Swaragini! For You(Chapter 2)


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Shekhar: Shona and Ragu, have you taken everything?
Swara: Haan Dad!! I have taken everything, but I don’t know about Ragini.
Ragini: Dad, don’t worry. I have taken everything. Where is maa?
Shekhar: She is talking with her employee over phone.
Swara: she never has time for us.
Shekhar: It’s nothing like that.

~The train blows horn~
Shekhar: Bye. Take care. Call me once you reach.
Swaragini: Bye dad!!!
Though they were loved by their father but they carved for a mother’s love. When a mother ignores her daughters, they spend their life trying to replace her in their heart!
Swara:Finally Ragu we will live a life full of our dreams.
Ragini: Yes!! Our tomorrow will be better than our today.

Sanskar: Papa! Take care of your health. Eat medicines daily. don’t forget.
Laksh: bhai chacha and chaci are there.
Sanskar: They will go back to their home after few days.
DP:I will be alone then. God is punishing me for my deeds.
Laksh: Papa!! You are not at fault.
DP: Because of me your mother died.
Sanskar: she died because of cancer. What was your fault in it?
DP: If I would have given her some time and took proper care of her, she would not had died.
Sanskar: Don’t blame yourself. It was our fate.
Laksh: Bhai let’s go. This announcement is of our flight.
DP: Sanskar, beta take care of yourself and Laksh. Laksh is now your responsibility. Call me as you reach.
Sanslak: Bye papa.

(Train compartment)-
Swara: Ragu, you please don’t leave me alone in dad’s sister’s house..
Ragini: I know you hate her but are we really going there?
Swara: oopps!! I forgot!! Let me Google for a rented house.
Ragini: We have promised dad to live in bua’s house.
Swara: Ragini, I cannot tolerate that lady for one minute and you are saying that I have to live there?? 👿
Ragini: but what will we say to dad?
Swara: We will say that since we are new to Mumbai and college our friend offered us accommodation in her hostel room as it will be helpful for our studies.
Ragini: Okay, then.
Swara: I got the number of a broker in Navi Mumbai. Let me text him.
Ragini: fine!
Swara: He asked us to come tomorrow morning.
Ragini: We will go directly there after reaching Mumbai.
Swara: Okay I will text him.
Ragini: now good night!!! I am feeling sleepy.

Swara: Good night!!
Ragini wakes up after sometime and sees that Swara is still doing something with her phone.
Ragini: shona! What are you still doing with your phone?
Swara: You woke up? Actually I am chatting with virat. He is worried for us. He wants to come Mumbai soon.
Ragini: Shit yaar!! He will come here also? I hate to see him. Don’t know why you love him!!
Swara: Yaar we are not in serious relationship!! I don’t love him!! Haan he is too hot!! I have a crush on him!! 😉
Ragini: Its better you get out of this matter soon.
Swara: And you get out of your past.
Ragini: I cannot forget my past. It’s like a splinter struck in my heart forever.
After 20 hours, Swara and Ragini reached Mumbai. They took a deep breath as they stepped on its soil. They booked a cab.
Swara: Bhaiya! We want to go to Galaxy apartment of Navi Mumbai.

The cab driver looked at them.
Driver: It will cost 400.
Ragini: What? So much?
Swara: Do you think us as fool? Wait let me call my brother. He is in media.
Swara took out her phone and dialed one number.
Driver: Wait! You want to go to Navi Mumbai right? Sorry I thought Bandra. It will cost 200.
Swara: Fine!!
Driver: Get in.
Swara: What get in? Who will pick our luggage?
Driver: Okay! I am keeping.
Swara: Don’t even think to take us in wrong way. I have kept the goggle map open.
Driver: Yes madam.
Ragini: Swara, what is this?
Swara: If you try to act weak in front of these type of men, they will dominate you.
Ragini: You are the best.
They reached Galaxy apartment and Swara called Mr. Verma, their broker who said that he is standing downstairs waiting for them.
Ragini: Swara, I think that man with a phone is Mr. Verma.
Swara: Come let’s go to him.

