Swaragini-Zehnaseeb (My Fate) Episode 18

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All crys…
They cremate Aman.
Avanthika: Ragini…
Ragini is sitting still she hsn’t said a word after the death of Aman…she hasn’t cried or hd fud….
Rathore ws very upset seeing her lyk this..
Rathore: Princess see Avanthika ji is calling u..
She does’nt respound…..
Avanthika shakes her.
Avanthika: Ragini beta don’t do this to urself …..see Aman wanted u to be happy…so pls if u sit lyk this he will feel bad….
Tears comes frm Ragini’s eyes…
Rathore hugs her she crys..
Avanthika: Rathore ji ..I want Aman’s last wish to b fulfilled.
Ragini: NO i cant do this…..papa no..
Avanthika keeps her hand on Ragini’s head.
Avanthiks; beta Aman wanted u to marry Sanskar..pls beta pls do this..It ws Aman’s last wish cant u fulfil it. Ragini crys…and nodes yes.
Ragini: Only for Aman….
Dadi comes and sit near Ragini

Ragini hugs her.
Dadi: don’t cry beta everything will b 5n trust be….
She crys..
Dadi: Ragini beta…i am here na ….u don’t wrry ..(in mind: dadi is here beta)
Shekhar: Swara come lets go.
Laksh: where uncle?..Swara is my wife nw.
Shekhar: Laksh u knw tht she loves Sanskar.
Lucky: uncle she loved Sanskar.
AP calls Swara. She goes.
Shekhar: no Lucky ..she loves only Sanskar.
Lucky: No uncle Sanksar loves Ragini ..and nw Ragini is going to marry him ..its Aman’s last wish and i knw Swara ws Aman’s bestie..she also want to see Aman’s last wish fulfilled.
Shekhar: i don’t w3ant my daughter to sacrifice her love for anyone..i want her to be happy..
Lucky: don’t wrry uncle i’ll keep her happy forever.
Swara returns with AP and DP.
Lucky: i promise u uncle i’ll never leave her.
DP: Shekhar ji ab bacho se galthi hua hi hain toh..hum kya kare?
Lucky: papa galthi?…Papa Maa i love Swara. And frm today she will stay in our house as my wife….
Mishti and Shekhar, Dda and Dadi bless the couple…
Dadi: Ragini beta…
Ragini: ji..
Dadi: U can call me dadi ok.
Ragini: ji dadi
Dadi( smiles): beta shadi Mubarak ho…
Ragini: dadi…

Maheshwaris and Gadodias leave as they have to do Swara’s grah pravesh.
Ragini sits infront of Aman’s photo .
Ragini: Aman…why do u want me to do dis?..dont u knw tht i love u…u knw na i cant love anyone else….
Aarav: Ragini..
Ragini turns back and see Aarav.
Ragini: uncle woh main.
Aarav: beta smtyms we have move on in our life…but Aman made ur work easy..he chose Sanskar ….4 u i knw Aman’s choice will not be wrong.
Ragini hugs him.
Rathore: princess chale?
Avanthika: haan meri princess …..U should go home nw…Rathore ji i want Ragini’s wedding to b the best….
Ragini: mom….i can still call u tht..ri8
Avanthika: yh Ragini u can……
Swara’s griha pravesh ritual is done…everyone is happy.
1 week later…
Its Ragini’s haldi.

Ragini comes in a white yellow mix lehanga…..
Rathore applies her haldi 1st…
Followed by Riku Muku..and others…
At ni8 they have the mehandi ceremony….
The mehandi writer asks her to tell her husbands name…
Ragini: Sanskar……she thinks abt Aman and her moments tears come frm her eyes……
On the marriage day.
Muku and Avanthika brings Ragin down. She is looking very beautiful.
She goes to Rathore and take his blessings..Rathore hugs her and tears come frm his eyes.
Avanthika: ohoo Rathore ji…u should not cry nw…its not bidaai yet.
Rathore nodes his head. He takes Ragini near Janaki’s photo….Riku comes down and hugs Ragini.
Riku: Ragu u r looking exactly lyk maa.
Ragini looks at Janaki’s photo and looks at Rathore.
Rathore nodes his head in yes.
Avanthika: come on nw let me click a family photo.
Riku Muku Rathore and Ragini stand in front of Janki’s photo. Avanthika click the picture..
They leaves to the wedding hall.
Arnav comes running.
Arnav: arrey baraath has come..
Sanskar comes and sits in the madap..Rathore and Riku brings Ragini.
He is mesemerised to see her.
She sits with him.
Uttara does the gadbanbhan.
Pandit: Nw bride’s parents come forward to do kanydaan.
Rathore comes forward
And does kanyadaan.
Pandit: nw u may stand up for taking the pheras….
They stand up for pheras…

They complete the 7 pheras.
Pandit: now groom can tie mangalsutra around dulhan’s neck and apply sindoor.
Sanskar tie mangalsutra around Ragini’s neck Ragini closed her eyes and
in mind:AMAN.
Sanskar applied sindoor on Ragini’s hairline.
Swara ws in tears….
Pandit: Yeh shaadi poorn hui..

Precap: Ragini’s Bidaai….and other rituals

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