Swaragini (Yevadu) Episode 6 *Last Episode*


Episode 6:

The episode starts with Sanskaar looking at DP,
Sanskaar: Can you take me to her house?
DP thinks,
Billu in his head: Wah, he’s even asking for the address…!
DP: Why?
Sanskaar: I need to know if she’s the one or not…
DP nods and they head out.
After a while…DP brings them to a flat, Sanskaar knocks and they wait for a while, someone opens the door and they go in. They see Ragini sitting on the sofa, Ragini looks back and Sanskaar gets shocked,
Sanskaar: She’s…
Just then Shekhar and Sumi come out which shocks Sanskaar,
Sanskaar in head: She’s Swaras sister…?
Billu gets shocked, Sumi and Shekhar get angry and shocked seeing him,
Billu in head: Arey, these are the other girls parents…
Billu looks around and gets shocked to see Swara and Raginis pictures.
Shekhar: Why are you here?!
Ragini: Maa, do you know them?
Sumi: Nahi…we were just asking…
Ragini: But Papa sounded….
Shekhar: Ragini… Go inside…
Sanskaar: Uncle…I want to talk to her…
Shekhar: Why and who are you?
Sanskaar: My name is…Sanskaar.
Sumi and Shekhar get shocked,
Shekhar: Sanskaar?
Sanskaar: Haa Uncle…Swara is alive…she’s here in Kolkata.
Sumi, Ragini and Shekhar get shocked.
Ragini: Di…what happened to Di?
Sumi: Beta you…you go inside..
Ragini: Nahi Maa, I…I want to know, is he the same Sanskaar that Di loved?
Sumi nods yes,
Shekhar: How can I believe you’re telling the truth?!
Sanskaar, DP ana Billu tell them and they get shocked. Sumi smiles,
Sumi: My Swara…she’s alive?
Billu nods yes and so does Sanskaar.
Sumi and Shekhar look at Sanskaar. They hug him and he hugs them back.
Sumi: I..I thought I lost you and Shona…
Ragini: What do I have to do?
They break the hug.
Sanskaar: Are you being followed?
Shekhar: Haa, that Kamina boy Lucky follows her around…despite telling him off, he doesn’t listen!
Sanskaar: I’ve got a plan…
Sanskaar shares his plan and it is muted, Sumi and Shekhar nod no but Ragini says okay, she then tells them, they think and nod okay, all smile.
Sanskaar: We will start from tomorrow?
Ragini smiles and puts her thumbs up and Sanskaar smiles.

Ragini comes out of the apartment, she is walking down and looks around nervously, Sanskaar hides his face and puts his thumbs up, she nods nervously and looks around, Sanskaar signals some men, they nod and walk up to Ragini and harass her, they pull her scarf down, she cries and shouts (fake) just then someone gets punched and falls back, all the goons get shocked and run away, even the one on the floor. Ragini looks at a guy that’s In front of her, Lucky is shown. He picks her bag and Scarf up and hands it to her, she takes it hurriedly and walks ahead,
Lucky: Ra…
Before he could complete his words, gets in the auto and leaves. Sanskaar sees this and smiles but gets angry remembering what Lucky had done. Laksh looks on sad.

After a while Ragini comes back, she sees Laksh sitting there and drinking tea in the stall. Sanskaar and Shekhar look from upstairs. Billu is seen sitting on the sofas relaxing. Ragini sees the time in her watch,
Ragini: He’s been here since 3 hours..?
She walks up to him,
Ragini: What the hell is your problem?! Can you stop following me! I already said I don’t like you and never will!
Lucky puts the cup on the board and stands up,
Lucky: Ragini…
Ragini: Wow…you even found out my name?! Please…I beg you…leave.
Ragini turns around, Lucky grabs her hand and pulls her closer, she gets shocked and looks at him,
Lucky (angrily): I like you…since the first time I saw you…can’t you get that? Look me in the eyes, you will see love for yourself…!!
Lucky pulls her closer and squeezes in her hand, Shekhar gets angry and was about to go when Sanskaar stops him.
Ragini looks at him with tears in her eyes, her hair flows on his cheeks, he then realises and let’s go, she looks at her hand and sees his prints. She leaves and Lucky looks on,
Lucky: Rag…
Ragini enters the building and he angrily kicks the bin.

Ragini sits in her room and thinks about it, Sanskaar enters,
Sanskaar: Are you okay?
Ragini: Haa, I’m okay…but I..I feel like I don’t like him…
Sanskaar: Don’t think about it and relax…are you sure you want to continue?
Ragini nods, Sanskaar then goes out while closing the door, Ragini stands up to shut the curtain and sees Laksh standing outside and looking up, she looks at the clock and says “Oh God…he’s been here since 8am and now it’s 9pm.
She then shuts the curtains.
Lucky receives a call and goes.