Swara: Are you Mr. Verma?
Mr. Verma: Yes You?
Swara: I am Swara Gadodia! I have called you now!! Remember?
Mr. Verma: Ohh!! Yesss!! Come I will show you the flat.
As they were going, Swara’s phone rang.
Ragini: Who have called you?
Swara: Virat!!! Ragu, you go I am coming in few minutes.
Mr. Verma: Third floor flat no.163.
Mr. Verma and Ragini go into the flat.
Mr. Verma: You keep your suitcase here, there is my man inside. He will take us.
As they step inside, Ragini saw a man standing. Ragini assumed him as the porter.
Ragini: Excuse me, there is my luggage outside. Go and bring it.
The man turns and he is Laksh. He looks at Ragini who too looks at him. They share an eye lock.
Aankhon hi aankhon ne
pehle kuch din baatein ki
Baaton hi baaton ne phir
kuch din mulaqatein ki
Yun hi chalti rahe baatein
Yun hi chalta rahe silsila
Karun dua, yahi dua
Tere liye, dhadke jiya
Laksh:Are you talking with me?

Ragini: Yes!! Is someone else here?
Mr. Verma: Madam he…
Ragini: I said go and bring!!
Laksh goes to bring the suitcase.
Mr. Verma: Madam he is ….
Ragini: What type of lazy employee you have!! Disgusting!
Laksh: Employee?? I am not anyone’s employee.
Ragini: What??
Mr. Verma: That’s what I was trying to say you but you were not listening to me.
Ragini: oopps!! Sorry!!
Laksh: No problem! I don’t mind helping beautiful girls!!

Swara: Hannvirat I have reached without any problem.
Caller: Okay great. Even I am coming day after yesterday.
Swara: Why are you coming?
Caller: Do you have any problem with that?
Swara: No!! You can come. Okay bye! Ragu is alone upstairs. I have to go now. I will call you at night. byee!!
Swara disconnects the call and while she turns, she bumps into someone and was about to fall when she felt a tight grip on her waist. The fear of falling down made her close her eyes. She with closed eyes was holding that someone’s collar tightly. she opens her eyes and see a man. He is Sanskar.. They share an eye lock.
Khusboo banke hawa mein
Mehke meri fiza mein
Tu hi mere jeene ki wajah
Tu hi meri har dua mein
Yun hi chalti rahe baatein

Yun hi chalta rahe silsila
Karun dua, yahi dua
Tere liye, dhadke jiya
Sanskar: I am sorry.
Swara: I know you cheap boys very well. Now get out of my way.
Sanskar: I helped you and you are scolding me. Srtange!!
Swara walks to the flat as dirscted by Mr. Verma. so do Sanskar. They reach the entrance of the house.
Swara: why the hell are you following me?
Sanskar: I am not following you.
Laksh: bhai! thank God you came!
Swara: Ragini! who are these boys?
Mr. Verma: Let me say everything. I have called you both parties at the same time. The rent of this hose stats from Rs.10,000/-. who pays the more rent, the house belongs to them.
Swara: what the hell? I will lodge a complaint against you.
Ragini: Swara! Don’t shout.
Sanskar: Excuse me Swara and..?
Laksh: Ragini.
Swara: how do you know our names? are you stalkers?
Laksh: Girls are so foolish…!! Just now you both addressed each other by manes.
Sanskar: Listen to what I am sayin. We can share this flat. We can pay 5,000 each. We will be in profit.
Ragini: Sharing a flat with boys? no ways!!
Swara: ragu, we don’t have enough cash! If we will say the house rent is 10,00/-, dad will force us to stay in that chipkko bhuddhi’s house. Ragu, I beg you please agree.
Ragini: even you are right also. Fine!
Sanskar: mr. Verma, we will share this flat.
Swara: We will pay you 10, 000/-. And if you will show any tantrums, you will go to jail.
Laksh: Yes! We four will lodge a complaint against you.
Mr. Verma: I don’t have any problem. You can shift your luggage now.
Swara: This room is ours and that room is yours. Neither we both will enter your room and nor you will enter our room.
Karun duaa… Yahi dua…
Tere liye.. dhadke jiya….

Four of them adjusted in one house, so that their father won’t worry for them. all they were doing were only-FOR YOU father! 😀

So Guys! How was the chappy??? 😀
Well now Shine time to answer your question! You have asked me that how I came up with the idea of writing a romantic friendship genre ff?
Well the answer is that we live in a generation where keeping balance in mobile has become more important than keeping balance in life. Love and friendship are two aspects which are important in today’s life. I always try to keep the essence of friendship and love alive. I always try to explain relationship with a different approach!
Hope you are satisfied with my answer!! 😉
Aada, you had asked for my previous ff’s link. So here it is-


Love you all forever! 😉

Credit to: JYOTII

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