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Hey guys…I’m back with another FF….But a Promo….I hope you like it….. I’m going to tell you that it’s Swasan FF before hand so there would be no confusion….So here it goes:

Dark night, rain drops, goons chasing two people, they run to save their lives, suddenly a bus comes in front of them, they board it and hide in the back seats.

Few minuets later:
The bus stops, the black cars surround the bus, the boy looks out and the girl worries.

Girl: What would we do? I don’t want to anymore….
Boy: You have to stay strong…nothing’s going to happen.

The goons come in, separate these two and the bus exploded…..

Who were they? Will love be able to unite these two? For more information do read Yevadu….

I hope it’s not confusing, um…Yevadu is my favourite movie and I would like to write an FF based on that…. Um..there would be something confusing…but I hope that confusion gets cleared soon.

Sanskaar: (Played by Parth Samthaan) is a cool, daring, dashing, sweet, cute and loves Swara a lot and would do anything for her.

Swara: She is sweet and innocent, she loves Sanskaar a lot. She is lusted by two most wanted and dreaded gangsters(don) Veeru and Social.

Sathya: (Played by Varun Kapoor) he is daring, dashing, handsome and a messiah to people, he is also loving and caring and loves his mother AP a lot.

Social: Dreaded and most wanted gangster, he murdered 48 people and since he saw Swara he has lost himself to her and lusts for her, Veeru and him are opposing gang leaders.

Veeru: He is also the most wanted and dreaded gangster, he is most wanted under smuggling and murdering, he lusts for Swara. He is opposing against Social.

AP: Mother of Sathya, she loves him a lot, wife of DP.

DP: A Dr, he is Sathyas father, he is strict and disciplined.

Laksh: Social Bhais main man…He is trusted by everyone.

Ragini: Swaras sister who was sent far away because of Veeru and Socials problem.

Billu: Veeru’s right hand…listens to everything and takes action, the leader of the goons and is scary..all the people are scared of him.

I know all of you must be thinking why Sanskaars character changed…well please do read this FF to find out more, don’t worry…. It’s a Swasan FF. I hope it’s not that confusing…. I’m just nervous.

Social – Gopinath Bhalla
Veeru – Sandeep Anand
Billu – Brahmanandam
Sanskaar – Parth Samthaan
Sathya – Varun Kapoor

I’m sorry if anythings confusing or the way that you don’t want it…
If you don’t want it then please do comment, I won’t feel bad.. I will appreciate it cause I know it’s confusing.


Credit to: Halima

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  1. Haven’t seen the movie but I’m looking forward to red ur FF

    1. Sorry *read

    2. Thanks…I hope you would want to watch the movie because of this FF as the movie is ???????

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