Swaragini! For You(Chapter 1)

“Dad, we want to take admission in Nielson college, Mumbai and even we have secured admission”, said Swara.
But her father continued to work in his laptop without looking at her.
“Dad we want to go to Mumbai”, said Ragini.
Now their father looked up at them. He took off his glasses and placed on his table.
Shekhar: What is the problem in colleges here of Kolkata?
Swara: Is Nielson College here??
Ragini: Dad it is our dream to get admission there.
Swara: While filling up the form you had promised that if we secure admission, you will let us go. You are taking back your words.
Sumi: Shekhar,let them go!
Shekhar: But how will they manage their stay alone?
Sumi: They can stay there alone. Let them go at least we will get some peace from these monsters.
Swaragini: MAAA!!!
Sumi: Fine! You trio decide what to do! I am going for a meeting.
Ragini: Maa, are you not excited that we are going to Mumbai?
Shekhar: Who said that you are going? I have not agreed till now.
Sumi: No Ragu! I am happy but you know nah I am busy in my NGO work!
Swara: You are always busy! You always ignore us!
Sumi: Ho can I ignore you? You both are my daughters. Accha! Bye! We will talk in the evening. I am getting late.
Ragini: Dad? You again started to work?
Swara went near her dad and closed his laptop.
Shekhar: I will not let you go Mumbai. Select any college of Kolkata.
Swara: so you are denying?
Shekhar: shona! Don’t look at me like that. You can’t blackmail me emotionally.
Ragini: You must be the world’s first dad who is asking his daughters to crush their dreams.
Shekhar: fine!!! I lose!! You both can go to Mumbai but….
Swaragini: But?? :O
Shekhar: But you have to stay at my sister’s house!
Swara: WHAT??? Dad you are joking right?? No ways!!! I cannot stay with that chipko buddhi!! I always poke me. I just hate her like hell!!
Ragini: Dad! Please we can stay there alone. Don’t you have trust on us?
Shekhar: I trust you both but for my shake please stay there.
Suddenly something comes up in Swara’s mind and she signals Ragini to say yes!
Swaragini: Yay!!!
Swaragini shouted jumping in excitement and gave their father a tight hug!
Swara and Ragini were the twin daughter of Shekhar and Sharmistha. They belong to a well reputed family of Kolkata. Their father was a business man and their mother was a working lady who owns a NGO.
Swara Gadodia, always lived a life of princess. She was the real beauty-fair and flawless skin, sparkling eyes and a smile which can bring the world to a standstill. Swara was full of life and passion. She enjoyed late night parties. She was the girl who you would talk to in bed not take to in bed. Her beauty radiated from the purity within her and made her look effortlessly beautiful.
Ragini Gadodia, a chubby sweet girl who was in introvert. She was not shy or meek but she preferred not to go out for the reasons only known to her. Since she was still a virgin she was often teased by her classmates. She was not at all old fashioned but she preferred to stay away from boys! She was an extreme feminist who believes that all men are equal.. She was extremely beautiful so much so that no one could ever get tired looking at her. Her smile was enough to lighten up the whole Kolkata.
They were very pampered and loved by their father. Nut they were always ignored by their mother. It was not that their mother didn’t love them, but her work pressure didn’t allow her to spend enough time with them as they were growing up.
“Bhai, say him!”, winked Laksh through his eyebrows.
“Wait! Why are you in such a hurry?” said Sanskar in a low tone.
“What is going on here?” asked their father Durga Prasad.
“Lucky, you say! It is impossible for me to say”, pleaded Sanskar
“Papa, bhai wants to say something”, said Laksh showing his teeth.
Sanskar gave an “I will kill you look to him”.
DP: Say Sanskar! What is the matter?
Sanskar(stammering); Papa, actually… we… have secured… admission in… Nielson college of… Mumbai.
DP: what? You both applied for admission without my consent?
Laksh: Papa, we had thought to inform you once we get admission.
Sanskar: Papa, it is our dream to become top fashion designer.
DP: Fashion designer is a girly thing. You both will not go anywhere. you both will do the MBA and then join me in business.
Sanskar: But why Papa? What’s the problem? It’s our life and it’s the choice of our carrier.
DP: this is my home, you both are staying here so you have to follow my rules.
Laksh: You want us to live our lives your way? That’s dictatorship. I am not going to accept it.
DP: Laksh! What did you say? Dictatorship? Do you have any justification for that?
Sanskar: You always had taught us in childhoop to follow our heart and today you are forcing us to do what you want?
Sujata: Bhai sa. let them go they are mature enough to take their own decisions.
RP: Haan bhai sa..
DP: But will they manage there alone?
Sanskar: So papa, you have no problem in our becoming fashion designer, you are just worried for us.
Laksh: Uff!! Papa!! Sometimes you just become a kiddo.
DP: I am feeling very tired. I am going for sleep.
Laksh: Bhai, do something.
Sanskar: wait! I know what to do.
Sanskar went to DP’s room and saw him holding a photo. Seeing Sanskar DP wiped his tears.
Sanskar: so you are crying alone?
DP: No!! Something went in my eyes.
Sanskar: Papa, I know why you are not letting us go. you are afraid to be lonely. But trust me papa we will never forget you. and still if you don’t want us to go, we will not.
DP: No! I can’t impose me on you. you both can go. I will talk with the broker.
Laksh: Wooww! I knew papa that you will agree.
Sanskar,Laksh and Dp hug each other. RP and Sujata smile seeing them.
Durga Prasad Maheswari was a business man of Kolkata. He loved his family a lot. But after his wife Anarnapurna Maheswari passed away 6 years ago due to cancer, he was scattered from within. He feared Sanskar and Laksh going away from him.
Sanskar Maheswari, had a charming personality. Girls would go gaga over him. He loved his father and brother very much. He was very caring and possessive about his closed ones. Everyone wondered how he was still single. He partied hard and was a modern guy but he always gave first preference to his family.
Laksh Maheswari was a smart and witty boy of extremely good sense of humor. He was extremely lazy. He was polite in nature. He was a part freak. His brother and father meant the world to him.

