Swaragini-Zehnaseeb (My Fate) Episode 11


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Recap: RagRik and SanLak meets Shekhar.
Aman: Leave me Lucky.
Lucky: No ..u come.
Aman: Just leave me Lucky. He will tell her everything.
Lucky: Tell her what?
Aman: That I love her.
Lucky: ohooo…..smone is in love.
Aman: Lucky yaar pls nw leave me.
Lucky: don’t wrry he will not tell her..instead u r going to
Aman(confusingly): I am gonna tell her what?
Lucky: Stupid…..u will confess it to her.
Aman: R u gone mad or what Lucky?..she will kill me.

Lucky: Bro thats what Rithwik wants.
Aman: WHAT!!!.
Sanskar: Swara y did u bring me here?
Swara: Actually i wanted to give them some privacy.
Sanskar: Oh nw they will think tht we came from there to spend tym nw they will make more stories on us.
Swara: Let them ..
They smile.
Swara: Sanskar i am feeling really bored can we go out?
Sanky: Swara what abt classes?
Swara: BUNK!!
Sanky: Swara…

Swara: last tym pls chalo na.
Sanky: ok but this is the last tym.
They smile.
Sanskar: come i’ll get ma car.
Swara: ok
They leaves in Sanskar car…
Ragini: kya hua Bhaiyu?
Riku: Nothing woh u r getting late 4 ur class thts y. Go to ur class.
Ragini: Bhaiyu u r behaving differently. Anyways bye bhaiyu.
Riku: bye Ragu..

Shekhar is still thing abt Ragini.

Mishti: Shekhar wat r u thinking?
Shekhar: Mishti today in Swaru’s collage i met her friend. And i feel i knw her….i don’t knw its a strange feeling.
Mishti: com on Shekhar… u might hv seen her smwhere. Nw get up and go to work.
Shekhar leaves.
Swara: Sanky stop here .
Sanskar stops the car.
Swara: haan we will hv ice cream. Its ma fav ice cream parlour.
Sanskar: Ok u go inside i’ll park the car and come.
Swara goes inside the parlour.
Sanskar parks the car den his phone rings. He takes his phone.
Laksh’s name flashes on the phone screen.
Sanskar takes the call
Laksh: Sanskar …bhai kaha ho?

Sanskar: Melt and Lick ice cream parlour mein.
Lucky: when did u start bunking class 4 an ice cream? And it is Swara’s fav ice cream parlour na…..chakkar kya hain bhai?
Sanskar: hw do u knw tht is her fav ice cream parlour? Even her so called boyfriend doesn’t knw it….well she is also wit me.
Lucky: oh..sry u both continue their romance bye…
He disconnects the call.
Sanskar goes inside the parlour. He sees Swara and goes to her. They sit facing each other.

Aman: Rithwik yaar.
Riku: no yaar vaar u hv to confess it today itself.
Lucky: Haan Aman.
Aman: but hw?…

Lucky: u don’t wrry abt it
Riku: Yh ….
Lucky: so 1st step avoid her for today.
Aman: What ?….no never.
Riku: Com on yaar..
Aman: pls yaar
Lucky and Riku together: NO
Aman: ok….
Sanskar and Swara r having ice creams. Sanskar pays the bil.
Sanskar: So wat nxt Swara? Wapas chale?
Swara: no Sanky…lets go to the beach.
Sanky: i am tired.
Swara makes apuppy face.
Sanky: ok 4 u.
Swara ws really happy.
They get into the car.


Its lunch tym.
Ragini: Bhaiyu..
Riku(to Aman): Stick to the plan ok.
Aman nodes his head.
Lucky: Hi Ragini.
Riku: Hi Ragu. Aman tum Ragini ko greet nahi karonge?
Aman: oh hi bachi.
Ragini Smiles
Ragini: baaki log kaha hain?
Lucky: they went outside. They r GF BF na.
She comes and sits in between Lucky and Aman
Aman smilies Riku looks at him angrily.
Aman sees it. So he stands up.
Aman: Lucky Rithwik i hv some work bye..
Ragini: but its lunch tym.
Aman ignores her.
Lucky: oo Ragini is he ignoring u?
Riku: if its lyk tht den uska khair nahi.
Ragini: its ok lets hv fud.
They hv fud. But Ragini luks moody

They all go back to their class.
SwaSan reach beach.
Swara: wow its so nice Sanskar.
She plays in the waves.
Sanskar sits on the sand.
Swara: Sanskar come on na.
Sanskar: no..
Swara comes and pushes him to water. They play in the waves by splashing water on each other.
The sun sets…..

Lucky: yaar Riku can u drop me? Woh Sanky has not come yet.
Riku: oh y not get in.
Ragini drives Riku sits beside and Lucky at backseat.
Ragini is still upset.
They reach MM.
Lucky: com on guys Meet mom and go.
Ragini and Riku comes out . Suddenly Ragini’s phone rings and she checks it. It ws a msg frm Aman…….Meet me at the park nw.
Ragini reads it.
Lucky Ragini come in.

Ragini: Lucky bhaiyu i hv to go sm important work.
Riku: What work Ragu tht too this late?
Ragini: haan bye pls u manage. Lucky i’ll come on another day.
She leaves
Lucky and Riku hifis each other.
Riku calls Rathore and informs everything. Rathore gets happy.
Ragini reach there.
She sees the place beautifully decorated.
She sees a man standing there. She taps his shoulders. The man turns around and tht is Aman.
Ragini: Aman!
Ragini: y did u call me here?(fake anger)
Aman keeps his finger on her lips.
Ragini is shocked.
Aman: Ragini Raghuvendra Pradap Rathore the beautiful girl i have ever seen….will u be mine forever?

Ragini stands there still shocked. But didn’t sat anything.
Aman(sadly): Ragini don’t u love me?
Ragini eyes him. Coz his finger is still on Ragini’s lips.
Aman: oh sry.
And moves his finger.
He sits on his knees
Aman: Ragini Raghuvendra Pradap Rathore r u ready to b Mrs.Aman Singha?
Ragini: Yes stupid
She sits and hugs him he also hugs her.
Suddenly she hears claps…..
Rathore Riku and Lucky comes outside.(They were hiding behind the bush)
Ragini and Aman stands up. Ragini blushes.
Rathore and Riku comes and hugs her.
Lucky: Amna yaar congrats ..party chahiye ok.
Aman smiles.
Aman: Mr.Rathore can i keep ur daughter forever. I promise i’ll keep hewr lyk a princess.
Rathore: In tht case its ok….Rathore hugs Aman and Ragini.
Aman: Ragini ….he forwards a ring..Ragini extends her hand he makes her wear it…..
Scene freezes on the happy faces of all…….

Recap:Ragini and Aman decides to get married.

Credit to: Sarika Shah

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