara: Maa ..Baba and dadu are not at home ri8. I’ll be back before he comes. So he will never see me in this outfit.
Mishti: Par Shona dadi is here
Swara: Maa Rithwik ne pehali baar mujhe apne ghar mein bulaya hain. Kuch ho jaya main toh jaungi.
Mishti: iss ladki ka kuch nahi ho sakta.
Dadi: Aa Shamishta main mandhir ho ke aata hun.
Swar looks at Mishti and smilies.
Mishti: Ji maa.
Dadi goes to temple.
Swara comes out .
Swara: Bye maa ..
Mishti: Teekh hain apna dyaan rakna and come back before dadi comes ok.
Swara: no problem maa dadi mandhir gayi hain na she will come back after hours…
Swara leaves….
(Swara Gadodia’s intro- Swara is a modern girl,loves her family a lot)

@ Maheshwari Mansion
AP: Laksh r u ready?
Laksh: coming mom…
(Lakshya Durga Prasad Maheshwari’s intro- Laksh also called as Lucky is a Carefree young rich person…son of AP and DP)
DP: AP where is Sanskar?
Sanskar: I am here bade papa.
(Sankar Ram Prasad Maheshwari’s intro- Sankar is a well behaved, but little carefree and naughty and rich. son of DP’s yonger brother RP and Sujatha …Laksh and Sanskar r of same age but Laksh is elder than Sankar by 2 months)
RM: Sanskar call Uthara also.
Sujatha comes with Uthara
(Uthara Maheshwari Arnav Singha’s intro- Elder sister of Laksh and twin of Adarsh. Married to a rich business man Arnav who is nw in America and Uthara is staying with the maheshwaris)
Dadi…a little comes down running

AP: Aaa gaya ..mera shaithaan
The boy’s name is Dhruv Adarsh Maheshwari
Then Adarsh and his wife Pari comes down.
(Adarsh Durga Prasad Maheshwari’s intro-Adarsh is the elder son of the Maheshwari family kind hearted rich person loves his family a lot. Twin of Uthara and married to Pari. Has a son Dhruv)
(Parineetha Mishra Adarsh Maheshwari’s intro-Pari is the eldest bahu of Maheshwari family. Wife of Arash and mother of Dhruv. Loves her family a lot)

Sujatha: arrey chalo sab . we r already late.
They all leave ….
Maheshwari family reaches RM.
Rathore: ayiye ..Durga Prasad ji. We were waiting for u.
DP: sry Mr.Rathore ..for being late.
Rathore: its ok come inside.
Maheshwari family enter inside RM.
AP: Rathore ji Ragini kaha hain?
Riku comes there.
Riku:Hi aunty, Laksh aur Sankar kaha hain?
AP: Bas aa rahi rahe hain.

(Riku, Laksh and Sanskar r close friends they study in the same collage.
Rathore and DP are business partners also)
Rathore: Riku princess ko yaha bulao.
Riku goes and comes with Ragini.
Ragini: Namaste aunty. Namste uncle.
And bends down to touch their feet. AP and DP stops her and blesses her
DP: Happy birthday Ragini beta. And gives her gift.
AP: Happy birthday beta.
Ragini: Thank u aunty and uncle.
DP: Rathore Ragini bilkul tum par gayi hain.
He smiles and hugs Ragini
Rathore: hogi kyu nahi yeh meri princess joh hain.
Riku comes with rest of the maheshwari family.
Ragini takes blessings frm the elders.
Uthara, Adarshand Pari also wishes Ragini
Laksh: Happy birthday Ragini.
Ragini: Thank u.

Sanskar:..Ragini.. Happy birthday.
Ragini: Thank u
Dhruv: Happy birthday Ragini didi.
Ragini: oo Thank u….
Swara enters RM.
Swara: kya ghar hain.
She sees Riku , Laksh and Sanskar and go to them
(Swara is also Riku and Sanlak’s friend.And Riku has not invited Swara to his house..nd this is the 1st tym he is doing so)
Swara: hai everyone……
Riku: Lo Sanskar tumhari GF aa gayi.
(The full collage thinks Swara and Sankaar r GF& BF. Swara likes Sanskar but he considers her as a friend only)
Riku: Ragu yeh hain Swara.
Swara: is it ur birthday?
Ragini: yes
Riku looks angrily at Swara
Swara: den happy birthday.
Ragini: Thank u ..di(she told it stretching the last word di)
Riku smiles at Ragini…
Ragini goes to Rathore.
Riku: Look Swara never try to mess up with ma baby sis..i clearly remember tht i told u it ma sister Ragini’s birthday isn’t?.

Swara: i ws just teasing…
Riku: den Ragu ws also just teasing ok….
He goes frm there.
Rathore: Princess come on..its tym to cut the cake.
Ragini node and looks at the door…nd come to Rathore.
Everyone comes there.
Rathore: make a wish and blow the candles princess.
Ragini closes her eyes and blows the candle.

Precap: Entry of a new character. Ragini hugs him.

Credit to: Sarika Shah

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