Swaragini-Zehnaseeb (My Fate) Episode 10


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Recap: RagMan moments..

SanLak and Aman reach collage.
Sanskar: Aman di came?
Aman: haan guys
Aman:Swara nahi aayi.
SanLak luk at each other.
Swara comes with Shekhar.
Aman: Sanskar look Swara is coming with her dad..mayb for talking abt ur marriage.
Laksh: Yup..See she is looking more and more behanji each day.
(Swara always wear salwars only on parties she wear smthing different. But Ragini is not lyk tht she wears both western and Indian cloths)
Aman and Laksh laughs.
Sanskar: Shut up both of u.
Swara sees dem and goes Shekhar is coming behind her. Suddenly a car comes . and it ws abt to hit Shekhar but it stops..
Swara comes running.
Swara: Baba r u ok?
Shekhar: I am 5n Swaru.
Swara Goes to the driver seat
(angrily): U don’t u hv eyes.
Suddenly Ragini and Riku comes out frm the car. Ragini ws the one who ws driving.
Ragini: Uncle r u ok apko lagi toh nahi.
Swara: Ragini if u don’t know hw to drive den pls don’t drive.
Ragini ignores her.
Swara: Today u almost….

She ws cut by Riku.
Riku: Shut up Swara. It ws not Ragu’s fault.
Shekhar: Haan Swaru. Its ma fault. I ws blindly walking.
Shekhar keeps his hand on Ragini’s head.He feels smthing but ignores.
Shekhar: Thank u beta…and sry too.
Ragini: Its ok uncle.
Swara: Sry Riku.
Riku: Dont say sry to me tell it to Ragu.
Swara goes to Ragini
Ragini: its ok u don’t have to say sry Swara Di…
Everyone starts laughing.
Swara: Very Funny…papa dis is Riku and his his sister. U hav’nt met dem ri8.
RagRik: Hi uncle.
Swara: papa he is Laksh and tht is Sanskar.
SanLak: Hi uncle.
Sekhar: hi..beta.
Swara: And that is Aman u knw him already na.
Shekhar: of course i know.
Aman: Hi Uncle.
Aman(audiable to SanLak): Sankyu r sasur is really cool.
Sanky: Aman tere bartha banao?
Shekhar: Swaru nw i hv to go.
Laksh: uncle by way y did u come?
Shekhar: Swaru wanted me to meet u all thts y.
Swara: ok baba.
Shekhar goes to his scooty nd tries to start it but it does not start.
Swar: wat happen baba?
Shekhar: i don’t know yeh start nahi ho raha.
Don’t wrry i’ll get an auto.

Ragini: its ok uncle i’ll drop u.
Shekhar: no beta its ok.
Riku: its not ok uncle chalo i’ll drop u.
Ragini: its ok Bhaiyu i’ll drop uncle.
Shekhar and Ragini leave.
All goes to their class.
In the car.
Shekhar: so whats’s ur father doing?
Ragini: he is a businessman. Raghuvendra Pradap Rathore.
Shekhar: oh..nd ur mother?
Ragini: She left us 5 yrs ago.
Shekhar: left u?
Ragini: yh she died in Kolkata bomb blast.
Shekhar: oh sry beta.
Ragini: its ok uncle.

Aman is restless….
Aman: Riku, Ragini has not come back till nw.
Riku: com on yaar she went nw only.
Aman: Call her and see na pls.
Riku: Aman she never attends any call while driving.
Sanky: Gud girl so she is not lyk u Riku.
Riku: acha..abb main banathi hun bartha.

@ baadi
Shekhar: bas yehi.
Ragini stops the car.
Shekhar: Thanx beta.
Ragini: its ok uncle..chalthi hun..bye. sabko meri taraf se hi bolna.
Shekhar: okay beta.
She leaves.
Shekhar(in mind):Ragini y am i feeling tht i knw u already?….
Aman: Riku….
Riku: Aman y r u so tensed? She went to drop uncle she will b back soon.
Laksh: What happen to him?
Swara: haan till yesterday he ws making fun of her and today sudden care?
Riku: Love.
All gets shocked.
Riku: Kyun Aman?
Aman(stammers): What rubbish….
Lucky: oh ma god. That means we hv 2 couples in our group. Awesome ya..
Sanky and Swara.They an eye lock.
Ragini: Hi everyone.
Aman(very softly): Ragini where were u?
Ragini: woh traffic that thts y.
Swara: Sanky pls tum mere saath chalo kuch kaam hain.
Swara and Sanky leave.
Lucky(audible to Riku): Kaisa bhai hain tu? Tu apni bahan pe use line marne de raha hain?
Riku: Aman is a nice guy. I knw he will keep Ragu happy.
Lucky: ok den lets make him confess his love 4 Ragini.
Riku: yh..Lucky.
Aman: Ragini hw is ur leg?
Lucky: Riku nw tk Ragini frm here ok we will plan everything later.
Ragini: its ok.
Riku: Chalo Ragu i want to tell u smthing.
Riku comes and tks her.
Aman(in mind): oh ma god he will tell her tht i love her i should stop him.
But Lucky comes and grabs Aman’s arm.

Recap: SwaSan moments. Aman confesses his love to Ragini

Credit to: Sarika Shah

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