Swaragini! For You(Chapter 3)


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“Ragu, where the hell is your phone. Pick it, it’s disturbing my sleep”, screamed Swara while grabbing a pillow over her head.
It was a Saturday morning and Swara was busy sleeping when the beep of a phone disturbed her.
Ragini: It’s not my phone. My phone’s battery had died yesterday and it’s switched off.
Swara: Arghh!! It must be those joker’s. Wait let me teach them a lesson.
Swara got up and went into Sanskar and Laksh’s room and saw both of them sleeping while their phone was ringing.
Swara: Damn! They are sleeping peacefully and my sleep got disturbed. They have to pay for this.
Swara went to the washroom and brought a bucket full of cold water. She went back to the room. Ragini was sleeping covering her head. Swara tried to wake up Ragini by pulling her.
Ragini feel down in this process. Ragini looked at Swara with ‘What the hell” look. Swara showed her teeth trying to hide her fear.
Ragini: I will kill you.
Swara: First give me ice cubes from the fridge.
Ragini: What will you do with the ice cubes early in the morning?
Swara: Just give me yaar.
Ragini: come!
Ragini gives her ice cubes and Swara placed that ice cubes in that cold water bucket to make it colder.
Swara: Now those monkeys will pay for disturbing my sleep.
Swara goes with that bucket and splashes water on Sanskar and Laksh. Sanskar and Laksh get up at once.
Laksh: Bhai runnn!!! Tsunami….
Swara burst out laughing and Ragini who was controlling her laugh too burst out laughing. Swara laughed even harder and fell on the floor. Sanskar opened his eyes and realized what had happned.
“What the shit is this?” Sanskar shouted in disgust.
“Switch off your phone the next time when you sleep and please change the ringtone, it’s horrible”, said Swara while going out.
Laksh was still sleepy and looked at everyone wondering what was so funny.
Ragini: do you both need coffee?
Sanskar: Yes! Anything can happen over coffee! 😉
Sanskar: are you both making your dinner or should we bring something from outside?
Swara: Are you going out?
Sanskar: Ji haan.
Swara: Where are you going?
Laksh: Thrive disc in Colaba.
Swara: Party? Drinks??
Sanskar: Yes it’s a Saturday night and the disc will be crowded as Virara local train.
Swara: I will also come along. I love parties and drinks!
Laksh: You have 10 minutes to get ready.
Sanskar: What will Ragini do here alone? Call her also.
Swara: No she doesn’t like parties.
Sanskar: She will be bored here alone. it good that she accompanies us.
Swara: You go and convince her.

