Swaragini-Zehnaseeb (My Fate) Episode 2

Thanx everyone for reading my ff.
and sry abt the spelling mistake in the title
guys continue reading a lot of twists r going to come..nd sry for this short update
Thanx to my silent readers too 🙂

Recap: Janki comes to knw everything abt Shekhar and Mishti. She leaves badi
Janki is carrying her luggage and walking in a lonely road . She thinks abt Shekhar and her moments….(Tune joh na kaha..plays)
Suddenly she feels dizzy and falls down and hits her head on a tree and lost her consciousness.
@ Badi
Shekhar holds Mishti’s hand and take Swara in the other he goes to dadi room nd knocks on the door..dadi comes nd opens the door nd is shocked to see Shekhar with Shamishta and Swara.
Dadi: Shekhar wat r u doing with dis Bengalan?
Shekhar: Ma I love her.

Dadi : Wat nonsense r u talking u r married.
Shekhar : Maa Janki left.
Dadi(in shock): what Janki left…no she cant do this.
Shekhar tells everything to her..meanwhile dada ji also comes..
Dadi: Bechari Janki(poor Janki)
Dada: abb joh ho gaya so ho gaya..Shekhar take dem inside. I’ll talk to Shamishta’s mother.
Mishti: Papa main bhi aatha hun(Papa i’ll also come with u)
Dadi goes back to her room in angry
Shekhar carry Swara to his room he sees Janaki’s pics on the wall he makes Swara lie on the bed nd remove the pics..nd kept on the table..there he saw smthing is wrapped wit gift paper. H e opens it and reads..it……..nd looks shocked
@ The lonely road
A car stops near Janki. A handsome young man and diver comes out.
Driver: lagtha hain kissi ka accident ho gaya.
Janki is covered in a pool of blood.
Man: Kaka fast take her luggage. Nd tht man picked Janki up and placed her inside his car.
Man: Kaka jalthi hospital le chaliye.
They reach hospital….
Dr treats Janki
Man: Dr. Woh abb kaisi hain? (dr. Hw is she nw?)
Dr.: Acha hua ab tym peh unhe yaha lekar aayi aur khoon di(gud tht u brought her here in tym and also gave her ur blood) she will b 5n but u have to tk care of her at these time they need more care.

Man looks puzzled.
Shekhar looks shocked
Shekhar: Janki is pregnant!
Then Shamishta enters the room she sees the report and read it
Mishti: oh god what have i done
Shekhar : No its not ur fault.
Dadi hears them..in her mind : where r u Janki?
Man: Dr i didn’t understand wat do u mean ..extra care nd all?
Dr.: oh u don’t knw ?..den congratulations ur wife is pregnant.
Nurse: Dr. Patient ko hosh aa gaya.
Dr.; nw u can meet her.
Man : thanx Dr. Nd goes inside the room

Precap: The man’s identity is reveled. Shekhar searches for Janki

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