Swaragini-Zehnaseeb (My Fate) Episode 16


Recap: bachelor party
Aman removes Swara’s dupatta. He kisses her neck ..
Swara kisses his cheeks Den Aman will kiss on Swara’s lips…..
They consummate……(Swara thinks the one with her is Sanskar and Aman thinks the girl is Ragini).
Sunrays fall on SwaMan’s faces they slowly open their eyes.
Swara opens her eyes and is shocked to see her and Aman’s position .
She screams hearing it Aman wake up..
They look at each other.
Aman keeps his hand on his head…
Ragini wake up and call Aman.
Aman: Swara what is this hw and wen did we?
Swara: i don’t knw ma head is hurting.
Aman wears his shorts and Swara covers her wit the blanket
Aman checks his jeans pocket..he gets his phone he ws going to call Lucky but his phone rings…
It ws Ragini who ws calling him. But Aman didn’t tk the call. Ragini called him again and dis tym he took the call.
Ragini: hlo Aman.
Aman: hlo.yh
Ragini where were u?
Aman: phone ws on silent ..y did u call?
Ragini: u? No baby today?
Aman(semi harsh tone): I don’t hv tym 4 all these nw. Tell me y did u call.
Ragini: y r u getting angry?…i called u just lyk tht. R u ok.
Aman(almost shouting): den don’t call me just lyk tht.
He cuts the call. Ragini feels sad.
Swara: Aman..
Aman ignores her.
Aman ws really very angry.
Aman and Swara tries to remember everything…and at last they remembered everything.
Swara: Aman what r we going to do?
Aman: i dont knw….(to himself hw can i do this..hw can i imagine Swara to b ma Ragini?)
Swara starts crying.
Aman: Swara don’t cry . i’ll call Lucky..
Aman calls Lucky.
Lucky picks thge call but he is still in yesterday’s hangover.
Aman: hlo Lucky yaar i am in aproblem.

Lucky: dadi….
Aman: Lucky r u out of ur mind?
Lucky: sry ..
Aman: Lucky yesterday smthing ve serious happened. Aman narrates the whole incident.
Lucky is shocked afterringit.
Lucky: Aman what ru tlking abt. But hw ..Aman i cant belive this. Hw will Ragini react to this….
Aman: I don’t knw Lucky.
Lucky: what abt Swara?
Aman: she is here only.
Lucky: is she alri8?
Aman: hw can she b?..hey we will come to ur house.
Lucky: ok.
He dissconnects the call.
Aman: Swara u get ready lets go to MM and think what to do nxt.
Hey both get ready and leaves in Aman’s car.
Sanskar: Lucky tu udd gaya?
Lucky(in mind): i should not tell anything to Sanky.
Sanky: Lucky and shakes him.
Lucky: haan wat do u want ?

Sanky: Lucky….
Ragini gets ready in a pink and blue simple salwar.
Ragini(in mind) i knw u r in sm problem..but don’t wry i am there na we will solve it together.
Aman is driving and Swara is sitting beside.
While driving Aman thinks of his and Ragini’s moments and yesterday’s event
Suddenly his vehicle losses his controll
Avanthika: Aarav ji we have to start the wedding preparations frm 2day.
Arnav: I cant belive chottu is getting married.
Avanthika: Yh Arnav..i cant belive tht ur mom’s Ammu is getting married
Aarav Aranav and Uttara together: Mom!!!
Avanthika: acha baba Aman..
They all smiles.
Aman’s car losses control. Their car hit a tree…Aman and Swara r in a pool of blood they are unconscious
Sanky: come down …
Lucky’s phone rings. He sees Aman’s name.
Lucky: Sanky u go nw ..i’ll come after bath.
Sanky: ok…but fast ok..
Lucky: ok ok.
He closes the door and picks the call.
Lucky: hlo Aman tell.
Unknwn voice: Hlo its frm police station.
Lucky: police!!
Police: yes.
Lucky: Sir what did Aman do?
Police: So is Aman his name?
Lucky: sir what r u talking abt?
Police: See there ws an accident and we found this phone frm there. There were 2 people a man and a lady they r admitted in the city hospital.We checked his phone and his last call ws to u so we called u.
Lucky: Aman ka accident ho gaya…

Police: yes pls u inform their family.
Lucky: Aman..ka accident?
Lucky calls Aranav
Lucky: hlo Arnav bhai.
But it ws Uttara who picked the call.
Uttara: Lucky Arnav is downstairs. What happen?
Lucky: di woh…
Uttara: Lucky u r tensed ..what happen?
Lucky: di Aman had an accident and he is admitted in the city hospital.
Uttara: what?
Lucky: haan di pls inform aunty and uncle.
Uttara(still in the shock): i’ll..

