Swaragini (Yevadu) Promo + Intro


Hey guys…I’m back with another FF….But a Promo….I hope you like it….. I’m going to tell you that it’s Swasan FF before hand so there would be no confusion….So here it goes:

Dark night, rain drops, goons chasing two people, they run to save their lives, suddenly a bus comes in front of them, they board it and hide in the back seats.

Few minuets later:
The bus stops, the black cars surround the bus, the boy looks out and the girl worries.

Girl: What would we do? I don’t want to anymore….
Boy: You have to stay strong…nothing’s going to happen.

The goons come in, separate these two and the bus exploded…..

Who were they? Will love be able to unite these two? For more information do read Yevadu….

I hope it’s not confusing, um…Yevadu is my favourite movie and I would like to write an FF based on that…. Um..there would be something confusing…but I hope that confusion gets cleared soon.

Sanskaar: (Played by Parth Samthaan) is a cool, daring, dashing, sweet, cute and loves Swara a lot and would do anything for her.

Swara: She is sweet and innocent, she loves Sanskaar a lot. She is lusted by two most wanted and dreaded gangsters(don) Veeru and Social.

Sathya: (Played by Varun Kapoor) he is daring, dashing, handsome and a messiah to people, he is also loving and caring and loves his mother AP a lot.

Social: Dreaded and most wanted gangster, he murdered 48 people and since he saw Swara he has lost himself to her and lusts for her, Veeru and him are opposing gang leaders.

Veeru: He is also the most wanted and dreaded gangster, he is most wanted under smuggling and murdering, he lusts for Swara. He is opposing against Social.

AP: Mother of Sathya, she loves him a lot, wife of DP.

DP: A Dr, he is Sathyas father, he is strict and disciplined.

Laksh: Social Bhais main man…He is trusted by everyone.

Ragini: Swaras sister who was sent far away because of Veeru and Socials problem.

Billu: Veeru’s right hand…listens to everything and takes action, the leader of the goons and is scary..all the people are scared of him.

I know all of you must be thinking why Sanskaars character changed…well please do read this FF to find out more, don’t worry…. It’s a Swasan FF. I hope it’s not that confusing…. I’m just nervous.

Social – Gopinath Bhalla
Veeru – Sandeep Anand
Billu – Brahmanandam
Sanskaar – Parth Samthaan
Sathya – Varun Kapoor

I’m sorry if anythings confusing or the way that you don’t want it…
If you don’t want it then please do comment, I won’t feel bad.. I will appreciate it cause I know it’s confusing.


Credit to: Halima


  1. Aastha

    i also likes yevadu movie a lot. but u plotted this with some difference? i’m asking this bcos u mentioned rag as swa’s sis. rag is going to play kajal role? basically am a rag fan. rag will get any importance in this story? any way ur promo is rocking.

    • Halima

      Yes…. I will add some things different…meaning make my own up…Rags will come later….it’s abit of my version too….I know this is confusing….thanks Aastha


    grt i also love that movie. waiting for first episode. i know the story but still i love to read it. post soon.

    • Halima

      That’s what I was thinking but now I got it planned….Shruti Hassan Ka character would be played by someone…..I can’t reveal now even though you all can guess….

  3. sumeeta

    i watched film yevedu.and shruti hasan ka character ka kai hoga.concept is nice.egrly waittng

    • Halima

      Thanks Sumeeta….in the movie she was Charan’s lover and here…….but some twists and turns….ugh…it’s gunna be confusing.

  4. shan

    even i have seen dis movie….that movie was awesome…..i know even ur ff will b nice…..but i have a doubt….whether swara s kajal r shruthi???


    Hali dear sathya n swara izz pair naa
    i mean i dont understand swasan pair so would u pls tell

    • Halima

      Well if the transplant happens then Sanskaar (Parth) would get Sathyas(Varun) face and that’s how…. I know it’s confusing….

  6. Deeksha

    Gud…. R u from telangana or ap????? If you are saying it is like yevadu movie pls don’t transplant the face of Sanskaar and don’t kill swara…..

    • Halima

      It would be similar but there would be some changes…..I don’t know….I’m also confused on the face transplant part because in the movie Sathya had been transplanted Charan’s face…….so Sathya would be transplanted on Sanskaar…..? I don’t know….?☹️

  7. sanskriti ( die hard fan of swasan )

    Halima di chala bagundi pls continue r u from ap or Telangana even I like yevadu movie so much and thnx for swasan and di one request pls give subtitles in Telugu luv u di ?

    • Halima

      dhanyavaadhamulu Sanskriti……um…I’m not too good at Telugu but I will try….. Because I live in a different country….like European country….just nervous….