Swara came out wearing a knee length peach one piece with silver earrings and little lip gloss. Sanskar and Laksh were mesmerized to see her.
Sanskar: I have convinced Ragini and she has agreed to come along us.
Swara: Seriously?
Laksh: There she is..
Ragini was wearing a faded jean with a white and yellow crop top. Laksh smiled looking at her.
Laksh: Let’s go.
Swara was super excited as she was going to witness Mumbai’s night life for the first time. As they entered the disc, they saw it was full of students who were already piss drunk. Thrive has an absolutely winnable-ish crowd consisting mostly of students. Teenagers were grooving madly to the songs played by the DJ. Since Sanskar, Laksh and Swara were party freak they began enjoying the party. Ragini was little uncomfortable with the surrounding but she smiled as she did not want to spoil Swara, Sanskar and Laksh’s mood. Swara dragged Sanskar to the drink counter. Within no time, they were 5 shots down. Swara was partly not in her senses.
Swara: Let’s dance.
Sanskar: I donno how to dance.
Swara: You are so boring!!
She dragged Laksh to the dance floor.
I am here in this party, like wow
The DJ karo hands up,
Come tied us party live now
I am show you how have your hands up!
Swara: Laksh! Atleast you can dance with me?
Laksh: I dono’t know how to dance but I can try.
Dil toh deewana, angrezz bada hai
Desi sharam koi, jaane nahi
Banda rangeela, rangrezz bada hai
Naina ladaye bina, maane nahi
Hey Mr. DJ, jo bhi ho nateejey
Hey Mr. DJ, gaana bajaa
Hey Mr. DJ, raat jawan hai
Changa sa groove lagaaaa…..
Laksh placed his hands on Swara’s waist and she placed her hand on his shoulder. She was repeating the song and was jumping happily.
Lets get incycle
Put your hands up and say…
Let’s Go Banana’s, Banana’s, Banana’s
Dil ki kahaani, zara si adhoori
Adhoori, tabhi toh hai poora banana’s
Let’s Go Banana’s, Banana’s, Banana’s
“Let’s drink one shot more”, shouted Swara.
They went to the drink counter. Swara had reached her threshold after one more shot. Swara was so high that she was smiling waving at every guy in the disc.
Mauka mila hai badmasiyon ka
Love ki nakashiyon ka
Yahan abhi isi jagah
Dil ke iraade keh jayaenge
Jiski nigaahein karke ishaare
Loote hamare saahil kinare
Unhe nahi pata ki hum,
doobe nahi toh beh jaayenge
Sanskar: Ragini, why are you standing alone? Come let’s dance.
Ragini: No! I am okay.
Sanskar dragged Ragini to the dance floor and swirled her. Hand in hand they jumped moving in the tune of the music. Ragini found a new soul within her with Sanskar. She smiled looking at Sanskar who was enjoying the night. She felt a strange sensation in her heart.
Hey Mr. DJ, jo bhi ho nateejey
Hey Mr. DJ, gaana bajaa
Hey Mr. DJ, raat jawaan hai
Changa sa groove lagaaaa…..
Let’s get incycle
put your hands up and say…
Let’s Go Banana’s, Banana’s, and Banana’s
Swara was dancing madly. Laksh was mesmerized to see her. Swara felt a little dizzy and she was swaying while dancing. Now it was hard for Laksh to control her.
Laksh: Bhai, I cannot control Swara. You come here.
Sanskar: Okay you go out with Ragini, I am bringing her out.
Trumpet ka bajna, doston ka tapna
Show of your best grooves
Crazy with the nachna
People say we are same
But we do this everyday
Lets get incycle
Put your hands up and say…
Let’s Go Banana’s, Banana’s, Banana’s
Sanskar dragged Swara out, who was dancing alone. While coming out a randon guy dragged Swara out, Swara freed her hands and went with that guy to dance with. She felt that guy gazing her waist and trying to be cosy with her. She was not in her sense but still she kicked that and Sanskar dragged her out. She was swaying while walking. Sanskar kept controlling her and the passerby kept comenting her.
A randon guy- Can I dance with her?
Swara: you have to fight with my boy friend to dance with me.
Randon guy: Is she your girl friend?
Sanskar: No! You please go.
That random guy went away. She gave a peck on Sanskar’s cheek. Sanskar was dazed to see her action. They reached the gate where Ragini and Laksh were waiting for them. Since it was very late, they were unable to get a cab. So they decided to walk back home. Sanskar was holding Swara by her shoulders. It was very late and as Ragini was scared she was holding Laksh’s hand.. Tough Ragini hated to be with boys but she felt secured.
Swara: Wait!!! I cannot walk more!!
Sanskar: Why?
Swara: I want to dance!!!
Sanskar: shut up Swara! Come!!
Swara: You are so bad!! you are scolding a cute girl like me?
Swara kept blabbering about stupid things and all three of them were annoyed.
Ragini: No! she remains in control!! I think today she drank too much.
Sanskar: I am not going to let her drink ever.
Swara: I will drink. You three cannot stop me. You are there to control me. If I will fall you will pick me. After all friends pick you up when you fall.
Laksh: Friends?? 😮 :O
Swara: Yes! We four are BFFs from now.
Swara dragged everyone’s hand and kept smiling blinking her eyes.
Swara: Let’s drink one more bottle.
Ragini: Why?
Swara: in the name of our friendship.
“Shut Up”, all three shouted in unison.
Dil ki kahaani, zara si adhoori
Adhoori, tabhi toh hai poora banana’s
Let’s Go Banana’s, Banana’s, Banana’s
They had become family more than friends. Just one evening was enough to make them BFFs. Swara, Ragini, Sanskar and Laksh were now a part of a crazy family that knew how to have fun without any limits.
All that they were doing was only – FOR YOU friendship!

So Guys!! how was the chappy?? I wrote all these in the excitement of RCB winnig yesterday;s match!!! 😀
Love you all forever! 😉

Credit to: JYOTII

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