Swaragini! For You(Chapter 9)

HEY GUYS! Thank you everyone for your comments in last chappy! Ragini/Raglak fans Sorry to disappoint you all but now 2-3 chaps will be mainly of Swasan! 😀 Guys I want to share good news with all! Finally I got my first salary which is of 3000/-. I teach some small students English and last night I got my first salary!!! Yipee!!!! 🙂

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Guys r uh all guessing who is that dream girl since 2 days?? 😀 Socho socho!!! Chalo rehne do now I am revealing.

“Why don’t you convey your feelings to her?” Vinay, one of Sanskar’s friends suggested.
“But I don’t know anything about her feeling”, Sanskar said while sipping his coffee.
“ I think she likes you too”, Vinay suggested.
“Tomorrow I am going to sing in our fresher party”, Sanskar said with a smile.
“So? Dude You are changing the topic. I am saying you to propose her and you….”, said Vinay.
“I am not changing the topic”, Sanskar said with a wide smile.
“What is the connection of proposing her with singing? Wait!! Hold on! Are you serious? You are going to propose her in public?”Vinay asked being confused.
“No I am not going to propose her in public. Actually yes I am going to propose her in public but secretly. No one apart from her can understand that I am proposing her”, Sanskar said confidently.
“Best of luck”, Vinay signaled him.
Sanskar was resting on the bed and was thinking about her. She was the reason for his smile. She was the one who had filled an empty space in his heart and mind. She was the one who made him complete. He was scared for a second that his plan would not work but for his love he was willing to take a chance. After all when you love someone you should not hesitate to express it whole heartedly. The most wonderful love stories are those in which you fall in love with the most unexpected person at the most unexpected time. Before coming to Mumbai Sanskar had never expected that he would fall in love with his roommate. Sanskar’s heart and mind were shouting only one name in chorus- SWARA! He was laying on the bed trying to imagine her next to him.
Swara entered that room disturbing his chain of thoughts. Sanskar looked at her. The smile on her face transported him to a dream world and her naughty eyes made him crazy for her., with each passing second he was falling for her more and more, while Swara’s feelings were also getting stronger with each passing second. When they had met for the first time, neither of them had the clue that they would fall in love with each other. The attraction was electric and unexpected. Swara smiled while sitting on the bed beside him. Sanskar was looking at her as if he wants to say something to her.
“Do you want to say something? Asked Swara.
“No! I don’t want to say anything Shona” replied Sanskar.
But the truth was that he wanted to say a thousand of things.
“Why did you call me Shona? Only my loved ones call me Shona”, Swara said.
“Am I not your loved one?” Sanskar started flirting.
Swara finally took the hint about what was cooking in Sanskar’s mind. She had clearly picked up the hint that she very well knew the possibilities of where that conversation could take them. Being a girl she knew how guys make advances.
“Are you serious?’ Swara asked.
“What do you think?” Sanskar replied.
“I don’t know. Say what’s there in your heart”, Swara said.
“Dear! I am serious. I will tell what I want to say in front of everyone tomorrow. I hope you will not let me down”, Sanskar said.
“No! I will not let you down. You say whatever you want to say”, Swara said with a smile.
“Are you sure? Pakka nah? It will be very embarrassing if you…” before Sanskar could complete his sentence he heard Ragini calling Swara.
“Wrong time”, Sanskar said with a sad face as Swara went.
He wanted to tell her how much he admired her. He wanted to say her whenever she would be upset, he would hold her tight. He always wanted to hang out with her, pick up, tickle her and wrestle with her, hold her and run. Just hold her hand and kiss her. When she would be sad, he would stay on phone with her even if they will have nothing to say. He just wanted to look into her eyes and smile. He wanted to kiss her on her forehead. He wanted to kiss her in the rain. He wanted to tell her all these things.
“Swara how many how hours will you take to get ready? We are getting late. Come quickly”, Sanskar said while putting on his blazer.
“Ragini are you fine?’ asked a concerned Laksh.
“Yes I am fine but since last night my head is paining like anything”, said Ragini.
