Swaragini! For You(Chapter 7)

HEY GUYS! Less than 15 days for the college to reopen 🙁 I have decided to update this ff thrice a week! 😉 Thank you everyone for your comments in last chappy!
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It must have been somewhere around 6 in the evening when Sanskar ignited his car and pressed the accelerators towards Church Gate. Ragini had expressed her desire to visit Church Gate and Sanskar had agreed to take her. It was a cloudy day and it felt as if it must have rained there. The air was cold. A cold breeze blew on their faces, refreshing them thoroughly. Ragini felt wonderful being with Sanskar. She closed her eyes and popped her head out of the window to feel the cold breeze.
After they reached their destination, Sanskar stopped the car and both of them got off. Church gate was one of the silent places of Mumbai during evening. The sky was filled with countless stars.
“Woww!”, Ragini exclaimed smilingly.
“You liked it?” Sanskar asked while running his fingers through his hair ruffled by the air.
“I loved it”, Ragini smiled looking at the sky.
“Should I bring coffee for you?” Sanskar asked Ragini.
Ragini nodded in no and said ice cream.
Sanskar brought ice cream and they sat on the cool grass licking the ice creams. Ragini held Sanskar’s hand tightly as the cool breeze enveloped them. The fountains nearby were lit up with colored lights, making the place seem magical.
Sanskar kept a plastic cockroach on the shoulder of Ragini. Ragini felt something and turned to see it.
“What is this?’ Ragini asked Sanskar.
“It is a cockroach”, Sanskar commended.
“Yuck!!!” Ragini screamed and started to jump in fear.
“Hold on Ragu, it is a plastic cockroach. I had brought it to scare you”, Sanskar laughed.
“Yuck man! Get it out”, Ragini said awkwardly.
Sanskar saw that cockroach had moved under her kurti. Sanskar pulled his kurti and put his hands inside to catch the cockroach. Ragini felt a tickling sensation and she closed her eyes. It was a different feeling. After sometime Sanskar brought out the cockroach and threw it. Ragini’s eyes were still closed.
“Sorry to do that nut you said to take it out. If some other girl would have been in your place she would have slapped me by now”,Sanskar commended.
Ragini did not know what to reply so she chooses to give a wide smile as reply.

Life is hard to live when the light inside no longer shines. Everything around becomes so dark that you think of fetching a knife to leave a mark just so that you can feel alive again. Ragini wished to fill the emptiness around her. Somewhere Sanskar helped her to smile again and had filled her emptiness. Sometimes you don’t need someone to pull you out of darkness, you need them to sit there with a candle telling you that you are not alone, they are with you. Ragini’s dream man was walking out of the fog. His face was still blurred. Ragini loved Sanskar’s company. Few minutes back his hands on her back gave her a special feeling. Sanskar is a nice guy, he respected her, understood her dreams, they were best friends. Without w2aiting for the dream man to come out Ragini concluded him as Sanskar. There is nothing wrong in considering him as her dream man.
Hawa Ke Jhonke Aaj
Mausamo Se Rooth Gaye,
Ghulo Ki Surkhian,
Jo Bhawre Aa Kke Loot Gaye,
Badal Rahi Hai Aaj Zindgi Ki Chaal Zara,
Isi Bahane Kyu Na Main Bhi Dil Ka Haal Zara,
Sawaar Loon, Haye Sawaar Loon
Sawaar Loon, Haye Sawaar Loon
How sensuous it was for her to relive that embrace again every time, for just one more time. Every time she did so she felt his hands over her back. She wanted to touch herself exactly where Sanskar had touched her. She had mixed feelings. She couldn’t stop herself from thinking about it. Then she looked at Sanskar who was busy gazing the sky.
Waraamde Purane Hain
Nayi See Dhoop Hai,
Jo Palkein Khat Khta Raha Hai
Kiska Roop Hai,
Sharartein Kare Jo Aise,
Bhool Ke Hizaab,
Kaise Usko Naam Se
Main Pukaar Loon,
Sawaar Loon, Haye Sawaar Loon
Sawaar Loon Sawaar Loon
In the initial moments, the mere realization that it was all for real was hard to believe. She wasn’t dreaming. she was sitting beside Sanskar, the one whom she love. Behind her calm and composed face there were hopes, anxiety, and there we lots of happy butterflies. She blushed and looked at Sanskar lovingly.
Yeh saari koyalein bani hain aaj daakiyan
Kuhu-kuhu me chitthiyan padhe mazakiyaan
Inhe kaho ki naa chhupaaye
Kisne hai likha bataaye,
Uski aaj main nazar utaar loon
Sawaar loon haaye sawaar loon
Sawaar loon, sawaar loon!

