Swaragini-Zehnaseeb (My Fate) Episode 13


Hi everyone i hope u all r enjoying ma ff..love u all
Happy holi once again
Recap: Riku’s and RagMan’s marraige date get fixed.

Aman: baby today u r looking awesome
Ragini is wearinig a pink lehanga with matching accecaries.
Ragini: what happen? Aaj bada pyaar aa raha hain.
Aman holds her by her waist.
Ragini: Aman what r u doing. What if smone sees us?
Aman: what will they think..they will think hw much cute i am .
Ragini: acha..nw leave me.
Riku: Ragu ..
Ragini: coming bhaiyu.
Aman holds her more ti8.
Ragini: Aman pls..
Lucky comes upstairs and sees them.
Lucky: Aman Ragini upls wait for some more days after tht u can do all these.
Aman leaves Ragini they all went down.
Its Riku’s Haldi ceremony.
Riku sits in a white paijama.
Ragini applies haldi on him 1st den Rathore and then the rest.
The haldi function gets over.

Its evening.
Ragini: papa we r leaving.
Rathore: ok Princess take care.
She leaves with some of her friends Riku’s friends and Swara(only girls)
They reach Mehra house.
The mehandi ceremony starts.
Mukta is wearing a white and pink mix saree. Ragini in yellow orange lehanga and Swara in yellow lehanga.
They enjoy..Then Ragini’s phone rings.
Ragini: hlo…
Riku: Ragu ple mere use baat karao na.
Ragini: bhaiyu abhi?..no not possible.
Riku: pls pls don’t say tht pls do smthing.
Ragini: ok but 4 last tym ok.
Riku: ok i love u Ragu.
Ragini goes to Mukta.
Ragini: bhabhi bhaiyu wants to tlk to u.
She holds the phone and keep it on Mukta’s ear.

Mukta: Rithwik ji…
Riku: u r looking really beautiful today.
Mukta: but u hv’nt seen me na..
Riku: without seeing also i can tell…I love u Mukta.
Mukta: Same to u.
Riku; Same to u?..i didn’t wish u..com on tell me i love u ..fast
Mukta: Everyone is here hw can i say?
Riku: Pls tell…
Mukta gets worried. Ragini ask her what happened through actions. She tells her ..
Ragini takes the phone and goes to a corner.
Ragini: I love u Rithwik ji.
Riku: What happen to ur voice?..
Ragini: abb apka ho gaya hain na…
Riku: Ragu u?
Ragini: aap bhabhi ko kyu pareshaan kar rahi ho?
Riku: acha baba sry…
Ragini disconnects the call.

The nxt day.
Rathore and Ragini r busy giving instructions to the decoraters.
Aman’s family, Maheshwaries r also there.
Rathore comes to Riku’s room.
Riku is sitting on the bed he has tears in his eyes.
Rathore: Prince don’t wrry after marriage she is going to come here u r not going to go there…dont cry..
Riku: papa..
Rathore: what happen?
Riku: i am missing mom…
Rathore hugs him. Ragini also comes there..The trio hugs….
Ragini: chalo bhaiyu its tym.
Rathore and Ragini goes out.
Riku come out in wedding attire.
Ragini appiles kala tika….
Rathore: baraath r we ready?
All: yes….
Rathore and Ragini together does Riku’s aarthi.
Rathore goes near Janki’s photo.
Rathore: today is our son’s marriage..he is missing u…
A hospital is shown a lady is lying on the bed…only her eyes is shown a drop of tear comes out from he eyes.
The baraath reach Mehra House.
Riku’s marriage rituals start.
Ragini is wearing a royal blue lehanga with golden and red work..and rathore is weaing a black formal suit. After some tym Swara reaches there.
Ragini: uncle nahi aaye?
Swara: no baba have some work so..he could come.
Swara ans SanLak r wearing yellow colour dress. Swara in Yellow anarkali and SanLak in yellow kurta. Aman is wearing black kurta
Mukta comes and sit on the mandap.They do pheras ..Riku ties mangalsutra around her neck and applies sindoor on her hairline. Everyone claps.
Aman hits Raggini with his shoulder. Ragini blushes.
Mukta’s bidaai everyone cries.
Ragini and Rathore does Riku and Mukta’s aarthi
Mukta does her griha pravesh.
Ragini brings a bowl with milk and drop a ring in it.
Riku and Muku(Mukta) searches 4 the ring. Their hands touch. They look at each other. Muku searches for the ring. Riku intensionally tounches her hand…Atlast Riku finds the ring..Everyone claps. Ragini takes Muku to Riku’s room.
After some tym Riku comes to his room…He finds Ragini there.
Riku: Ragu move..
Ragini: Shagun..bhaiyu..
Riku(irritated): acha wat u want?
Ragini: its very expensive….
Riku takes his wallet out .
Ragini stops him.
Ragini: bhaiyu i want ur love..its expensive no..
Riku hugs her…
Ragini moves and Riku goes to his room.
Rathore,Maheshwaries and Signha’s are discussing abt RagMan marriage.
Uttara comes to them. She goes to Arnav and tell smthing in his ears.
He gets really haapy and pick her up.
Whole family is shocked.
Aarav: Arnav what r u doing?
Arnav slowly places Uttara down.
Arnav: Papa, mom i am going to become a father…
The whole family gets happy…everyone blesses Uttara.
Aman goes upstairs. He sees Ragini coming He catches her hand and pulls her into her room.
They have a eye lock
Mere naina khafir ho gaye plays……….
Riku: Mukta i love u.
Mukta: i love u too.
They hug the light turns off and the scene shifts to the moon.

Precap: Some unexpected events happen….which change RagMan’s and SwaSanLak’s life forever.

Credit to: Sarika Shah

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  4. Is janki alive?Lady in hospital scene.

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