“Tehn you should skip going to college today. Even we have no class because of the party”, said Laksh.
Sanskar was worried because if Ragini stays in the house whole day he cannot execute his plan.
“Laksh I think you should take Ragini to a doctor”, fumbled Sanskar.
“No I have to go college today. Tomorrow I have to submit an assignment and I have not yet started it. Tonight I will stay at my friend’s hostel and complete the assignment”, Said Ragini.
“Then I will also stay in the boy’s hostel tonight. Because it is near to girl’s hostel. Incase if your health gets worse, someone should be there”, Laksh smiled.
No wonder they were BFFS. Best friends make your problems their own so you don’t have to face them alone. Laksh was always ready to support Ragini. Sanskar was happy as only he and Swara were going to stay alone tonight.
“Guys! Let’s go”, Swara said while coming out of the room.
“Swara! Something is waiting for you inside”, Said Sanskar as they entered the college.
“What?’ Asked a curious Swara.
“Just wait and watch. I am going to sing a song”, replied Sanskar.
“For who?’ swear asked.
“FOR YOU”, Sanskar replied.
“What can be exciting in a song?” asked a confused Swara.
“Now I have to go. It’s my turn” Sanskar said as he went up to the stage,.
“ So Guys! Give a big hand of applause for Sanskar Maheswari. He is going to sing a song for us”, announced the anchor.
Mujhko barsaat bana lo
Ik lammbi raat bana lo
Apne jazbaat bana lo jaana
Mujhko alfaaz bana lo
Dil ki awaaz bana lo
Gehra sa raaz bana lo jaana
Nasha hoon main behakne do
Mere qatil mujhe jeene ka haq to do
Mujhe apne sirhane pe
Thodi si jagah de do
Mujhe neend na aane ki
Koi toh wajah de do
Sanskar was continuously looking at Swara. His song was for her. She understood what he wanted to convey. She smiled as well as blushed.
“So this is what he wanted to say? Sansklar too loves me!” she muttred to herself.
Love makes you do silly things. It makes you behave like ahero even if u hate bollywood, it makes you sing even if you are the worst singer. It makes you do odd things just because your girl loves it. Her happiness lies in it. Whenever Swara was with him,he just wanted the clock to turn anticlockwise or just stop moving. She was the only perfect part of his imperfect life.
Sanskar after finishing his song came down and held her hands romantically. She had a smile on jher face.
“Do you liked my song?” Sanskar asked.
“Yes!” she replied.
“Then I will sing everyday for you”, Sanskar said coming close to her.
“No!!! I loved ur song not ur voice”, Swara teased him.
“Very funny! Now let’s go home. More surprises are waiting for you”, Sanskar said as they walked out.
“What? More surprises?’ Swara was shocked.
As the door opened, she saw the lights had been dimmed and all the curtains were shut. There were ribbons hanging on the wall and the room was filled with red and silver balloons. As she took a deep breath, she sniffed the aroma of scented candles that had been lit at different places of the house. Rose petals were scattered on the floor. Her eyes welled up with tears as she looked at him.
“ I love you very much Swara. Do you love me?’ asked Sanskar.
Swara just nodded and hugged him tight. One universe, eight planets, seven continents, three hundred countries, six billion people and still they were lucky enough to meet each other. They were the secret ingredient to each other’s happiness. When you find a special someone who means everything to yopu. you hold on to them and cherish every moment you have with them!
Hawa hoon main lipat ne do
Mere qatil mujhe jeene ka haq toh do
Mujhko barsaat bana lo
Ik lambi raat bana lo
Apne jazbaat bana lo jaana
Sanskar kissed both her eye and gently tucked behind her ears the loose strand of hairs that fell on her forehead.
Tere sang guzar jaaye
Yeh umar jo baki hai
Hasdo na zara khul ke
Kaahe ki udaasi hai
He leaned near her as if seeking her approval and she locked her lips with his. He pulled her closer.
Subah hoon main aane do
Mere qatil mujhe jeene ka haq to do
She rested her head on his chest. Sanskar embraced her and kissed her forehead.
Mujhko barsaat bana lo
Ik lambi raat bana lo
Apne jazbaat bana lo jaana
The best feeling in the world is not loving someone but to be loved by that same person!
“I am unofficially yours”, Sanskar said before they drifted of to sleep.
So guys how was the chappy? This is the biggest chappy of this ff till now! this is my fav. chappy cuz of swasan union. Shona fulfilled ur request to use Arman Mallik’s song!
Love you all forever! 😉