While gazing the sky, Sanskar held Ragini’s hand to show her a falling star. Ragini closed her eyes and took a deep breath.
“Look a falling star. Mom used to say while watching a falling start we should wish something. Our wish can come true”, said Sanskar.
:So we should wish something nah?”, Ragini said.
Both of them closed their eyes and wished. After some time they opened their eyes.
“What did you wish?” Sanskar asked Ragini.
“Why should I say? you say what you wished?’ Ragini replied.
“I wished for your happiness”, Sanskar said with a smile.
Ragini blushed hard because she had also wished the same.
Hawa ke jhonke aaj mausamon se rooth gaye
Gulon ki shokhiyaan jo bhanwre aake loot gaye
Badal rahi hai aaj zindagi ki chaal zara
Issi bahaane kyun naa main bhi dil ka haal zara

She kept glancing at him all the while he kept looking at the sky.
“Let’s go back”, Sanskar said.
Ragini nodded in yes.
As they sat back in the car, Ragini kept her head out of the window; her hairs were flying in the air. Thousands of thought were revolving around her head. Will Sanskar accept her with her past? To her being everything to someone was more important than being something to everyone. She believed that Sanskar would always love her and pamper her.
“My heart beats for you!” she muttered slowly.

So how was this chappy? I know this is not good as I am a swasan fan and I hate Ragini and Sanskar as a couple but still I wrote this. I just cannot even read and imagine what I had written. Sorry in advance if it’s bad! Feel free to share your feedback!
Love you all forever! 😉

Credit to: JYOTII


  1. sethooty

    Haha…first time I read Ragini and Sanskar closeness in any Ff..I tried to read my heart beats for u..? Pair was San and rag..but don’t know why I can’t able to read a single line..red string also I tried…
    Swasan is fixed in mind..I loved Ragini more than swara and Sanskar also….bz of swasan I became a fan of Sanskar character.. He a dream boy of every girl.
    I can’t imagine him with any other girl…haha am pagal me..but I know its too childish.. They r fictional characters.
    If I wrote Ragini..sanskar fiction I will write the same same words in last para.
    But you know jyoti but in your fiction I didn’t feel anything bad…your writing skill is worked here…
    Loved this Sanskar and Ragini together
    To be honest I loved it darling…..This was the first chapter I read..I only read ur prologue… Impressed sisy…

    • Jyotii

      Same here seethoo dii.
      I always try to read ragsan ff but I never can read it. I had heard a lot about reg string of fate but I could never tolerate their closeness. Yes Ragini n Sanskar looks lyk bro n sissis.
      Even swasan were fixed in my mind. So I could not write this chap well.
      Thank u very much seethoo dii. I am extremely happy that u liked it?????

      • ria

        Same with me how much i want to read ragsan i just never able to read that no matter how much i say myself story matters and they are fictional character but it don’t help me

  2. Hey dear sorry to say I didn’t read dis part… I can’t imagine sanskar with ragini .. I tried many times to read rags an ff BT I can’t … I knew dey r fictional characters and I have no prlm with ragini BT also can’t .. Hope for swasan … But anyways until now I read all de episodes.. Waiting for next…

    • sethooty

      I have the same pblm…I tried many times to read ragsan ff..I don’t know why I can’t able to read….but I love Ragini…
      But Jo this epi was good

    • Jyotii

      Anu, no problem if u want u can read nd if u don’t want u r not forced to read! I know u read all the chappys.
      I ll post next on Tuesday.

  3. Unknown

    Jyoti i know you as a swasan fan so even after reading yday episode i read it today coz i know swasan will be end game( that i hope for).
    First time read rag……………san close moment. So cant say anything about it. It doesnt feel good. Hope so pair are swasan

  4. Sanky

    This is the first time I read a ragsan ff. I know this is actually not a ragsan ff its a chapter but phir v…..
    Your words were so heart touching….
    Love this.
    Waiting for next.

