Swaragini (Yevadu) Episode 5


Episode 5:

The episode starts with Billu and Sanskaar sitting in the cafe,
Billu: So…when I killed you…Social came there and…..

It goes in to a flashback Billu makes Swara sit and stabs Sanskaar, he then gets out with Swara and burns the bus, Swara cries and shouts. Then Social comes with Lucky, they have a fight and social finally takes Swara and punches Billu and leaves, Billu then lies to Veeru that he killed Swara.
End of Flashback.

Sanskaar glares at Billu,
Sanskaar: Where are they?!
Billu: Why should I tell you?
Sankaar looks at him,
Billu laughs a little and says “I’ll take you there…” Sanskaar thinks and nods, Billu then thinks that he would survive if he helps him….
Sanskaar: We’re leaving today.
Billu: Okay, let me pack my stuff…
Billu stands up and was about to leave when Sanskaar grabs his shirt,
Sanskaar: You’re going like this! Let’s go!
Billu then forcibly nods.

After a while Billu and Sanskaar are walking towards the bus stand, Billu nervously looks at Sanskaar,
Billu in his head: I hope they’re in Kolkata, or else, he would kill me….
They sit in the bus. Billu looks outside the window and thinks.

After a while they reach Kolkata, Billu and Sanskaar step out.
Billu: Are you actually Sanskaar?
Sanskaar looks at him, then suddenly someone spots him and gets shocked, he says “Is he alive?”
Sanskaar: I am Sanskaar…! The Sanskaar who you stabbed! Who you burnt!
He was about to lift his shirt up when someone shoots, the bullet misses and Billu and Sanskaar look there, they see a man standing with a gun pointing towards Sanskaar, the guy then tries to shoot again but his bullets ran out, Sanskaar gets shocked and Billu is dumbstruck. The guy throws the gun and leaves. Sanskaar chases him and Billu realises and sees a tea man, he sits on the bench and orders a tea, he thinks “It would be good if that Sanskaar dies, at least I would be able to rest in peace!” Billu smiles.

Sanskaar and the guy are seen running, Sanskaar then throws the silver lota (pot??) and it makes the guy trip, he goes there and punches the guy and says “Who are you?! Why do you want to attack me?!”

Billu was about to drink his tea when he gets shoved, his tea spills and the cup falls on the floor. Billu angrily stand up “Hey…were you…!” Billu stops and sees the guy shot and on the floor while Sanskaar has gun in his hand, Billu gulps and forces a smile and says “Bhai…you? Who was he?” Sanskaar says “That’s what I wanted to ask you, do you know him?!” Billu hurriedly nods no.
Sanskaar: At least look at him..
Billu: If you seen then I have seen.
Sanskaar: Hmm…from Ey, to Bhai?
Billu: I need to repent for my mistakes, I’m glad you gave me one more chance…
Sanskaar nods, he then goes away with Billu and thinks why that guy wants to attack him.
Sanskaar then see a hospital and touches his face, he remembers DP.
Sanskaar: Come…
Billu: Where?
Sanskaar: To find out why that guy attacked me.
Billu and Sanskaar head towards the city hospital.

After a while Sanskaar rings DP, DP picks it up, (he is in the hospital and the phone he picked up is a hospital phone)
DP: Hello?
Sanskaar: It’s me Sanskaar, I’m waiting outside the hospital, I will meet you there….
Sanskaar cuts the call and DP realises and rushes out.

DP reaches outside the hospital and sees Sanskaar standing there, DP then takes Sanskaar and Billu to his house and in his room.
DP: My family are gone to a temple in Shimla, this would be a great place to talk.
Billu: Who were they and why did they attack Sanskaar?
DP then looks on, he turns around and takes a picture out of the drawer, he hands it to Billu and Billu and Sanskaar see the picture and look on. The picture is of Satya (Varun).
Sanskaar: This…
DP looks outside the window,
DP: Haa, this is my son, Satya. I have given you the face of my son, people’s messiah and this family’s beta. I gave you the face of someone who is most wanted here and who was killed and murdered brutally.
Billu and Sanskaar looks at DP.

