Swaragini: You stole my heart Episode 7

Episode 7: Specialy for Ragsan fans

Before Lucky could answer, Twinkle and Yuvi entered shouting at eachother that her “boyfriend Sanky” and his “girlfriend Rags” are here in Meheswari Villa.

“Yuvi, my baby what are you doing here?” Ragini asked, while Twinsan were burning completely in jelousy, so Twinkle asked Sanskar: “Baby are we going out tonight for dinner?” “Yes, we are darling, I have a surprise for you.” Now, Yuvrag were burning in jealousy.” “I can smell something burning.” Laksh said. “I agree,
Lucky.” Swara laughingly said. “No, one is burning in here.” Angrily Ragsan answered back. “Calm down darlings.” Said Swalak. “Yeah, you guyses siblings are right.” Twiraj/Yuvle said.

“Twinkle be ready, I will pick you up at 8pm.” “Ok, baby.” After saying that Sanky wanted to go, but he got shocked and jealous seeing Rags hugging Yuvraj. “Can you guys please stop your romance for a minute and Yuvi, I need your help.” “Ok, I’m coming, see you later baby.” After few minutes Swalak made excuse, that they are working for an important project. Slowly Swara went to Sanky’s room and heard the conversation between Yuvi and Sanky, she taped it with her mobile and showed it Laksh.

Yuvsan convo
“Do you really love Ragini or are you just playing with her feelings?” “No, Sanky bro, I really love her, what about you and Twinkle.” “Twinkle is an amazing person, I really like her.” Both boys were trying to make one another jealous.

Lucky taped Ragle convo
“Are you really in love with Sanky?” “Yes, I really love him, but Yuvi isn’t a good guy for you.” “Why are you saying that Twinkle?” “Cause, he will play with your feelings as well as he played with mine.” The girls convo was different, they weren’t trying to make eachother jealous unlike the guys.

Swalak’s convo
“Our, plan is working, I’m so happy!” “Yes, Twiraj are good actors.” “Yes, they are and thanks for trusting me.” “Shona, I always trust you.”

Twiraj convo
“Yuvi, your acting is superb.” “Thanks, Twinkle your acting is not bad either.” “I hope Ragsan will realise their love and eachothers importance in their lives.” “Hope so too, fingers crossed.” “I need to tell you something, before I go to that “date” with Sanskar.” “I have to tell something as well.” Before they could say something to eachother, Ragsan shouted: “Are you guys ready, it’s alredy 8.” “Chill guys, we are coming.”

Ragsan convo
“Our plan is working.” An evil Sanky said. “Yes, it is!” “Swalak, are trying to bring us closer, by making us jealous, but they don’t know that we already are in love with eachother and are dating since a month.” “We know that Twiraj love eachother and Swalak as well, this date will help them to confess their love foreachother with the help of Mehbeer.” “Love you jaan.” “Love you too.”

Twiraj came and all went to the date. The date of Sanky was Twinkle, of Yuvi was Rags, Of Lucky was Meher anf of Abeer was Swara.

Swara and Laksh came unwillingly to the date, both were getting jealous of
eachothers date, they didn’t like the fact that they couldn’t be together in that date. Ragsan planned the venue really well, the first table was the same color as Ragsan’s blue clothes, the second table was the same color as Mehbeer’s white clothes, the third as Twiraj’s red clothes and the last but not the least Swalak’s table was a beautiful purple like their clothes. All were surprised, confused and happy, that they could date the person they love the most.

“The person, who planned this date is awesome.” Mehbeer, Twiraj and Swalak said together.”

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