Swaragini-Zehnaseeb (My Fate) Episode 12


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Recap: RagMan coffession
Swara and Sankar reach baadi.
Sanskar: Swara its really late what will u tell to ur family.
Swara: don’t wrry Sanky i informed dem tht i hv to complete a project and i’ll come home late.
Sankar drops her.
Swara: Sanky today it ws gud.
Sanskar smiles.
Swara(in mind): I knw Sanskar u love me a lot.
Aman enters everyone claps
Avanthika: Ammu….
Aman: Yes mom..
Avanthika: Ab no gussa?
Uttara: kaisi gussa mom?….smone is in love.
Aman: Bhabhi…
2 men climb come to him.
Aman looks happy seeing them.
Aman: Papa Bhaiya u both came back?
It ws Aman’s father and elder brother.
(Aarav Singha’s intro: business man. Treats his children as friends. Family man)
(Arnav Singha’s intro: Business man caring and sweet nature loves his family a lot. Arnav’s character is played by Gautam Rode).
Aarav: Toh tum meri bahu kab laa rahi ho?
Arnav: Oh papa look he is blushing….
Uttara and Avanthika also join in teasing Aman.
Sanskar parks the car and comes inside.
He opens the door slowly. And sees AP and Sujatha Standing with Laksh.
Laksh smiles….
AP: Sanskar where were u?
Laksh: apne GF ke saath ghoom raha tha.
AP Sujatha and Sanky gets shocked.
Laksh: Just joking maa. Woh maa hum ek project karna tha bcoz of tht he got late. He is in Swara’s team.

AP: haan tabhi toh..chalo Sanskar lets hv dinner.
Sujatha: Really Sanskar den hw come Laksh is at home?
Sanskar: Maa woh he is in Rithwik’s team. And bechara Riku is doing his project all alone.
AP: Laksh what is this?
Laksh(in mind): Acha …i ws trying to rescue u …knw tumne mujhe problem mein fasa liya.
Laksh: maa he is lying.
Sujatha: Dont lie Sanskar. I knw Laksh never lies….
AP: oh aaya bade sach bolne wala. Laksh u should learn smthing frm Sanskar.
Sujatha: jiji …acha bahut ho gaya bahas…come Laksh ill serve u.
Laksh: haan chachi.
They hv dinner
After dinner they go to their rooms.

Sanky: sry bhai..
Lucky: chal its ok. Tell where all did u people go?
Sanskar: ice cream khaya den we went to the beach.
Lucky: today u guys missed one big thing…
Sanky: kya?
Lucky calls Swara
And tells Sanky and Swara abt RagMan.
Swara:..oh so missed it but its ok i’ll get Aman tomorrow.
Sanskar: Lucky i am feeling sleepy i am going to ma room. Gud ni8.
Lucky: gud ni8.
Leap 5months…
Swara SanLak Riku and Aman hv completed their studies…
SanLak Aman and Riku joined their family business. Swara is doing her designer course. Ragini is doing her 2nd year in the same collage.

Rathore: Rithwik…where r u?
Ragini: Bhaiyu a baa bhi jao.
Riku: oh stop it both of u..
3 of them leave in the car.
Rathore is driving Ragini is sitting beside him and Riku at the back seat
Ragini: papa smone is blushing.
Riku: oye stop it Ragu.
They reach a mansion the name plate shows “Mehra’s”
They park the car Rathore and Ragini come out.
Rathore: oo will u come out or u r gonna sit here itself.
Rathore and Ragini teases him finally he comes out.
Rathore presses the door bell. A man in 50s come and open the door.
Man: oh Rathore saab we were waiting for u.
Rathore: Sry we r late Mehra saab.
A lady also comes there.
Lady: Namaste everyone come inside.
(The man is Manan Mehra and the lady is his wife Karishma Mehra)
Ragini and Riku comes inside and takes blessing frm both of dem . They blesses them.
Karishma: pls sit everyone. I’ll call Mukta.
Karishma goes upstairs Rathore and Manan tlks abt business. Riku looks up the stairs. Just then Ragini’s phone rings.
Ragini: Hlo ..
Aman and Lucky: Hi…so hw is our honewali bhabhi?
Ragini: she hv not yet come.
Lucky: bhaag gaya honga.
They all smile. Riku snatches her phone.
Riku: Kamino stop pulling ma leg.
Ragini takes her phone back.
Ragini: Guys smone is looking so red red.
Riku: Ragu u too.
Karishma comes with Mukta
(Mukhta Mehra’s intro: played by Sreejith De.Kind hearted. Sanskari girl)
Mukta is wearing a blue saree with a gold border.
Riku is mesmerised seeing her

Mukta is also mesmerised seeing him.
Karishma brings her down and make her nxt to Riku.
Rathore: Badi pyaari bachi hain aapki Mehra saab.
Manan smiles.
Ragini papa we will all go outside let them talk.
All agrees and goes out.
Riku: Hi i am Rithwik Raghuvendra Pradap Rathore.
Mukta: I am Mukta Mehra.
Riku: so what r u doing.
Mukta: i hv completed studies and i am doing interior designing course.
Riku: thts gud. I am helping papa in business.
Riku: so do u lyk me?
Mukta nodes her head in yes.
Mukta: Do u lyk me?
Riku: yes….
Everyone comes inside clapping hands.
Manan: Rathore saab its yes frm our side.
Ragini: Uncle its yes frm our side too ..look at Bhaiyu he is blushing…
Karishma: i’ll call Pandit ji and come.
After some tym.
Karishma: Pandit ji gave 2 weeks later date.
Rathore: tht means we hv to rush ..ri8.
Manan: yes Rathore saab.
They hug.
Ragini on phone.
Ragini: Aman so the wedding is after 2 weeks.
Aman: 2 weeks such a short tym.

Ragini: Haan so wat?
Both of dem becomes silent.
Aman(happily): After tht we will get married …..Ragu.
Ragini(Happily): Yes i am so exicted .
Aman: Baby Bye i’ll call u later ok..
Ragini: bye Aman Gud ni8.
Aman: Gud ni8 princess.
Aman: mom
Avanthika: what happened?
Aman: mom Rithwik ki shadi pakki ho gayi.
Avathika: oh really. Thts a gud news.
Aman: Their marriage will tk place in 2 weeks.
Aarav: haan Rathore ji ne abhi phone kiya tha.
Avanthika: Ji so we have to go to their place and decide abt Ragini and Aman’s marriage ri8
Aarav: infact we were talking abt it. And he said we can come on any day.
Arnav: Papa then go tomorrow itself.
Aman smiles.
Uttara: Arnav dekho Devar ji is blushing.
They all smile.
The nxt
Singha’s come to RM.
Rathore: oh Aarav ji.
Aarav: Namaste Rathore ji.
Rathore: Namaste..come in.
Riku sees Aman and family..he runs upstairs.
Riku: Ragu get ready fast Aman is here..with his family.
Ragini: what!.. i’ll get ready fast.
Aman’s family comes inside
Uttara: uncle where is Ragini?
Rathore: she is upstairs.

Aman: where is Rithwik uncle?
Rathore: He is also upstairs…Riku……Princess come down.
Riku comes with Ragini.
Ragini is wearing a pink golden royal anarkali suit.
Aman is mesmerised seeing her.
Avanthika comes and put kala tika behind her ear.
Avanthika: Tumhe kisi ka nazar na lage.
Ragini sits near Rathore.
They talk abt Ragini and Aman’s marriage.
Aarav: So we will hv the marriage 1 month after Rithwik’s marriage.
They all gets happy

Precap: Riku’s marriage. Good news frm Uttara.

Credit to: Sarika Shah

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