DP starts telling and it goes into a flashback. A college is shown and inside their a basket ball game is happening, there’s a boy who everyone are cheering for, he is wearing red bib with a 9 shaped on the back in white. All are shouting and cheering “Satya! Satya!” The opposing team glare at that boy, he tackles the ball and makes a score and the game finishes, all the team members run to him and hug him, they even pick him up and spin him, his smiling face is shown and it’s none other than Satya (Varun) all the college cherish in happiness. He waves at all of them and they wave back, some girls send flying kisses to him. “The winner of this game and the actually deserver of this trophy is….St Xavier’s…” A voice had been heard from the stage. DP and the family are clapping, DP is a little angry. Satya (Varun) and his team get awarded gold medals and a trophy.

After getting changed, Satya comes out and hugs AP,
DP: Annapurna…if your son worked hard in studies then….
Satya: Come on dad.. At least be happy for me today? Look I got gold medal and sport is my life….
DP: You could’ve became a Dr like me or a lawyer, but no…you had to choose this…!
Satya: Smile Papa…now shall we go?
Sujata: Wow Chore, you were so good out there, I hope you don’t get jinxed…..
RP: Sujata, you can talk about this at home also, should we leave?
Sujata makes a face and nods yes.
They nod and leave.

The next day in college, Satyas(Varun) friend had a fight with some people, Satya beats them up and they start fearing him.
After a while his friends start liking a girl.
F1: Satya…listen.
Satya: What?
F2: I like a girl…
F1: I like her! Have shame, she’s your Bahbhi.
F2: No, she’s your Bahbhi!
F1: I saw her first! So she’s mine!
F2: So? If I saw your trousers first then would they be mine?
F1: No, they’re mine…
F2: And she isn’t yours!
Satya: Stop it guys! What’s happened? I got the part that you both like the same girl but..at least show her to me…
They nod, just then they see her and point there,
F1: Satya!

F2: She’s there….
Satya looks up slowly and the wind blows and makes sound, as he slowly looks up he notices a long purple and white traditional dress worn (Anarkali suit), he hurriedly looks up and looks on, he sees her talking and gets mesmerised, everything stops and a smile appears on his face.
Satya (lost): Which one?
F1+2: The one in the Anarkali suit!
They then look at each other, Satya also realises and looks on.
Satya: Well she’s not going to like any of you, so tuff luck, bye.
Satya leaves.

After few hours he starts talking to her and starts befriending her,
Satya: What’s your name?
Girl: Ragini, u?

Satya: Satya.
Ragini smiles and leaves and Satya smiles and looks on.

After few days they start liking each other and on that day one of Satyas friend gets killed, he gets informed and is shocked, he reaches there. He sees the father crying,
Satya: Uncle….
Father: My son died…he killed my son…how dare he….I’m so unlucky that I can’t even do my sons final ritual.
Satya looks on, he holds his fist,
Satya: Where’s the body?
They all look at him,
Man: It’s not easy as you think! He would kill you also!
Satya: Just tell me! And who was it?
Father: So..social Bhai…

After a while a Satya kicks the gate door open, the men come forward to attack but Satya defeats them, Social comes out,
Satya: Why did you kill him?
Social laughs,
Social: I kill whoever I want! Kill him! (To his men)
More men approach Satya(Varun) and he beats them, Social gets shocked.
Satya: You’re very proud of this right? Watch when I…all of them
Will stop fearing you and kill you! Today he came but one day millions would come to kill you!
Satya picks his friends body up and takes it out while looking angry,
Social tells his men to find out who he is.

Satya brings his friends body, the father gets happy, after a while the final ritual is completed, all are quiet and are staring in space and thinking.
Satya: Who is social?
They look at him,
Satya: He killed my friend, I will kill him!
All get shocked,
Man1: Are you crazy? Do you even know what you’re saying? Do you know who he is?
Satya nods no, they then start telling him the story, so it started off with this colony being a happy and peaceful colony until social came and took the whole place and built his mansion, he started to terrorise the people and later killed many who rebelled against him.

