Swaragini-Zehnaseeb (My Fate) Episode 4


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Recap: Man is releaved as Raghuvendra Pradap Rathore he bring Janki to his house
Janki is in her room she has tears
Rathore: What happen Janki ji why r u crying?
Janki: Mr.Rathore i used to play hide and seek in ma sasural also..and she tells him her past….a flashback is shown…
Hearing dis he hugged her

Rathore: Janki ji u always ask about Riku’s mother ri8…do u knw she left both of us Riku ws just 5 months old. She married her ex boyfriend and went to America she never cared for us…..
Rathore also had tears in his eyes…Janki wiped it frm his face..
Rathore: Par abb aisa nahi hain(but nw its not lyk tht) after ur arrival i hv seen many changes in Riku he started to laugh and smile everytym…Feels lyk he is very happy.
Janki smiles and nodes her head.
Rathore: Janki ji after ur arrival i also started to smile…. nd i don’t want these smile to away frm my or Rithwik’s face.
Janki is shocked to hear this.

Rathore holds Janki’s hands and say: Janki i love u very much u made my house a home i want u to b with me forever. And i promise i’ll consider bay and Rithwik equally..pls Janki….
She sees Riku standing at the door and quickly takes her hand back.
Riku comes inside and make Janki and Rathore hold Hands.
Riku: J nw i can call u mom ri8.
Janki hugs Riku and nodes yes
Rathore Riku and Janki smiles….all their helpers (who r standing outside the door) claps…..
Janki: Riku i’ll marry ur papa only on one condition …
Rathore looks puzzled.
Janki: he have to call me Janki instead of Janki ji.
Rathore smiles….
Rathore: ok den i also have one condition u hav to stop calling me riku’s papa and Mr.Rathore…agreed?
Janki smiles and nodes her head in yes
The have a group hug
Next day Janki and Rathore do court marriage
.After 8 months
@ Hospital
Rathore in walking here and nd their infront of the operation theatre
He is really tensed…Suddenly the Dr. Came out Rathore rushed to him.
Rathore : Dr. Hw is my wife Janki?
Dr.: Congratulations Mr.Rathore aapko beti hui hain. Both mother and baby r alri8
Rathore is very happy
Nurse brings the baby and hand it over to Rathore. He looks at her
Rathore: Princess…..
The baby smiles…Rathore also becomes happy. He has tears in his eyes.
Nurse: Sir app baby ko mujhe de dijiye.
Rathore : y should i give ma princess to u?
Nurse smiles: Dont wrry sir i’ll take care of ur princess.
Rathore gives the baby to her
Rathore: Take care of her.
Nurse nodes and goes
Meanwhile another nurse comes
Nurse: sir u can meet ur wife nw.
Rathore nodes and goes inside the room. Janki is lying on the bed
Rathore comes and sits beside her and holds her hand.
Rathore: thank u Janki 4 gifting me a beautiful princess.
Janki smiles….
Nurse brings the baby to the room. Rathore takes the baby and plays with her
Janki: Raghu where is Riku..?
Rathore: He is at home I’ll call him and tell his mom has giften him a baby sister.
Janki smilies….
Baby sleeps…Rathore places her near Janki and goes out
Janki: where r u going?
Rathore: To call Riku.

Janki : I also want to talk to him..pls
Rathore: ok de i’ll take ma princess nd wait outside u call Riku and tell him.
Rathore pcks up the baby and goes out
Janki calls Riku and tells him Riku becomes very happy
After 3 days
Janki and baby are discharged. Rathore brings both of them to RM.
They r surprised to see RM beautifully decorated nd written ‘Welcome baby sister’
Seeing them Riku runs and comes outside
Riku: maa…
Janki: Riku..beta kaise ho tum ..and hugs Riku
Riku kisses her and goes to Rathore who is holding the baby.
Riku: Papa ..baby sister ko dikhaona
Rathore bends down..Riku holds baby’s hands…Baby smiles..
4 of them goes inside RM.

Precap: Naming ceremony of the baby..nd leap

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Credit to: Sarika Shah

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