Swaragini! For You(Chapter 4)

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Episode 3
“Swara you should throw away the alaram clock, it’s of no use to you”, shouted Ragini pulling away Swara’s blanket.
“Don’t wake me up in the early morning for no reason”, muttered Swara while pulling on her blanket.
“Get up kumbjkarm! Look at the time now. Are you forgetting that today is the first day of our college?” Ragini said in an anger tone.
“I can never win over you.” said Swara while getting up.
Swara got up and went into the washroom while Ragini went to the kitchen to make some food. While she was confused what to make, Sanskar came there.
Sanskar: Good morning Ragini.
Ragini: Good morning!
Sanskar: Are you preparing your breakfast?
Ragini” No I am preparing OUIR breakfast what about pasta?
Sasnakr: Yep! it is a nice idea.
Ragini: where is Laksh?
Sasnskar: He is getting ready. I will comeback in 5 minutes after attending the cal…
Ragini nods.
Swara: What???? You both are also in Nielson college?
Laksh: you are also admitted there?
Ragini: YES!!!
Sanskar: Then great!!! Even we will rock there!!!!!
Laksh: Rago the pasta is really very tasty.
Sanskar: This is the best pasta that I have ever tatsted.
Swara: It is simply yummy.
Ragini: Now let us go the college or else we will be late.
Swara: But how we four will go together?
Sanskar:Car is waitinf for us downstairs.
Laksh: Car??
Sanskar: Yes! Papa has sent our car here for us.
While the professor was teaching Ragini was taking the notes seriously and listening to whatever he was saying,Swara was sleeping, Sanskar was busy in his facebook account and Laksh was flirting with the girl sitting in the front bench. After the class was over, the professor asked Swara to summarize what was traught in the class. Swara who just got up had no clue about which class was going on. She looked at the profeesor without blinking her eyes. Ragini passed her notes and Swara started reading it.Finally she got saved.The bell rand and all the students came out.
Swara: Sanskar let’s go and buy chips for munching it tonight while watching movie. Ragini and Laksh you both go to the parking.
As Ragini was walking, some guys purposefully stuck their feet out trying to trip her but she steeped over their feet very carefully.
Laksh: I am going to teach those guys a lesson.
Ragini: No please don’t do anything unnecessarily that will create problems.
Laksh: No they need to learn the consequences for messing up with us.
Hulchuil hui zara shor hua
Dil chor hua, teri aor hua
Hulchuil hui zara shor hua
Dil chor hua, teri aor hua
Laksh: how dare you to pull of such a cheap prank on my friend?
1st guy: are you her bodyguard?? Or her boyfriend?
2nd guy: No he cannot be her boyfriend. she is the virgin queem.
Ragini looked at Laksh with tears in her eyes and Laksh swung his hand and slapped that guy hard.
Aise chale jab hawa
Ishq hua hi hua
ooo.. aise chale jab hawa
Ishq hua hi hua
3rd guy: Can I be your husband just for one night? There is nothing wrong with having some fun.. is there?
Those comments made Laksh loose his control. There are few sick guys in every college who have no repect for girls
Palsjon se hoton tak jo raah nikalti hai
Gujre nah wahan se yeh teri galti hai
Laksh pounced on them like a mad guy.
Laksh: it is you choice if you love to lose your virginity but who the hell are you to comment in her personal life and talk shit about her?
Rehte hai ab hum wahan
Ishq hua hi hua
Aise chale jab hawa
Ishq hua hi hua
2nd guy: so you are her boyfriend and you can go hard for her?
Those comments kept pouring in Ragini’s mind and she could not resist from reacing.
Ragini: just stay away and don’t think that every silent girl is weak. A girl’s silence can scatter your damn world.
Ragini’s word made the entire group silent. Laksh kept gazing her without blinking her eyes and was proud of her.
The best feeling in the world is that your friend loves you just the way you are wouldn’t change anything about you. Ragini was lucky enough to have a friend who stood by her whenever she needed him. she was thinking about their first meeting and how quickly they became best friends.
Ragini’s eyes were full with pain and Laksh could see it. When a person can see the pain behind your smile, words behind your silence and love behind your anger, you can be sure that you have found your best friend.
Friendship is not about the rules you set for each other. Its’ about love, commitment, respect, trust and the fact that you do not give up on the other. For the next moment Laksh made Ragini laugh forgetting all her pains by saying about his ex-girlfriends. Ragni felt bad after listening about his girlfriemnds. Was she falling for him? Or this is friendship? But certainly this is more than friendship. Ragini and laksh came back home in an auto without waiting for swara and Sanskar. Laksh messaged them that they have reached home.
Laksh took a deep breath before entering into Ragini’s room. He was confused weather to go or not. He have entered that room in everyone’s presence and today in everyone’s absence he felt reluctant to enter the room.
Ragini: You don’t need to knock on the door.
Laksh: How did you know that I was on the door.
Ragini: I am super talented.
Laksh: Can I ask you something?
Ragini nod in yes.
Laksh: why are you always silent and reserved?
Ragini: I have my own reasons.
Laksh: What is the reason?
Ragini was silent and Laksh understood that she don’t want to share.
Laksh: it’s okay, if you don’t want to share, I will not force you.
Laksh got up and was about to go but Ragini held his hand.
Ragini: won’t you listen to the reason?
Laksh sat back on his place.
Ragini: I used to love arjun. We both were in relation and I never felt secured in his arms but I loved him. Once he had taken me out for a party. it was a pub. I sensed something wrong and asked him to return back but shouted on me. He started using physical force on me and even he slapped me. As he was about to force me, police raided that pub. He ran away leaving me alone. And luckily one of the police was my dad’s best friend and he saved me. From that day I hate men. Every man is equal.
Laksh: every men?
Ragini: except dad, you and Sanskar.
Laksh: Still now you are living in the haunting memories of your past. Try to get out of that trap. Time heals everything.
Kadmon ko sambhailen
Nazron ka kya karein
Nazron ko sambhalien
Tih dil ka kya karien
Dil ko sambhalien Zubaan
Ishq hua hi hua..
Ragini and Laksh were busy staring at each other as if deeply in love.
Aise chale jab hawa
Ishq hua hi hua
Raginis’ prince whom she had once seen in her dreams was walking out from the darkness towards her.
Just then Sanskar and Swara entered the house. Ragini and Laksh composed themselves after hearing the door’s sound.
Sanskar: Ragini are you alright?
Laksh: when she is with me she has to be alright!! 😀
Ragini felt delighted seeing Sanskar’s concern for her and on the other hand she felt secured and complete with Laksh. She was confused about her feelings.
Swara: ragini! Do you like Laksh?
Ragini: Swara are you crazy?
Swara: You hate boys but you were very close to him today.
Ragini: He is not like Arjun and I have realized that I cannot judge every man on one basis. I should get out from my past. I have a brighter future. I don’t hink that I really loved Arjun. It was just an attraction which I misunderstood as love. soemtimkes what you love is not what you deserve. I deserve someone better than Arjun.
Swara:OMG!! Such a drastic change in just one day?
Ragini: haan! Laksh made me understand.
Swara: I think you guys…….
Ragini: Shut up! We are more han just frinds!
Swara: Your connection with him is above time and space!

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I have two news for you all one of those is good while the other one is bad. The good news in that I have got a super duper idea for season 2 of my ff(A journey from revenge to love) Excited?? 😀 And the bad news is that I may not start it. I have already said my mom that this is my last ff. 12th exams are knocking on the door and there is hardly 9 months left for the exam. I have decided to wrap up ff writings by July end. So let’s hope for the best!!!
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