Man: Now he wants to sell our basti for money! We have nowhere to go.
Satya: Do you know what the problem is? That you all are letting that monster win by fearing, overtake that fear and fight him!
Father: Not everyone’s brave like you!
The father stands up, people call him crazy and leave, he looks on.

He goes home and thinks about something all night.

The second day he comes there, all of them ignore him, Social also reaches there, he steps out of the jeep and glares at Staya, Satya glares back.
Social: You don’t know who the kin is of this place! So it’s better if you keep your mouth shut!
Satya: You can’t terrorise these people anymore, your chapter would end soon!
Social gets angry, he signals his men but they don’t go forward.
Satya: They will awaken their inner voice and one day they will rule this place and you will cry, change before its too late!
Social: Ey!
Satya: Lower your voice!
All get shocked,
The friends father comes: Sir…mind him, he’s new, he doesn’t know anything, just pardon him.
Satya: Why are you apologising to your sons murderer? Punish him uncle, he killed your only child, your only heir.
The father slaps Satya and Social gets happy.

Satya: You know what, I though I help you all fight this monster but you…you all will never come out of his fear! Die like everyone else did! Why can’t you take a stand? Where there’s no fear, there’s no evil, destroy the fear in your life and learn to fight it, you can’t always fear…you won’t get anything from life!
Satya moves back and everyone think, Satya brings a child out,
Satya: What would you want to do to him?
The child looks at him, he then remembers his father dying,
Social clicks his fingers and acts as if he’s bored or tired.
Child (angrily): I would throw this rock at him! (Points at the Rock)
Satya: Really? But would your parents let you?
Child: He killed my dad! He made me and orphan, I hate him!
Social gets shocked.

Satya: Even this child hate you! (Looks at the child) go..hit him and not only you…everyone!
The child picks the rock up, Social and Satya look at him, the child throws it and shocks everyone, people then think and nod, they start beating Social and his men up. Satya smiles.

After social and his men get beaten up, the people cheer and call Satya their messiah. Social gets angry, he then gets called by Lucky saying that Swara has a boyfriend. Social gets Shocked, he then disconnects the phone and remembers how he met Swara. 1 month ago Swara came for Kolkata for a project, she finishes and Social tells lucky to go after her and get her.

After a while he receives a call saying Satyas gone to Howrah and is coming back in 2 days.

2 days later the bus leaves from Howrah, inside there was Swasan at the back seat and Satya in the front. Then the car gets stopped and goons come in, Satya stands up and starts beating them up, Sanskaar(Parth) was about to go but Swara stops him. Satya vests of the bus and starts fighting. Billu also reaches there and empties the bus. Sanskaar(Parth) fights but gets stabbed. Satya(Varun) also gets stabbed. After burning the bus Satya(Varun) stops Billu but from behind Social shoots him 4 times and Satya (Varun) dies.
After receiving Satyas body, Ragini is lifeless, she then walks on the road and meets with an accident.
End of Flashback.

Billu and Sanskaar (Varun) look at each other,
Sanskaar: Ugh! I was on the same bus as your son but still could t save him!
DP takes his glasses of and wipes his tears,
Billu: What happened to his lover?
Sanskaar looks at Billu,
DP: She lost her memory after the accident, she doesn’t no anything.
Billu: What’s her name?
Sanskaar: Billu…!
DP turns around: Ragini…
Sanskaar thinks: Ragini Gadodia?
DP thinks and nods,
Sanskaar: Do you have a picture of her?
Billu in his head: He told me to keep quiet and now he’s asking for a photo?! What a problem man…
DP: It must be in the drawer.
Sanskaar goes to the drawer and takes a picture out, he shows DP and he nods yes, Sanskaar looks on shocked.

Precap: Sanskaar decides to meet Ragini….DP takes him to her flat. Sanskaar gets shocked….

Thank you for liking and sorry for a long and late update…hope you like it.

Sanskaar: Varun Kapoor
Social: Gopinath Bhalla
Billu: Brahmanandam

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Credit to: Halima

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