Credit to: JYOTII


  1. ria

    Very Cute Jyoti loved it 🙂 Thanks for swasan I hope it will not create any problem in their life

    • Jyotii

      Life is not a bed of roses! So if we have happiness then definitely we will have some problems!
      Swasan will also face problems but it is yet to see how they tackle it! 😀

  2. Woah! I knew it already waise bhi…
    But still I just loved the way u described everything..well I dont know the song..but still..
    loved it di…ummahh!
    Btw did something happen between them or nothing at night?????
    ??Raglak’s reaction!. waiting waiting

    • Jyotii

      Yes!! Uh knew the plot till this! 😀
      Well the song name is-Mujhko barsat banalo from the movie Junooniyat!
      No nothing much happened between them! It was just a start of their relationship!
      I am also waiting for raglak’s reaction! 😛

  3. swasan :*
    I was not waiting to know the dream girl…cause i knew it already…hahaha…aww..the chapy was so romantic!!

    Now i am waiting to know what ragini and laksh will think after knowing this!Ummm..don’t make them villain of swasan love

    • Jyotii

      This chappy is the proof that m a die hard swasanian!
      Well till now I had not thought to make Raglak villian but thanks for d suggestion!!!! I can use it!! 😀 😛

  4. Sanky

    I love it yaarrr. Woooww Swasan???
    The way u described everything was beyond praise????

  5. thank u so much fr swasan ….love youu. episode was awesome

    first time whn i read ur ff i thought it will be rag-san i feel uncomfortable thinkng sanskar with ragini..!!

    still there was hope fr swasan so i usd to read it

    and today u surprised me by making swasan as couple .. am tge happiest persn in the world today ..till today i was ur silent reader but today hv to comment fr mking swasan as couple

    waiting fr raglak reaction n hope they will also fall in love with each othr and plz don’t mke thm negative coz i don’t want raglak to be kabbab mein haddi in swasan’s life..!!

    once again thnk u fr swasan

    • Jyotii

      First n foremost thank uh for breaking ur silence!???
      I am a swasan fan sobI can never think about any other person with Swara or Sanskar!
      Well about Raglak! U ll get to know about it soon!
      They might fall in love with each other or might be the villian!???

  6. Mehek

    Woah aapi its awesome. They linea that u said whch Sanskar wanted to Say Swara were awesome.
    Romance queen han?????

  7. Jyotii u r reallyyyy awsom..nd such a great nd sophisticated writer…I ll suggest u to take up writting as ur profession… nd m 100% sure..that u ll definitely prove to be a good one..no..the best one..All the best fr ur future…
    Wese I have a question for u??
    Just one kiss??
    Kuch jyada nhi hua kya?? 😀
    Oye I want hard core romance in next chapie.
    Love ew noddy????

    • Jyotii

      Big ears!! Sophisticated writer n me??
      No!! Saba di is a sophisticated writer!! shez my insipirtion cuz I have started writing reading her ff-I am your’s! 😀 Well about taking writing as my profession!!! I will definitely think about it!
      Yes! That kiss was the mark of their relationship! 😉
      Love uh too!!!! 😉 😆

  8. Omg Jyotii nce again u nailed it i m just obssesed with ur ffs . I m simply waiting for ur ffs nd wen everything turns right . swasan r just made for each other . ur imagination is beyond the heights .

    • Jyotii

      Thank uh Kari! Yes! Swasan are made for each other!!!
      Swara also looks cute with kissan right?? 😆

  9. Sry fah d late cmnt….an awesum episode again. …i think i should search fah words in dictionary to cmnt ur ff…ur story line is unpredictable. ..its way too gud

  10. Anu

    Wow swasan ??
    And I live Armaan Malik’s songs too! ❤❤
    Hehe. Update soon.

    Signing off as its late night. Good night and love ya! ??