Lucky then reaches a place, he sees Social stressed out and sitting down.
Lucky: Bhai…
Social: Go FEED HER!! She’s not listening!
Lucky nods and takes the plate and heads to a room, the goons let him and he opens the door and enters and shuts it, Lucky then turns on the lights and a girl is seen in a wedding dress and is sitting on the floor,
Lucky: Bahbhi…
Girl: I’m not your Bhabhi!
The girl looks up and it’s none other than Swara, her eyes are red, it shows how much she cried. She’s in the same attire she separated from Sanskaar.
Lucky comes close but she picks up the knife and puts it on her wrist,
Swara: If you come closer then..I will cut my self!
Lucky: You have to eat…or else you will die.
Swara: I’ll rather die…when my Sanskaar isn’t with me then why shall I live?
Lucky comes closer and sits down facing her,
Lucky: If you don’t eat then Ragini…
Swara looks at him shockingly,
Swara then smiles: What will you do to her? You found out she was my sister…to threaten me you were going to use her but now…now I see love in your eyes for her…so how will you harm her when she became your life?!
Lucky gets shocked and looks on,
Swara: What?! What did you think that I will never find out? I found out the very first day you started liking her…I played along just to see whether you would change or not… I will never forgive you for what you did to my Sanskaar…but now I’m assure you would protect Ragini…!
Lucky: No…I…
Swara: Who would you lie to? Her sister? I know what true love is…I experienced it… And I know how much pain you feel when you get separated from your love and life…once I told you that you would go through the same pain right? I take that back…you can live with her happily.
Lucky gets emotional listening to Swaras word,
Lucky then let’s out a upsetting laugh and says “Only if she accepts me…”
Swara: Then make her accept nicely…she will come to you…she doesn’t like violence…change for her and she will accept you!
He then tries to feed her but she moves her head,
Lucky: At least have it for your Maa, Baba and Ragini…!
Swara looks there, she then takes a bite and tears fall out of her eyes.
Lucky: To be honest…I loved Ragini before knowing she’s your sister.
Swara looks at him, he starts feeding her and starts telling her.

It goes into a flashback when Ragini used to go college, Lucky saw her then and started feeling stuff for her… She always avoided him and rejected him, after he found that she doesn’t like him but likes someone else, he confronted her.
Ragini: Haa, I don’t like you and never will…just leave me alone! I don’t love you and never will! I love someone else!
She points at Satya(Varun) he then gets heart broken but happily accepted her decision and walked away, Ragini then takes a breath of relief and looks at Satya and says thank you…(haven’t talked yet)
End of Flashback.

Lucky finishes feeding Swara and she looks on,
Lucky stands up and leaves the water there and heads out.
Swara: Laksh…
Laksh turns around: Call me Lucky…
Swara: Get used to Laksh…reveal your real name to her and start a new life with her… She will also call you Laksh and good luck…I hope you get her…
Laksh nods and looks on emotionally, he then heads out and locks the door. Social comes there and sees the food from the plate missing and smiles,
Social: Good Lucky…again you have fed her. Thank you.
Lucky: It’s okay Bhai…
Laksh then leaves.

Ragini is trying to sleep but she can’t, she switched sides and then remembers Laksh and opens her eyes.
Ragini: Why am I remembering him? I hate him and I need to bring Di back at any cost…I need him to tell me and this is my mission.
She then relaxes and falls asleep.

Ragini wakes up and gets dressed, she comes out wearing a red Salwar with red leggings and red stole pinned on her shoulder, she is wearing sandals with her hair out.
Sanskaar: Do you know what to do for today?
Ragini: Haa Jeju…I need to befriend him.
Sanskaar: Jeju?
Ragini: Haa…anyways when Di comes back then you two are getting married.
Shekhar comes out: Of course…so why not already make relationship..?
Sanskaar smiles and nods, Billu comes out and sits on the seat.
DP comes there and they greet him.
Ragini: I’ll leave….
Sanskaar nods and Ragini heads out.
DP: Beta if you don’t mind then can you come with me…?
Sanskaar: Sure uncle…where?
DP: To the Baasti…
Sanskaar looks on, he then nods and heads out with DP and Billu.

