Swaragini-Zehnaseeb (My Fate) Episode 15

Guys next episode will b a mahaepisode…nd ill reveal the pairs the triangle love stories and everything… 🙂
Recap: Happy moments…..
Bachelor party.
Everyone r enjoying their maximum.
Riku: yaar i am going home if i get late den..biwi naraaz hongi.
Aman: jaao..
Aman drinks…..Lucky also drinks.
Aman: Swaru ull not drink?
Swara also drinks..
Sanskar: nw stop it guys….tum sabko chad gayi hain.
But they drink more… Lucky falls on the ground.

Aman: (not in his senses) oh bhaiya ko kya hua?
(Actually they r partying in a house..which belongs to Aman’s family.it is far away frm SH..his family is in SH..and his brother is not attenting Aman’s bachelor party as Uttara is pregnant and he is in SH taking care of her.)
Sanskar: Lucky bhai get up..
He helps Lucky to stand up..
(Adarsh is also not attenting the party as he is with DP for a meeting)
Sanskar: Swara stop drinking…nw hw will u go home.
Swara: i’m staying in Riku’s place…
Sanskar: den y didn’t u go wit him?
Swara(not in her senses): Abhi toh party shuru hui hain…
Sanskar: Aman I am going..Lucky ne bahut pe rakhi hain.
Aman: ok bhabhi ..take care bhai.
Sanskar: Bhabhi?…Swara u also come i’ll drop u…
Swara: dadi where r u going?..temple huh?..wen will u come after3 hr?….6 hrs…or more..she laughs.

Sanskar: chalo Swara. And holds her hand.
Swara: baba ee dadi is troubling me….
Aman: Who is troubling Ragini?
He sees Sanskar.
Aman: Bhaiya..y r u troubling Ragini..becoz she is cute huh?
Swara hugs Aman.
Sanskar smiles.
Swara: i am not coming wit u dadi….
Sanskar: ok i am going i’ll call Riku and tell abt ur condition ok…
Swara and Aman: oh..kk
Sanskar leaves with Lucky.
Riki: Muku yaar lets go and sleep come i’m very tired.
Ragini: bhaiyu u r tired not bhabhi u go and sleep.
Muku smiles.
Riku: u will understand it after ur maariage.
Riku takes Muku with him.
Ragini calls Aman. But he doesn’t take his phone.
Riku comes to Ragini’s room
Riku: Ragu don’t call Aman actually they enjoying no..
Ragini keeps an angry face and Riku goes.
Ragini(in mind): some days more Aman den u’ll be mine forever. I love u Aman.
She turns of the light and sleeps.
Dadi comes home late.
Shekhar: maa where were u?
Dadi: in temple.
Shekhar: this late?
Dadi: haan there ws a special pooja.
Dadi gives them Prasad.

Dadi: where is Swara?
Dada: She is not here.
Dadi: where is she den?
Mishti: maa woh its her friends marriage one week later soo.
Dadi: soo what Shamishta?
Shekhar: and they r organising sm party so she will b staying with her friend today.
Dadi: Full ni8 party?
Shekhar: no ..not full ni8.
Dadi: she will b in her knee length dress ri8.
Dada: no she went wearing a salwar only…
Dadi: when she come back tell her after her friends marriage its her turn to get married.
Shekhar: maa
Dadi: Shekhar i wont let her marry tomorrow …nw go and sleep.
Everyone goes to their rooms.
Aman and Swara drinks more……
All the people expect Swara and Aman hv gone.
Aman and Swara completly losses their sense.
Aman looks at Swara He feels that it is Ragini. He comes forward and touch her face.
Swara thinks it is Sanskar…and hugs him.
Aman: i love u…
Swara: wat u love me …..i ws waiting to hear dis frm u..i love u too.
Aman picks Swara up ..and goes to his room.
Meanwhile Sanskar manages to get in the house with Lucky safely…
He calls Riku.
Riku picks up his phone but was sleepy.
Riku: wat happened?
Sanskar: did u pick Swara?
Riku: why should i pick her she will come.
Sanskar hears she came.
So he disconnects the call and sleeps.
Precap: Tragedy…..Finally the pairs will b revealed

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