Swaragini-Zehnaseeb (My Fate) Episode 5


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Recap: Rathore marries Janki. Janki give birth to a baby girl.
Rathore comes in a pink kurtha, Janki in a blue saree, Riku in a blue kurtha and Baby is wearing a pink princess frock.
Rathore is carrying the baby and Janki holds Riku.
Rathore sit down in front of the pandit he keep the baby on his lap. Janki sits beside him with Riku on her lap.
Pandit: Ab aap apni beti ka naam unke kaan mein 3 baar bolenga(nw u will tell ur daughter’s name in her ears 3 tyms)
Rathore looks at Janki and Riku. They node their heads in yes. Then he looks at the babay who also looks at him.
Rathore goes near her ear.
Rathore: Ragini, Ragini, Ragini Raghuvendra Pradap Rathore.
Everyone claps.

Ragini smilies.
Riku: Raginioo meri Rgu..look at ur big brother.
Janki applies kajal on both the kids.
Janki: kisi ka nazar na lage mere bacho ko.
Rathore: Princess look..ur mom forgot me.
Janki side side hugs him and Riku. And kisses Rathore’s cheeks.
Rathore: come on always don’t kiss on my cheeks u should also kiss on my lips.
Janki and Rathore smilies looking at each other
****************************************************************1 year later…
@ Badi
Mishti: Shona get up its already 7…
Swara: Maa just 5 mins more
Mishti: are u getting up or should i call dadi?
Shekhar: Swara beta get up u r already late.
Swara gets up and hugs Shekhar and Mishti
Mishti: oo papa aa gaya toh tum udd gaya…hmm go change nd come
Swara goes to change.
Dadi: tum sabko naashtha karna hain ki nahi.
Mishti: ji maa bas aa rahe hain.

Swara: sry sry dadi….
All comes to the table they have fud….
Shekhar: Come Swara beta…lets go
Swara sits behind the scooty and waves gud bye to everyone..
Dada: Arrey kitna jalthi badi ho gayi humari Swara hain na?
Dadi:Haa samaya bahuth jalth hi jar aha hain.
Rathore: Hi everyone 2day is ma Princess’s 1st Birthday…
Everyone claps..
Rathore is wearing a Black formal suit..and Riku is also wearing the same. Janki is wearing a red and black saree. And Ragini is wearing a light blue frock.
Rathore takes Ragini frm Janki….
Rathore, Janki, Riku and little Ragini together cuts the cake…
Everyone is singing Happy birthday song……..nd they take a family picture…
****************************************************************17 years leap
Rathore is facing the wall
Rathore: Janki i cant belive tht our princess is going to turn 18 today it seems lyk only yesterday …wen we celebrated her 1st birthday..
Janki comes and hugs him frm behind
Janki: Acha , apko sirf apni princess ki padi hain…humare prince ki nahi?
Rathore: Main humare princess aur prince ka dyaan rakh raha hun…aur meri queen ka bhi main dyann rakh hi raha hun na..
Both of them smiles
Janki kisses his cheeks
Rathore: oh Janki always don’t kiss on my cheeks u should also kiss on my lips.
She smiles…nd goes away
someone is calling Rathore…

Man: Kaha kho gaye ho?..huh?
Rathore: Kya hua mere prince ?
Man is revealed as Rithwik(played by Sakti Arora..who played RV’s role in meri aashique tumse hi)
Riku: Papa…
Rathore: Kya hua maa ke chamche ….?
Riku: U r missing mom ri8.
Rathore: Haan…..
Riku: I knw she has not gone anywhere she is here only with us isn’t papa
It is shown tht Rathore is facing towards a wall with a big photo of Janki. A haar of flowers is on it
(The conversation between Rathore and Janki ws Rathore’s imagination)
Riku: Papa nw don’t b senti if mom sees u lyk this den she will b sad
Rathore wipes his tears
Servent: Rithwik baba Ragu baby is coming.
Riki: Everyone hide..fast…Papa so ready?
Rathore: Yes …mere prince.
Everyone hides…..the main door is opened a girl comes inside…she comes nd looks here and there.

Girl: Papa, Bhaiyu….Kaku…kaha hain aap sab log?
She sounds worried….
Girl(in her mind): Ppa kab tak chupenge…..3…2…1
Everyone shouts Surprise……..
Girl smiles
Everyone sings Happy birthday song
The girl is revealed as Ragini….
Rathore and Riku hugs the trio smiles
Ragini kisses Rathore and Riku

Precap: Ragini’s birthday celebration. Swara’s entry

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Credit to: Sarika Shah

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