  8. harshita

    yevadu is my fav movie..i m nt a south indian..infact i m frm nrth india..thn also i watch almst all south indian movie nd i luv thm..allu arjun is my fav

    • Halima

      Same….Allu Arjun is my favourite and then it’s Ram Charan….. I hope you like this one and don’t find it confusing….Yevadu is also my favourite….. I watched all of Allu Arjuns movie…just waiting to watch S/O Satyamurthy….. I also watched Ram Charan’s……

  9. radha radhe

    hi i have seen this movie.and plz am requesting u, dont kill swara lyk kajal.

    • Halima

      Thank you for commenting Radhe Radhe…..I will add some changes as it would be a little similar…so I hope you understood??…but I hope you like it.

  10. Jannat

    I didn’t understand …y varun playing sathya’s character coz… according to movie sathya dies …means his face…. n the face which will be seen in all drama is of charan( parth )….

    it is bit confusing … i thnk I’m fully goes with movie thts y… bt i trust u…. n keep it up…
    waiting for 1 st epi…

    after all its my charan’s movie …

    • Halima

      Sanskaar is played by Parth,
      And Sathya would be played by Varun,

      According to the movie…. Satya comes back with Charan’s face….
      And in here Charan would be Varun and Sankaar would be Satya

      So Sanskaar (Parth) would come back with Satya(Varuns) face….

      I hope this helps….. Thanks Jannat

  11. jane

    I have seen this movie. Dont kill varun yaar. I know sanskar should be alive with sathyas face. I like the movie, and u pls add some change..ok. best of luck

  12. Meenu

    Wow awesome i have alsso watxhed this movie and i hope this ff will be also superb like that film

    • Halima

      Thanks Meenu….I also wish this FF would also be a super hit like the film even tho it would be no match as the film is super duper hit….I just hope you enjoy it but there would be some changes…..it’s not going to be exactly the same but it would be similar…?

  13. Hey i think there are so many telugu people here.i didn’t know it till now.are u making some changes or is it the same??bcz after watching the movie its difficult for me to imagine swasan in their places.

    • Halima

      I will be making some changes to it but it would be a little similar….thank you for commenting Sri Varsha….yes there are some Telugu, Tamil, Punjabi and others….I know it must be hard to imagine Swasan….because the movie had different Characters….. I just hope it doesn’t get confusing….and you like it….

  14. Cherri

    Hey this awesome, I love yevadu and I hope your FF encourages other people to go watch the awesome movie

    • Halima

      Thanks Cherri…. And Yh people…you better watch this awesome hit movie….and I hope my FF doesn’t get confusing… I will add little changes from the original 1….. I just hope people like it….

  15. Hope

    I’m an hard core RAM CHARAN fan..but if Swara is Kajal…she dies ryt? Or Shruti? Its confusing me… Plz…clear all my doubts…

    • Halima

      Thank you for commenting hope…Swara would be Kajal and you would know everything after you read it….there would be changes that I would be adding……

  16. Sree

    This is one of my favorite movie. Hope to read all about it in Swasan angle soon.

    I’m waiting for more..

  17. Cherri

    I hope you continue with this ff, I’m eagerly waiting for the first episode, please update soon

    • Halima

      I would be writing it but not now….maybe after 3rd of May…. I won’t take too long….thank you for commenting Cherri…

    • Halima

      Yh I will be….I won’t take too long but I will be uploading after 3rd of May…. I hop you don’t find this FF confusing….

    • Halima

      Thanks…..Yh I heard the song….it’s okay….thank you for liking and commenting…..

  18. Kritika

    Rlly r u kddng me, I love yevadu, ur gnna ruin the movie for me omg, I hate when people do this yaar

    • Halima

      Sorry Kritika….it is also my favourite movie….I thought to write an FF based on that….it’s gunna have some changes….it ain’t gunna be da same as da original 1….hope u change ur mind after reading it…..?

  19. Ray

    Awesome? It’s so good, I haven’t seen the movie but my sister loves it a lot, I hope this FF motivates me to watch the movie also not only me but the other people too. She also loves Allu Arjun and Ram Charan. She said to write: Best of luck and continue, I can’t wait for ur FF, it would be cool to see Swasan as the main lead and did you or are you adding changes? It would be good to imagine the new characters to play the roles but social? I can’t imagine him as a goon? Sandeep is still okay but Gopi?? It would be fun, can’t wait!!

    Also update soon!

    • Halima

      Thanks Ray….say thanks to your sister too and Yh it would be funny to see gopi aka social to act like a goon? I hope you enjoy it and don’t get confused…..

      • Halima

        Also tell her that Yh I will add some changes and it would be a little different from the original one and I hope u like it…..

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