Finally four of them were going to fulfill their dreams.
All that they were doing was only- FOR YOU dreams! 😉

So Guys!! Kaisa laga first chappy?? Excited to know your views!!! 😀 You know yesterday I slept at 2 after studying and I had asked my mom to wake me up at 7 as I have to write ff but I said that I have to write. I had not mentioned anything about ff and she thought that I have to write something related to studies. She woke me at 5:30!! God!! A kumbhkarn like me woke at 5:30!! Sorry if there is any spelling mistake as I have typed in sleepy mode! Now bye I have to sleep!! 😀
Love you all forever! 😉

Credit to: JYOTII


  1. Sonya

    Awesome start dear
    Looking forward to read more about the story
    I really liked how it’s totally diff from the serial
    The bond u had show between sanskaar , laksh and DP
    Is superb
    I’m pretty sure
    Swaragini won’t stay with their aunt lol
    Thanks for writing such a great ff

  2. Priyanka

    You nailed it. This usually happens when we want to accomplish our dreams we have to convince our parents a lot.?

  3. yashu

    woww!!!!!!!!!!!!! jyotii it’s really nice… i luved it…… please make swasan and raglak pairs……… pleazzzzzz…. bt it’s ur wish…

  4. Anjali

    Loved the beginning…??
    I read ur epilogue for rain spring and autumn test and the prologue for this.. but couldn’t comment…

    I loved that ff… will miss it a lot… and this ff… a very nice start….. waiting for the next..

  5. Loved it!!!!!!!!!!!
    U didn’t reveal the pairs..!! ?? I am shocked! Bt I knw them!! ??May be jo mai soch rahi hu woh sach hai..
    Uh.. anyways it was awsm as usual
    Love u!!????

  6. Sanky

    Why Swara signalled Ragini to say yes?? :O
    Something is cooking between them. Bdw loved this chappy and its name!! 😉

  7. Karishma

    Literally I love Ragini’s character here. Reveal d pairs soon. I guess its Swasan nd Raglak.

  8. Shine

    This is superb. Loved swaragini bonding with their father.???
    But what about d answer of my question that I asked in Prologue???

    • Jyotii

      Oopps Shine!! I am sorry!! Even I have forgot uhr question!! Will go back to tge prologue tmrw and I will pakka answer uhr question in d next chappy!??

  9. Anu

    What an amazing start! Really. Buddhi aunty! Hahaha. My sis Naina also calls our Chachi that 😛
    Its a secret x x
    Anyways, waiting for the next chappie 🙂
    I loved the siblings bond so much. Too refreshing after all the heavy drama in SR!!
    Love you!! ??

    • Jyotii

      Thankch Anu!
      Lol! I will always call my bua as Papa’s sister!! I never address her as bua!!??
      Hehehe!! I will reveal uhr secret!!???
      The bond between Swaragini is same as me n my dii!!??
      Love uh more!?

  10. sanjana

    Mast hai loved it waiting dor next episode update it tomorrow plz…. its a humble request. …

  11. Shona

    Really dii!!
    Chipkoo buddhi????
    I know why Swara winked ar Ragini to say yes cuz I known she will never stay with chipkoo buddhi!!????

  12. Meher

    Super se uper.
    Its very exciting.
    Next chapter is jodi milan right??
    M so genius!!??????

  13. Tanya

    Oopss!! I am late!! You know I was a bit busy!! Aunty woke you up at 5:30 n ew got up? unbelievable!!??
    Amazing start!! Love it!!
    Yes music!!!! Music is my soul!!!?????☺???

    • Jyotii

      Yes mom woke me up! She thought I have to study! How waa uhr birthday celebrations?? Music is our soul!???

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