    • Jyotii

      I too like his songs but I love Arijit’s songs!!!
      I was to upload next today but TU is not accepting articles!!
      BDW m waiting for next chapy of CS!
      You commented at 1:28am! It’s just mid night!! 😛
      Me n Anju di chats sometimes till 1:40am!!! 😛
      Its not that late!!! 😀

  11. Thankew di for using Armaan’s song.
    Oh my God!!! I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed reading this saba???? u are just amazing!!! Rite from the start u kept me hooked up u know….. All the scenes were so well described….. Dil khush kardiya aapne.
    Labh u di???

    • Jyotii

      Saba? :O 😮
      Anyways no need to thanks for that song!!! 😉
      Tysm yaar!! 😉
      Luv uh to!!! 😉

  12. Its beautiful.what a writer you are. I am really enjoy ur ff. if u write only in ff are any other book, comics please tell I wish to read ur writing and I wish ur long life Allah bless u.

  13. How can u write so fantastic yaar!!!☺ well done I have no words to describe its just awsm!!!!
    Jyo I knew u ll make it swasan cz u r a die hard swasaian still I had some doubt. Bdw how ll raglak react?? Curious to know about them. Post next soon??

    • Jyotii

      Thanks a billion times! 😉
      Well I had planned to upload today but TU is not accepting any articles today so you have to wait…!!!

  14. Didu❤
    I knew it would be Swara cuz Sanskar sirf Swara ka hi hai. Its really fantastic. They way Sanskar potrayed Swara,he proposed her,their night scene!!!_ The choice of song is superb.
    Love you??

    • Jyotii

      Tysm Chutki!!
      Well the song credits goes to Shona! she asked me to use a Arman’s song!
      Love uh more!!! 😉

  15. Swati

    Can u tell us that when will you update nxt episode..
    So that we can read it as soon as it is updated, so that we don’t have to check this site after every hour…plz ???
    I am a die hard fan of ur ff.

    • Jyotii

      Don’t search my ff every time! I had said that I will upload on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday
      ! But today I had not uploaded cuz TU is not accepting any ffs! 🙁

  16. Swasan

    Thanks for making it swasan. Its very wonderful. I am sure now we can say this ff as a swasan ff???

  17. You ditched me? You changed the track. Ragsan were so good nd that plot was very interesting. Makr this ragsan centered ff soon???

    • Jyotii

      How did I ditch uh? 😮
      From the initial chaps I had said that I have decided the pairs nd don’t keep any false hope! 🙁
      But phir v if u r hurt m really sorry! 🙁

  18. Shine

    once again mindblowing….ur language is very heart touching. U r ff is nt just for the sake of entertainment but also inspiration to many…keep it up

  19. I could visualise the scenes and superb Jyotii excellent writing skills,proof reading and all doesn’t matter,your words are reaching us perfectly..keep writing.

  20. Subuhi

    very fabulous…. I wish this may be the actual storyline… but alas!!! its a ff.
    Post next quickly.

  21. hey miss ragsan or whtevr she didn’t ditch you okk…!! she already said that she hv decided the pair frm first and evn in the previous chp she said she sme how manage to write rag-san scenes cz she dnt like rag-san but still fr rag-san fan she wrte you shld thnk her n if u dnt like the story no1 is forcing u to read you dnt hv the right to insult her like this…!!!

    anyways joyti coming to the epi it was awesome as always and i knew it will be swasan

    BEST EPI EVER …love is blooming btwn these two update soon…!!

    • Jyotii

      Neoline! Thank uh for understanding!
      I ahd also mentioned that this is my fav. chappy as in this my swasan united!!! 😀
      Thanks a ton!

  22. Woww???
    Its so good??
    I wish u were the real writer of swaragini?
    Now a days swasan separation is unbearable??
    But ur ff heals that wound?
    Waiting for Saturday for next chap???

    • Jyotii

      Yes! now a days it is very hard to watch to watch the real serial!! 🙁
      Anyways thanks! 🙂

  23. Jyotii

    Guys! I ll come back nd reply to all personally!??
    Till then byee!!
    One more news to share! I had decided to upload nect tmrw byt TU will not accept articles for next 2days??

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