Swaragini (Yevadu) Episode 4


Episode 4:
The episode begins with Bhalu coming out of the mansion, he sees Billu standing and thinking,
Bhalu: Who was it?
Billu: I never seen him before….he seems new.
Bhalu: Come with me….get his sketch ready.
Billu: Nai….I’m going to find him my self… I don’t and never will need your help!
Bhalu: Fine…when you can’t find him then you would come back to me!
Billu: My shoe won’t even come to you!
Bhalu leaves and Billu looks on angrily and says “He thinks he’s hard….trying to impress Bhai and get my position…no! I wish he dies!” Just then one of the man comes.
Man: Bhai…we can get his address of that girl….what’s her name?
Billu: Shruti….
Man: Haa.
Billu thinks and nods, they sit in the car and leave.
Bhalu is walking down on the road, as his car broke down and he has no other transport, Sanskaar(Varun) sees him and smirks,
Sanskaar: Inspector Sarvansh Bhalu Suryavanshi….your game is up!
It goes into a flashback when Sanskaar

Bhalu suddenly trips and Sanskaar(Varun) helps him up,
Sanskaar: Are you okay Dada? (Brother)
Bhalu: Haa, thanks, nowaday people would laugh instead of helping…
Sanskaar: Are you the same Bhalu Sir that was in the news….corrupted….
Bhalu: No….that was…that was my brother…my name is Vishnu….
Sanskaar: Oh….any ways, can you tell your brother Bhalu that I wanted to file a complain…..
Sanskaar and Bhalu start walking,
Bhalu: About what?
Sanskaar: My friends have been missing since 3 days and……

Bhalu: What’s their names?
Sanskaar: Well Vishnu Dada….do tell Bhalu sir….their names are Swara and Sanskaar…. I need to go….
Bhalu: Have you got their picture?
Sanskaar(Varun) takes his phone out, he shows the picture to Bhalu and Bhalu gets shocked and Sanskaar smiles, Sanskaar takes his phone.
Sanskaar: Sir I need to go….
Bhalu nods and Sanskaar walks ahead, Bhalu thinks to follow Sanskaar. Bhalu follows Sanskaar and calls Veeru.
Veeru: Hello!
Bhalu: Bhai….you know 10 months ago a boy and Swara…..
Veeru remembers and gets angry and says “How dare you?! You shouldn’t dig up the past! Now tell…what?!”
Bhalu: Bhai….a boy came and said that they are being missing since 3 days…
Veeru gets shocked,
Veeru: How can you be sure it was them?

Bhalu: Bhai…he showed me a picture….
Veeru: Follow him and send me the address…..
Bhalu: Okay bhai…
Bhalu disconnects the phone, he sees Sanskaar missing and looks around, he reaches a deserted place. Sanskaar(Varun) comes from behind and taps his shoulder, Bhalu shockingly turns around,
Bhalu: You…? Where are we?
Sanskaar: Why were you following me?
Bhalu: Nahi toh….I was just walking.
Sanskaar: Achcha…wait, read this letter, would it be okay?
Sanskaar gives a letter to Bhalu, Bhalu then reads it and gets shocked, Sanskaar gets his gun out. Bhalu gets more shocked.
Bhalu: Who…who are you and why are you doing this…?

Sanskaar takes the letter and puts it in Bhalus pocket, Bhalu moves back and Sanskaar(Varun) moves forward, Bhalu continuously moves back not knowing that there is a cliff behind, he then falls back and Sanskaar looks on angrily, Sanskaar shouts I’m Sanskaar. Bhalu falls and dies.
2 days later:
The police and Veeru finds out Bhalu is dead, the police also find a letter which had said that Bhalu committed suicide because he couldn’t become a loyal officer and he had betrayed the citizens and his motherland. Veeru becomes suspicious and suspects Billu as Billu had hated him.
Sanskaar then calls Veeru on an unknown number, Veeru picks it up,
Sanskaar (Firm): I had killed your man Bhalu….want to know who I am? Then come to where I text you!
Sanskaar disconnects the phone and Veeru looks on,
Billu: What happened Bhai?

Veeru: You didn’t kill Bhalu….
Billu: That’s what I have been saying…why would I kill that rotten…..
Before Billu could complete his sentence, Veeru receives a text message and rushes out with Billu and his men.
They reach the place where Sanskaar and Swara had died, Billu and two of the goons only remember, Sanskaar comes out and they look at him.
Veeru: Who are you?
Billu: Bhai…he’s the same guy that….news spreader…..
Sanskaar: Sanskaar….
Billu gets shocked. Veeru looks on,
Veeru: Who? Swaras lover?
Veeru laughs while Billu laughs nervously.

Sanskaar: Did you kill my Swara or not?!
Veeru: Haa, she died and its good she died,,,that characterless women….
Sanskaar gets angry and shoots Veeru 6 times which shocks Billu and the men, Veeru falls on the floor and dies. The men start running, Sanskaar looks there, he shoots the two men that helped kill Swara. Billu also runs while looking back, he then stops with a sudden jerk as he sees Sanskaar (Varun) in front of him.
Sanskaar: So you were the one who slid that knife on Swaras neck and stabbed me?
Billu is standing numb, he cant even move, Sanskaar points the gun on Billus head and he widens his eyes, after a while he closes his eyes,
Billu: Please don’t kill me….Vinanndi….(Listen)
Sanskaar: Did you listen when I told you? No so why should I?
Billu starts sweating and Sanskaar was about to pull the trigger when Billu says “No…she’s al..alive…Swara is alive…” Sanskaar puts the gun down and looks on shocked, Billu opens his eyes and lets out a sigh. Sanskaar gets a call and picks it up,
Shruti: Thank you Dada…. Me and Akhil got together because of you…

Sanskaar: Haa…thank you…take care.
Sanskaar disconnects the phone and looks at Billu. Billu fake smiles.

Precap: Billu tells him what happened….Sanskaar gets attacked….Billu decided to help Sanskaar in order to remain alive….

Thank you for liking….I hope you continue liking….
Sanskaar: Varun Kapoor
Veeru: Sandeep Anand
Billu: Brahmanandam
Social: Gopinath Bhalla

Bhalu: Siddharth Roy Kapoor

Credit to: Halima

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