Swaragini-Zehnaseeb (My Fate) Episode 3


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The man enters Janki’s room
Man: Hi…hw r u feeling nw?
Janki: Thanx for saving my life, i am 5n nw.
Man: So i have saved 2 life’s and smilies…Janki also smiles
Man: May i knw ur name pls..
Janki: i am Janki Ga…she stops
Man: Hi Janki..I am Raghuvendra Pradap Rathore (his face is revealed he is Gaurav Chopra who played the same character in Uttaran)…
Rathore: Well Janki ji will give me ur address nd number i’ll inform ur family.
Janki: No Mr.Rathore apne humare liye jitna kiya uthna kaafi hain.
Rathore: Janki ji wat happen? is there any problem?..if smthing lyk tht is there den u can tell me.
Janki: No Mr.Rathore nothing lyk tht.

Rathore: Janki ji not even ur husband?
Janki: Mr.Rathore there is no one wit me and starts crying.
Rathore: Janki ji pls dont cry . you should not take any stress nw.
Janki: yes..
Rathore: Janki ji i think u’ll b discharged 2day so where will u go?
Janki: I dont knw i will manage smthing.
Rathore: Janki ji if u dont have any problem u can stay in my house.
Janki: No Mr.Rathore no need of it.
Rathore: No Janki ji iss halath mein aap kaha jayenge
He requests her so many tyms at last she agrees
Shekhar reaches back
Dadi rushes to him
Dadi: Where is Janki?
Shekhar nodes his head in no
They all r sad
*****************************************************************************Rathore brings Janki to his house
A little boy rushes towards Rathore..
Boy: Papa..
Rathore picks him up
Rathore: Kya baat hain Rithwik babu?
the boy is Rithwik
Rithwik: Nothing papa..and looks at Janki..Janki smilies at him
Rathore: Beta dis is Janki ji she will stay with us frm today
Janki: can we b friends and extends her hand
Rithwik: yh but only on one condition…u should play with me
Janki: ok baba agreed.
Rithwik: So welcome my new friend….and goes inside Rathore Mansion (RM)
.one months leap…..

@BadilSwara: 3..2..1…..nw i will find u all
she searches 4 everyone
Dadu…found u….maa gotcha…..u both r out
aur…haan dadi…nw u all r out i won yah…
Dadi: Acha i am out so can i go to kitchen?
Swara: Nahi dadi just 1 more game den u can go..nd makes a puppy face
Dadi: ok ok but this is the last one
Swara (smiling): thank u dadi..abd hugs her.
Mishti: But shona game is not over yet u have not found Baba…
Swara: That means i lost…and makes a sad face
Shekhar who is hiding behind the sofa hears dis and makes fake coughs Swara hears it
Swara: Baba is behind the sofa.
Shekhar: So at last u found me..nd makes a sad face
Mishti: Shekhar nw go and start counting
Shekharvgoes to coint and everyone hides dadi remembers they all playing the same game with Janki and kids in the Badi…she gets sad…

Here in RM also they r playing hide and seek
Rithwik: Chalo abb mein sabko chun chun ke dundunga( i will find each and everyone of u )
he finds their servents helpers nd driver….
Rithwik: nw only papa and J are left( Rithwik calls Janki J)
den he sees Janki sitting near the table…
Rithwik: J out ho gayi…
Rathore who was hiding under the curtain comes forward
Rathore: chalo u found me also nw i will count.
Rithwik: nw thts not fair papa..u always rescue J
Rathore: See Janki ji is really tired Riku it is not gud for baby( they call Rithwik Riku)
Riku: oops..sry J..nd hold his ears
Rathore help Janki get up..nd she hugs Riku
Riku: J u go nd rest we will play later ok..nw ill go nd do my homework
Janki: gud boy….nd kisses Riku..he happily goes to his room
Rathore: Janki ji ..main apko room mein le chalthi hun

Precap: Janki and Rathore tell each other about their past ……and leap

Credit to: Sarika Shah

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