Ragini walks down the streets, she suddenly slips on the Banana peel and screams but just on the right one Laksh comes and holds her, she closes her eyes, but later feels safe and opens her eyes, she then sees Laksh, he looks at her and makes her stand, he then smiles an starts walking away which shocks Ragini, she also starts walking away. Suddenly some goons come, they surround her, she looks on confused.
Ragini: Oh…did Sanskaar send you again?
Goon1: Who?
Ragini: It’s not good to do it again…it already happened yesterday…
One of the room holds her and and says “Ey…what you saying?!” Ragini gets nervous, the goon then takes her to the side, they surround her, goon2 takes her bag and starts searching, goon3 pins her to the wall, she gets shocked and cries, she tries jerking but can’t…
Ragini: Help! Help!
The goon3 was about to come closer but stops when goon1 taps his shoulder, Ragini closes her eyes and cries. Goon3 looks back and let’s go of her hand, Goon1,2,3 and 4 run away while dropping her bag, she opens her eyes and looks around, she sees Laksh and cries. She runs up to him and hugs him tight. He gets shocked and feels something. She continues crying. He starts feeling something. He tries breaking the hug but she hugs him tightly.
Laksh: Ragini…calm down…
Ragini closes her eyes and rests her head on his chest. He gets some random feelings, he hugs her back.
Laksh: You calm?
Ragini: Haa.
She breaks the hug and he looks at her, he wipes her tears and she looks on.
Ragini: Sorry…
She picks up her bag and starts walking,
Laksh: Your not in the state to go work…
She turns around and looks at him with tears in her eyes. He walks near her, she sniffs, he smiles.
Laksh: Come with me…
Ragini: Where…?
He grabs her hand and takes her somewhere.

Sanskaar reaches the Baasti, all get shocked and happy seeing him, they all tell him what has happened behind his back…he then goes to Socials mansion and his men get shocked, they move back and he enters with all of the people, even DP, then Social looks out and gets shocked, he then remembers the 100 million people coming at your door step. Swara stands up and feels something, Shekhar and Sumi come along with Sanskaar.
Social phones Lucky, Laksh gets shocked and heads there with Ragini.

Socials men’s run away, Billu reaches Social and slaps him across the face which shocks him. All start attacking, DP even angrily slaps Social, so does Sumi and Shekhar. Just then Laksh reaches there with Ragini, Ragini gets shocked seeing the situation. Sanskaar also feels Swara present. Laksh goes inside but gets beaten up by few of the people, Ragini is pained seeing him getting beaten up, he finally makes his way up. Laksh stands in front of Social…Sanskaar starts punching him and beating him up, Ragini turns around as she is not able to see him getting beaten up, Swara then opens the window and Ragini sees her, Ragini smiles and rushes up there. She then reaches Swaras room and opens it, Swara sees her and they share a hug…Swaragini plays.
Ragini: Di..come let’s go out..!
Ragini holds Swaras hand and runs out with her. They finally reach out and see loads of people beating Social up. Kuch to hai…starts playing in the BG….Ragini looks at Laksh who is bleeding. She feels like crying. Sanskaar punches Laksh but stops while seeing Swara, he gets happy and rushes to her, he touches her and hugs her which shocks her and she says “Sanskaar…?” Kuch to hai…continues playing….
Sanskaar breaks the hug and nods, Swara touches his face and cups it. She smiles and tears fall out of her eyes, DP comes up and tells her about him giving Sanskaar the face of his son Satya… Sanskaar and Swara hug. Ragini looks at Laksh who is getting beaten up. Just then Social gets stabbed and dies. They all cheer and jump in excitement.
Laksh sits down and wipes blood from his lips and nose. Shekhar and Sumi also hug Swara, Swara then looks at Ragini who is looking at Laksh…
Swara: Go…he loves you…
Ragini looks at her and she nods yes, Ragini looks at Sumi and Shekhar who look at Laksh and also nod yes…Sanskaar finally nods yes. Ragini then runs to him, he looks up, she has tears in her eye and he stands up, he then hugs him,
Ragini: I…I love you Laksh…
Laksh smiles and hugs her back tightly.
Kuch to hai….chorus starts playing….
Laksh: I love you too Ragini…from day 1.
Ragini: These 12 months have made me develop a feeling from you…

Shekhar and Sumi smile seeing them.

Then the show ends on a happy note where Laksh finds out he’s Sanskaar and hugs him, they forgive each other, then Raglak and Swasan are getting married and AP finds out and accepts Sanskaar as their son and Sanskaar has no parents. All are throwing flowers on them.

The END.

I hope you enjoy the last episode…sorry for such a delaying episode…I hope you like my changes added on Yevadu…thank you sooo much ??

Credit to: Halima

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