  5. I loved ur last episode in which swasan n swalak r show nd i dnt like ragini so i wish it wud b love triangle of swalaksan pls bcz swalak n swasan both hav sum feelings fr eo..waiting fr nxt update asap

    • Jyotii

      I knw u love swara more.
      But I thought to give importance to all pairs.???
      You ll soon get more scenes between swasan!

  6. It is really difficult for me to read any ragsan ff cause they look like brother sister to me 😛 (sorry if someone felt bad…really sorry..but i feel like that).But while reading this chappy….it didn’t feel like that.. ur writing skill is really good.Though sometimes swara came in my imagination in the place of ragini and sometimes laksh came in my thought in sansker’s place.

    Anyways…this part was good.

    The words u said in last para is also same in my case.

    • Jyotii

      Same pinch yaar??
      Even I think ragini n Sanskar as bro n sis.
      It was very difficult for me to write this one.
      I am very happy that u liked it.


    today only I got to know that it was ur ff….so I read all the previous episodes….it’s truly confusing who r the pairs….I’m a swasan fan n I don’t like ragsan as I felt that they look like brother n sister it’s my thinking so I never read about them but first time I read about them….I love the way u write try to post soon….?

    • Jyotii

      Ireena I missed uh so much!!
      Glad that u r back????
      Thankew very muchhhh!!!!
      I ll try to post next soon!!

  8. Anu

    It was so cute xx
    I have nothing against RagSan. Although I love SwaSan more. But you made me fall in love with RagSan too.

    Update soon xx Love you! ❤

    • Anu

      But I think you RagSan might end up with siblings wala love or jiju sali wala love. I hope as I ship for SwaSan xx

    • Jyotii

      See I made u fall for ragsan???
      How great I am???
      Lol jkidding?????
      Love uh more????

  9. Tanya

    That cockroach part was very funny.
    Loved each nd every line.
    But still am wondering how u wrote a ragsan chapter?????
    Jo v ho love ew noddy??

    • Jyotii

      Kya karun nothing came in my mind while writing!!??
      Anyway thanks big ears!
      Love uh too??

  10. Manisha

    Its so cute nd livelye….
    Beyond expectations!
    I just love u for this.?????

  11. Shona

    Its amazing. One of the best ragsan moment I have read till now tougI have read a few.
    Love it infinity nd u too??

  12. Lovely

    You know I was smiling all the while reading ur ff nd my brother was looking at me with suspicious look.????
    Its super duper awesome??

  13. Asiya

    Awesome nd funny.
    The way u portrayed Ragu’s feelings was too good.
    Upload next chappy asap.

  14. hi! please read red string of fate (ragsan) by azure! you will fall in love with ragsan! and you will fall in love with the story too!!! its too good pls make some time to read this story! red string of fate is just out of the world! its amazing!

  15. Meher

    Tu kya likhti hai!!!?????
    By God!!!?????
    You made me fall for ragsan too????
    Jaldi upload kar next part…..
    I m dying to read it???
    Love u Jyo?????

  16. Haya

    It is very nice. I was a silent reader but I broke mu silence here. Post next as soon as possible.

  17. Priya

    As usual its perfect.
    I don’t have ny word to define.
    At the beginning I thought by seeing the cover that it is a ragsan part so I decided to Skip it then I thought to give a chance and read at least few lines.
    But when I started reading I could not stop myself from reading the whole chapter.
    Mind blowing. Love u didu?????

    • Jyotii

      Thanks Chutki!_
      I was very tensed while writing that u all ll like it or not!
      But I am now relaxed that many like it!
      Love u chutki????

  18. Laksh

    Ragini’s feelings were so well described…
    Love this ff.
    But still now confused about the pairs.

    • Jyotii

      Confusion hi confusion hai solution ka pata nhi!???
      Be confused till I reveal the pairs!

  19. Swasan

    Sorry I cannot read it cuz m a swasan fan . I never consider ragsan as a couple. Plz give swasan scenes.

  20. Subuhi

    Sawar loon is my fav song. I love it very much. This is perfect for this situation. Its very nice. We should always look for the story not pair.

  21. Fairy

    Nce episode….as being a swasan fan it would b v difficult 4 u to write ragsan part bt believe me its really good.u cn make ny pair either raglak or ragsan ur choice bt jst gve more ragini scenes plz…love ragini.

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