Swaragini-Zehnaseeb (My Fate) Episode 17


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Recap: Aman’s and Swara’s accident. Lucky marries Swara.
Ragini: Aman what r saying?
Aman: baby..opps Sanskar i can call her that …ri8
Ragini(crying more): Aman pls don’t hurt me like this pls..I love u .
Aman: Ragini pls don’t cry…i also love u..but..u knw na
Ragini: Aman pls..
Aman: Ragini u also knw the truth tht i will not survive and i knw u cant live without me…so i am giving u Sanky becoz i knw he will love u more than me..isnt Sanky?
Sanskar is silent.
Aman: Sanky i am asking u smthing don’t u love Ragini?

Sanskar: s
Everyone is shocked except Aman.
Aman: Hi Lucky
Lucky: Hi Aman.
Aman: where is Sanky?
Lucky: he is in his room.
Lucky and Aman goes to Sany’s room they open his room’s door Sanky ws keeping smthing in his cupboard. Seeing them Sanky quickly kept it in the cupboard. And closed the cupboard.
Sanky(tensed): oh Aman..hw come u here?
Aman: i cant come here huh?
Sanky: no bro not lyk tht.
Aman comes and sits in Sanky’s bed.
Aman: Sanky Lucky tomorrow is bachelor party so u both should b there.
SanLak: of course…
AP: Sanskar Laksh Adarsh is calling u both.

Lucky: yaar Aman we hv to go we hv a meeting…
Aman: u guys go i’ll give aunty some company and go.
Sanky: see u tomorrow buddy bye.
Lucky: yh bye Aman.
Aman: bye.
SanLak leave…
Aman(to himself): what ws he trying to hide frm us?
Aman goes to Sanky’s cupboard and open it a book falls down.
It had a lock but the lock ws open. Aman reads the book…
In the 1st page their was a girls’s pic….
In the second page it ws written
“2day i saw her for the 1st tym She ws wearing a pink frock..she came to our house with her parents and brother. She ws only 5 yrs old and me 10..”
He read the all the pages …in the 5th page
“2day me and her hd ice golas i knw if any of our family finds out we r gone..but her father ws also wit us”

In 11th page it ws written
”2day ws a horrible day their ws a bomb blast at Kolkata we r safe….but we came to knw tht she lost her mother…we came to their house she ws crying ..a lot wen she saw me she hugged me and cried ”
In another page it ws written
“2day she joined my collage i am so happy tht nw i can see her everytym”
“2day ws her 18th birthday she ws looking lyk a princess 2day..no winder y her dad calls her tht”
“2day we had lunch together it ws really nice..after many yrs…it ws cool”
“2day Lucky told that my best friend proposed her..nd she said yes….i don’t knw..wat to do coz i cant belive it ”
“it ws her brother’s birthday today she ws looking awesome in that lehanga”
“we had ice golas again…its been so many yrs still she remembered ma favourite flavour i ordered it i felt gud”
“Its her wedding 1 week later..after 1 week she will be someone’s wife..but i tell u my princess I will still LOVE U”
After that the pages were blank…..Aman went to the last page…
He ws shocked seeing it.

With her photo…which they clicled at the starting of her collage days..
He took the photo which he saw 1st…yes it ws Ragini only..
He remembered their moments….

Flash back ends..
Swara touches her hairline.
Swara: Lucky wat have u done.
Lucky: Swara i love u….
Swara: Lucky but me and….
He keeps his finger on her lips.
Lucky: Swara i love u.
Swara looks shocked.
He holds her hand and take her into the ICU.
Everyone r shocked to see Lucky and Swara.
Sujatha: Laksh what is this?
Laksh:Chachi i love her.

Sanky: Lucky….
Swara looks Sanskar with teary eyes…
Aman shows thumbs up to Laksh.
Aman: Lucky i want to talk to u ..alone..
All goes out of the room Lucky and Aman talk.
Dadi: Ragini..beta.
She hugs her and cry….
Laksh comes outside…Everyone comes inside..Aman: pls Ragini pls marry Sanskar atleast for my sake.
Ragini nodes NO.
Aman: pls RAG……he stops..
Avanthika: Aman…Aman….
Ragini: AMAN
Aman dies…..

Precap: RagSan marriage ….

Credit to: Sarika Shah

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  1. I feel like crying this was such a sad episode.. Can’t get over it… Good luck on the next episode!! :> ~nusz

    1. Thanx Nusz ?

    1. Thanx Lila ?

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  2. So the pair will stay ragsan and swalak right??????

    1. The pairs will not change?

  3. Seriously loved it

    1. Thanx Sindhu di ?

  4. How sweet I love u sanky

    1. Thanx di…?

  5. Too good..

    1. Thanx Ck1234 ?

  6. Soo sad for aman

    1. Yup Rakhi ?

  7. Wowww itna pyaar awesome

    1. Thanx Hayathi?

  8. Amazing man….
    I loved it…

    I hope you don’t feel bad bcos of this, but will you show swalak scenes as well… like more than now….
    I don’t really like swalak… but I do love swara….so
    Its just a request though… ur sfory

    1. yes of course i will show SawLak scenes ….thanx for ur suggestion Anjali ?

  9. I can’t believe sanky loved ragini…nice episode and a nice turn

    1. Thanx Dhara?

  10. just awsm….

    1. Thanx Pooja?

  11. Loved it..I can’t believe that swanky lived ragini since childhood.it was soo cute and emotional. I can’t believe that aman is no more but still he is gonna be first live so it’s all cool. Waiting for ragsan

    1. I can’t believe Sanskar loved ragini. Aman is no more but he is gonna be raginis first love so it’s all cool***im sorry I made a lot of mistakes

      1. its ok Amaya?

    2. Thanx Amaya..i missed ur comments…hw is ur di??

  12. awesome

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  13. Superbbbbbbb..twist..

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  14. preethi kalian

    nice superb

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  15. Amazing i loved it

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  16. Awesome episode……but feeling bad for aman….pls update the next part soon

    1. Yes i’ll update it soon Lily 😀

    1. Thanx Naimi 😀

  17. wow ….sooo emotional episode….first Aman is dead….another Sanky loves Ragini alooottt……and the dairy part was juz too emotional … 🙁

    1. Thanx Sinzo 😀

  18. Hey sarika…..too too good
    u have amazing skill

    1. Thanx Iqra 😀

  19. so sad aman died but ur ff is good

    1. Thanx Divi 😀

  20. Hey sarika, I am silent reader. I love this ff but please give importance to swara also as much as you give importance to ragini and write swalak scene Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz its my humble request. Sorry if I hurt you.Please upload next part today.

    1. Thanx Rituja….ur suggestion is accepted….?

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