Lucky comes down and inform the maheshwaris abt the accident the leave to the hospital.
Sanskar: Lucky did u inform aunty and uncle?
Lucky:yes i called Uttara di ..
Sanskar: come den Lucky lets go..
Lucky: Sanky Aman ws not alone wen the accident happened.
Sanskar: Who ws with him Ragini?
Lucky: no Swara.

Sanskar: what Swara?
Lucky: haan Sanky so we will go to her place and inform her family.
Sankar and Lucky leaves to Baadi.
Aman’s family reaches the hospital.
Arnav is holding Avanthika.
Aarav to the receptionist: Mam ma son Aman..
Receptionist checks….: sry sir their is no Aman admitted..
Uttara: mam we r talking abt the patient which ws brought here by the police.
Receptionist: the accident case?
Aarav: yes..
Receptionist: the man is in ICU and The lady is shifted to normal ward.
Aarav : lady?
Lucky and Sanskar reach Baadi.
Sanskar goes inside.
Sanskar informs Shekhar and Mishti.
Mishti faints.
Shekhar helps her.
Shekhar Mishti Dadi and Dada goes with Sanskar and Lucky to the hospital.
Uttara sees Swara. Swara comes and hugs her.
Uttara: so the girl ws u?
Swara nodes.
Uttara: u r ok na.
Swara crys hard.
She sees Aman’s family outside the ICU. They r crying hard…
Swara comes and hugs Avanthika.
Avanthika: beta hw did all this happened?
Swara crys..
Dr. Comes out.
Avanthika: Dr. My son he will b ok na.
Dr.: he is in critical condition….we cant say anything nw.
Avanthika crys…
Aarav: hs anyone informed Ragini?
Maheshwaris and Swara’s family reach the hospital.
Swara sees them and run towards them.
Shekhar and Mishti hugs her.
Mishti; thank god u r ok.
Ragini calls Aman. But it is saying that the phone is switched off.

In Riku’s room.
Muku: what happened Rithwik ? u r looking worried.
Riku: Muku Aman had an accident.
Muku: what?..but hw
Riku: i don’t knw ..nw only Adrash bhai called me.
Muku: we have tell Ragu na.
Riku: i don’t knw …i cant see her lyk this…
Muku: we have to tell her anyway no..
Riku: lets bring her to the hospital i cant tell her this..
Muku: but….
Riku goes to Ragini’s room.
Riku:Ragu get ready we hv to go to one place.
Ragini: which place bhaiyu.
Riku:i’ll tell ..nw come.

Ragini: ho surprise huh?
Riku asks Rathore also to come. They leave to hospital.
They reach hospital.
Rathore: Riku hospital ?
They goes inside.
Ragini ses Aman’s family there. But Aman is not there.
Ragini: where is Aman?
Arnav holds her and shows Aman who is inside the ICU.
Ragini faints. Rathore comes and helps her.
She regain her consciousness.
Ragini crys vigourisly.
Dr.: patients condition is very critical his chances of survival is really less ..but nw he has consciousness and he wants to meet everyone.
They all goes inside the ICU(don’t wrry guys its a BIG room)
Avanthika and Ragini crys.
Aman smilies: i’ll not survive isn’t.
Ragini: no its not lyk tht.
Aman: Ragu baby don’t say tht.
She hugs him.

Aman: mom Ammu wants Ragini to marry…
Ragini: shut up ..Aman
Aman: Ragini its my last wish wont u fulfil it?…so mom i want Ragini to marry Sanskar..
All r shocked. Swara is shattered hearing this…she runs outside the room.
Laksh also comes out.
She goes infront of the Ganesh idol kept there.
Swara: why god y all these happenes to me.
Lucky: Swara i am sry.
Swara hugs him and cries.
Lucky: Swara u don’t have to cry anymore..telling this he takes sindoor frm the ganesh idol and applies sindoor on Swara’s hairline

Precap:Flashback(it will b revealed y Aman suggested Sanskar’s name)

Sry guys if i hurt anyone…..sry RagLak SwaSan and RagMan fans..The pairs r SwaLak and RagSan

Credit to: Sarika Shah

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