Swaragini! For You(Chapter 5)

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“What about going to Bandstand? I have heard that it is the most famous lovers point in Mumbai”, said Swara while playing candy crush on her phone.
“Even we can see Mannat from there”, Ragini said while keeping the books in proper place.
“Manna is Sharukh Khan’s house right?” said Laksh while refreshing his facebook account to see that if he have got any new notifications or not!
“Yes! So guys get ready! We will leave in 15 minutes”, said Sanskar while helping Ragini.
“Today is our holiday and we have to enjoy this day”, said Swara who was very excited.
“Yeah”, said everyone in unison.
Laksh was wearing a white shirt and blue jeans, Swara was wearing a white halter neck top with dark blue slim fit jeans, Ragini was wearing a pink kurti with a black jeans and Sanskar was wearing a purple t-shirt with blue jeans.
They parked their car and excitedly got off the car. They sat on one bench of the seashore feeling the cold breeze. Swara dragged Sanskar along with her , they walked on the beach, watching the shifting sand beneath their feet and the swirling salty water washing away the footprints.
“ Let’s eat something”, said hungry Swara
Swara opted to eat chat while Ragini and Laksh ate chuski. Sanskar watched Swara and smiled.
“Are you done Swara?”, asked Sanskar.
“What?? I have started just now.”, said Swara while searching for more food counters.
“Let’s click selfies”, said Laksh while taking out his phone.
Four of them clicked selfies outside the gate of mannat.
“Let’s try Paranthas at that joint”, said Swara while dragging Sanskar.
Swara ate one rabdi parantha, Ragini ate one panner parantha, Laksh ate one gobi parantha and Sanskar ate one baddam parantha.
“These paranthas are made of pure ghee!!” said Laksh while wiping his face.
“Eat that much or else you will put on weights”, said Sanskar while teasing Swara.
“ Still I am hungry. you know my dream is to eat a lot without getting fat”, said Swara while placing the last bite of parantha in her mouth.
“Let’s eat biriyani at Kareem’s restaurant, I have heard it is the best here”, said Ragini.
They reached Kareem’s restaurant and ordered 4 plates of biriyani. the service and the taste of food was very good.
“It’s delicious”, said Swara while licking her fingers.
“How can you eat so much?’ asked Sanskar in amusement.
“ I have different cabins inside my stomach for different food”, said Swara while showing her tongue to him.
“ Khane ka silsila khatam ho gaya or you want to eat something more?’ asked Sanskar while keeping back his wallet in his pocket.
“Desert is reanaing”, said Swara while pointing to a halwai.
They entered Ghantewala Halwai, one of the famous halwai in Mumbai.. Swara ate jalebi and rabdi. The fragrance made the rest three’s mouth water and although their stomach was full beyond their capacity, they could not resist sampling a few. Laksh and Sanskar ate sohan halwa while Ragini ate gajar halwa.
It was late evening and they drove to Marine Drive, which is one of the most romantic place of Mumbai especially during sunset.. They enjoyed the sight there and clicked thousands selfies. While returning Swara kept on grooving to the sound of the music being played in the car.
“Ragini please open the door! I think the person on the door is going to die that’s why he is continuously knocking the door since last five minutes”, Swara said while looking at the clock.
“I cannot open the door, I am half wet as the water fell on me while I was drinking water. I am going to the washroom, you open the door”, Ragini said while going to the washroom.
Unwillingly Swara got off the bed to open the door but she saw Sanskar was opening it. As she turned back to go, she heard a familiar voice.
“ Do Swara Gadodia live here?” asked the guy on the door.
“Yes!” Sanskar exclaimed.
Swara turned.
“Virat???’, Swara exclaimed while running to hug him.
Seeing both of them Sanskar went inside.
Virat Roy, the hottie of Kolkata junior college was in same batch of Swara. They both had meet in a function of college and his looks and body attracted Swara. They both were never serious about each other. It was just like a passing affair. Swara had never allowed Virat to do anything which would sadden her dad. Swara always remained in her limits and both of them had never got physical with each other expect passionate hug. But by each passing day, Virat became an obsessed lover.
“You are looking gorgeous”, Virat said admiringly while hugging her.
“Stop behaving like a typical boyfriend”, Swara smirked.
“You know I missed you so much. by the way who was the boy on the door”? Asked Virat.
“He is Sanskar. He and his brother Laksh lives here with me and Ragini. We four share the rent equally and even we are in same college. Moreover we are best friends”, Swara said while breaking the hug.
But Virat pulled her closer and started kissing her neck.
“ What the f**k are you doing”? Swara screamed.
