Swaragini-Zehnaseeb (My Fate) Episode 14


Recap: Riku’s marriage.
3 Weeks later
Mukta: Papa ji aapki chai.
Rathore: Thank u beta. Where is Riku?
Muku: He is getting ready.
Ragini: No papa bhabhi is lying when i went to bhaiyu’s room he ws sleeping..
Muku: woh..
Ragini: what bhabhi????
Rathore: muku go and tell me to come fast its already 8.
Muku leaves.
Rathore: Princess come here.
Ragini goes and sit beside Rathore.
Rathore: what happen papa?

Rathore: princess after 1 week u’ll go frm here..
Ragini: jana toh padenga Papa..
Rathore: princess cant we make him ghar jamai.
Rathore and Ragini laughs.
Riku comes down.
Riku Rathore Muku and Ragini leaves…
Rathore: Princess ur collage hs come.
She goes.
RagMan RikMuk and SwaSanLak ….
Aman: hi bhabhi.
Mukta: Hi Aman.
SanLak: hi bhabhi.
Mukta: Hi SanLak.
Swara hugs Mukta and she hugs her back.
Swara: com on yaar lets go and have some fun.
Riku:yh lets go.
Riku and Sanskar comes with their cars.
In Sankar’s car
Sanskar is sitting in the driver’s seat. Aman beside him an Ragini at the back seat.
In Riku’s car.
Riku is driving the car Muku beside him and SwaLak at the back seat.
Swara: Guys i think i should join Ragini..
Muku: oh Swara cant u stay away one Sanskar one even 1 day?
They all laughs.
Swara: ok …i’ll come wit u.

Riku: so where shall we go?
Muku: ice cream.
Swara: thts a good idea lets go to Melt & Lick ice cream parlour.
Laksh: Com on lets go Rithwik..
They goes.
Sanskar follows Riku’s car.
They reaches Melt &Lick ice cream parlour.
RikMuk and SwaLak enters the parlour.
Sanskar parks the car and they come out.
Ragini sees a man selling ice golas on the street.
Aman: Ragini Sanskar lets go.
Ragini: no..lets hv ice golas.
Aman: what ice golas?….
Ragini(lyk a small kid): pls pls pls…come na.
Aman: u’ll eat golas?..wat abt ice creams..?
Ragini holds Sanskar’s hand and pull him to the ice gola seller.
Aman comes beind her.
Ragini: bhaiya give us 3 golas..2 red ones and one yellow.
Ragini gives yellow to Aman. She and Sanskar take red..
Aman: Ragini its not healthy i am telling u.

Ragini snatches his gola.
Ragini: den u don’t eat..but me and Sanskar wil eat.
Just den Aman’s mobile rings.
Aman: its Rithwik.
Ragini gets tensed.
Aman picks up the call.
Riku: Aman where r u guys?
Aman: woh actuall y hum…..ha Ragini sw her friend here so they r chit chatting…we will come soon u guys order smthing for us.
He disconnects the call.
Ragini hugs him gives him his gola.
Ragini: Aman wen we were young Me papa Sanskar DP uncle and Adarsh bhaiya used to hv golas secretly. Mom never allowed us to hv golas. But papa used to tk me secrectly….just becoz mom asked us to stop eating golas bhaiyu stopped..but me and papa never.
Tears comes on her eyes. Aman hugs her.
Ragini: Aman i miss mom very much…
They finish eating gola and come inside the parlour.
Seeing colour in their dresses Riku understood everything.
Riku: Ragini gola kaisa tha.
Ragini: bahut ach……she realises what she ws going to say.
Ragini: did u say gola bhaiyu?…i didn’t hv any gola…
He looks at her..
Ragini: lo ice cream aa gaya…..

They have ice creams…..
Aman: guys after week its our marriage ..he side hugs Ragini.
Muku: we knw that Aman…and smilies.
Aman: So u all invited to ma bachelor party.
Ragini: am i invited?
Aman: sry darling…u and bhabhi r not invited but Swara u can come.
Muku:oh Ragini don’t wrry let dem enjoy their bachelor party we will also hv a party tht day….
Muku msgs smone…after smtym Muku gets a call.
Muku: haan Melt and Lick ice cream parlour only ..yah we r coming..just a min.
Muku: Ragini com on lets go..we hv lot of work to do let them plan their Bachelor party..
Ragini: ok bhabhi..
Riku: so u guys r going huh?
Muku: yes we r going with a handsome man…and u all r NOT invited.
They go outside.
Riku(in mind): handsome man?…who can b more handsome than me?..
A car and stops They see Rathore in it.
Riku: papa!

Rathore: kyun?….so u all were troubling ma daughters huh?..nw see we r going to enjoy..dont disturb ..ok…so can we princesses?
Ragini and Muku: Yes papa.
They leaves.

Rathore Ragini and Muku does shopping ..and hv fun….
Precap: Bachelor party…tragedy…..

Guys frm nxt episode the story will not be the same….i don’t knw hw many of u will lyk it…… hoping 4 ur responce

Credit to: Sarika Shah

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  1. Dudee…..
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  4. areyy yaar how much of suspense just break it na i can’t wait to know what is the upcmng tragedy plzzz make it soon

    1. Thanx Naimi :)…..u’ll knw it soon..

  5. Is someone going to die
    Plzz dont kill rathod or riku

    1. Dont wrry Sindhu di Rathore and Riku will not die… 🙂

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  9. Pairs????

    1. i will reveal the pairs 2morow ?

  10. What are the pairs if it is swasan ragman murik than show some romance between them plz?????

    1. yh their will b romance Alisha?

  11. I think aman will die

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  12. Tragedy noway

    1. ?

  13. Awesome…..vry big fan of ur ff

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  14. nyc…..i think sanskar likes ragini…..its juz a guess…..

    but episode was awesome

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