“ I am making you comfortable. Don’t you enjoy my touch now?” Virat shouted.
“Just leave me damnit”, Swara resisted.
“Why?? Ohh!! Now you want those two guys to touch you. You don’t want my touch now. You love sleeping with them?”, Virat said while kissing Swara’s shoulder.
Then he felt a tight slap on his face and the one who had slapped him was Ragini.
“Just get out from here. Don’t forget this is our house. And don’t you dare to touch my sister”, Ragini said.
“So you are also desperate like her. When she used to stay with me, you used to get very worried and now you are staying with a stranger?? If you both sisters want some fun I can give it to you”, said Virat.
The mention of Ragini angered Swara and she too slapped Virat.
“Just go to hell. I am not your slave to follow your rules. It’s my life and I will live it the way I want. Who the hell are you to restrict me? If you want to be with me you have to accept me the way I am”, Swara screamed.
Sanskar and Laksh came there and stood confusingly. Virat pushed Swara with a great force. Her head banged on the table legs are her legs were twisted. Virat turned and went out. Sanskar rushed to Swara, picked up and placed her on the bed. Laksh called the doctor.
It was late night, Swara was sitting in the balcony and was gazing the road. She felt a hand on her shoulder and she wiped her tears. She turned and saw Sanskar.
“You are still awake?’ asked Swara.
“No I am not feeling sleepy”, said Sanskar.
“Come! Sit here. The night view is so beautiful nah? asked Swara trying to hide her tears.
“ swara! We are best friends and you don’t need to hide your tears from me. My shoulder is always there for you”, said Sanskar with a smile.
And then there was a silence between them as the words sunk in. even though the noise of the traffic persisted just as before, it was as if time had stopped and nothing moved. Without wasting a second, Swara hugged Sanskar and cried her heart out.
Naina nu pata hai
Naina di khata hai
Saanu kis galti phir
Mildi saza hai
Neend ud jaave, chain chad jaave
Ishq di faqeeri, jad lag jaave
Ae man karda ae thogi thoriya
Ae man karda ae seena zoriyan
Aine sikh laiyan sil diyan choriyan
Ae maan karda ni kamzoriyan
“Swara why are you crying? I thought you are very bold and strong. Wait a sec. are you crying for your break up? Were you really serious?” asked Sanskar.
“No I am not crying for my break up. I was not serious about Virat. I felt very bad when he said cheap thigs about Ragu. I can never tolerate anything against her”, said Swara while wiping her tears
“Some break ups are necessary. They teach us to be emotionally strong”saidSanskar
“ I am okay. I will not cry anymore”, said Swara.
“ You look cute when you cry”, said Sanskar with a notorious smile on his face.
Swara blushed. She got up to go but she felt pain in her legs.
“Is it still paining?” asked Sanskar in concern.
Sanskar held her legs and lifted it up.
“Stoppp!!! It hurts!!!”, Swara screamed.
“It will hurt but you push your legs up” Said Sanskar.
“What push?? I will have baby if I push more. Moreover it is paining. Sanskar leave it”, Swara screamed in pain.
“Lift it up. It will be better and don’t worry I am here for you”, Sanskar said.
“ How do you know all these remedies?” asked Swara.
“ Umm my maa taught all these. She wanted me to be a doctor. It was her dream. But when she came to know about my dream of becoming a fashion designer she said me to follow my dreams.” said Sanskar.
Sanskar saw Swara’s eyes were moist
“Swara! What happened? Is it paining very much?’ asked Sanskar apologetically.
“Noo these tears are not for you. These tears are for those dreams which I had once seen. But now it seems like my dreams are not real. I can never accomplish them”, said Swara.
Sanskar placed one of his hands on her shoulder assuring her and they both were gazing at the sky upwards,wondering about life.
Maam man ki suntan jaaye
Sunta nahi maan walon ki
Maan hi maaan mein banaye
Duniya ek khayalon ki
Pass koi aave, door koi jaave
Hota hai kyun ye, koi samjhave
Neend ud jaave, chain chad jaave
Ishq di faqeeri, jad lag jaave
Ae man karda ae thagi thoriya
Ae maan karda ae seena joriyan
Aine sikh liyan dil diyan choriyan
Ae maan diyan na kamzoriyan
Sanskar felt Swara’s head on his shoulder. He turned and s aw that she have already dozed off. He smiled seeing her innocent face. Sanskar lifted to her room and placed her on the bed.
“Drams aree for real”, he said while kissing her forehead and went back to his room.

Guys!! Sorry for late update! I will try to upload the next on Thursday.
Someone had asked me the link of my all previous ffs. so here is the links.
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