Swaragini (Yevadu) Episode 3


Episode 3:

The episode begins 10 months later, Kolkata is shown and then the city hospital. Inside that hospital a man is lying down with his face covered with bandages. Images of Swara started appearing in his head…then the incident and as soon as the explosion happened, he wakes up with a sudden jerk and shouts “Swara!”

The nurses and ward boy come in,
Ward boy: Call Dr Maheshwari….!
One of the nurse runs out….
The man: Swara…I want to go to Swara!
The nurses and ward boy tries to calm him down.

Then a mansion is shown, inside that mansion a man is sitting down and taking sips of his tea…as soon as he stopped, his phone started to buzz, he picked it up. His face is shown and it’s none other than DP:
DP: Yes…?
He gets shocked,
DP: Yes…I’m coming….
DP goes out….after a while he reaches the hospital.

He opens the door and sees the boy lying down.
Ward boy: Sir…we gave him injection.
DP: Good…now prepare to open the bandages.
Ward boy nods and asks the nurse to bring the equipments.
DP starts cutting the bandage and opening it, finally he opens it and looks at him….he smiles and gets emotional.

After an hour:
The boy slowly opens his eyes and says Swara….
Nurse: Sir…what is your name?
Boy: Sanskaar…how…what…?
Sanskaar sits up,
(Only the nurse is shown and not Sanskaars face)

Nurse: Sir…you were found in the bus…you were willing to survive so Dr Maheshwari..he helped you…
It goes into a flashback when the ambulance found him, they checked his breathing and he was still breathing, they took him to the hospital, half of his face was burnt and they decided to call DP, DP came, examined him and decided to take his responsibility and did the operation….10 months later now…end of flashback.

Sanskaar: What about Swara…?
Nurse: Sorry sir…there was only you there…no one else….
Sanskaar gets shocked and angry.
DP walks in,
DP: Mirror!
The ward boy brings the mirror and puts it in front of Sanskaar, he gets shocked to see his face, he touches it, then his face is shown….in the mirror too. (Varun)
Sanskaar: M…?
He couldn’t get his words out…

He looks at DP,
DP: Your face was burnt and….
He then gets called for an emergency.
DP: I will catch you later…sister, take care of him….
DP leaves and Sanskaar (Varun now) keeps on looking at his face from the mirror.

After a few hours:
The nurse comes in and gets shocked, she calls DP and DP rushes there and sees him missing, he walks forward, he sees a note and reads it.
Note – I’m sorry I’m leaving without telling you….thank you for saving my life but I have to do some important work….I can’t leave that…I really appreciate what you had did for me..thank you.
From Sanskaar.

DP gets shocked and shouts “No! Go find him! I want him at any cost!” The nurses and ward boy head out, DP looks on.

Then Sanskaar(Varun) is shown on a bus leaving on the window. A sign is shown and it says ‘Howrah…5 miles away’.
After a while…..he reaches Howrah and steps down from the bus and the bus leaves.

Sanskaar reaches his house and sees the name plate which says Swasan…. He then remembers Swara putting it up,
Swara: Swasan…sounds good Na?
Sanskaar (Parth) smiles and nods.
End of FB.

He was about to head in when he sees a man exiting….he gets confused. He rings the doorbell and sees a man open it.
Man: What do you want?
Sanskaar: Who are you?
Man: I’m Sanskaar….! Why? Who are you?
Sanskaar(Varun) looks on,
Sanskaar: I’m Sanskaars friend.
The man gets shocked,
Man in his head: He’s Sanskaars friend? Oh god…meaning he knows I’m not Sanskaar.
Man (loud): Oh….your Sanskaars friend? Hmm…I’m Sanskaars Chacha by the way…
Sanskaar(Varun) looks at him.
Man: Haa, I brought him up and he used to play in my lap since he was 3…. Anyways come in.

They enter,
Man: Well you’re staying here for 2 days and after that…I want you to leave!
Sanskaar (Varun) ignores him and pulls a book which opens the shelf, the man gets shocked,
Man: Oh…Sanskaar told you about this room too? He can’t keep anything in his tummy.
The man then fake laughs.
Man: What’s your name?
Sanskaar: Sa….Lakshman.
Man: Oh…Lakshman…Hm.
Sanskaar(Varun) ignores him and enters the room and shuts the door, he then looks around, he sees his and Swaras picture and wipes the dirt.
Sanskaar(Varun): Why did you leave me Swara…?

He puts the photo down and gets some photo out, there is a photo of Laksh, Billu, Veeru and Bhalu (one of the police officer that helped Veeru), he also has a black paper which has socials name written but with a question mark as he has never seen his face.

After few days….he starts making plans….tracks Veeru and his men’s….he plans to kill them first….

Sanskaar(Varun) is walking down, he sees a girl running,
Girl: Help…please….those men…
She turns around and sees the men glaring at her.
Sanskaar(Varun): Leave her!
The men try to attack Sanskaar(Varun) and he fights with them…the girl gets happy. After a while the men run.
Sanskaar(Varun) turns to her: Are you okay?
The girls nods yes,
Girl: Thank you….
Sanskaar(Varun): Anyways why were they after you?
Girl: Where shall I start from? This don…Veeru Bhai….he started liking me…he saw me in the hotel…so…my boyfriend was talking to another girl to make me jealous, so I decided that I would make him jealous too….so I went up to Veeru after he got out of the swimming pool and asked to take pictures with him, he noded yes and I took the picture to make my BF jealous and now….he beat my BF up and my BF isn’t talking to me…
Sanskaar(Varun) looks on and nods, he then gets a plan.
Sanskaar(Varun): What’s your name?
Girl: Shruti….
Sanskaar: Shruti….nice name…what’s your BFs name?
Shruti: Akhil.
Sanskaar: Akhil…hmm…do you want Akhil or Veeru?
Shruti: Obvio Akhil…I love him…I hate Veeru…
Sanskaar: I’ll help you if you help me….
Shruti: What do I have to do?
Sanskaar: You have to help me take revenge from Veeru….
Shruti: What did he do?
Sanskaar: I’ll tell you at the end….
Shruti thinks,
Shruti: How can I trust you?
Sanskaar: I can help you get rid of Veeru….
Shruti: Okay…but….
Sanskaar: You can call me Dada..or Bhai…I’m like your brother….
Shruti feels convinced,
Sanskaar: But not in front of them…
Shruti nods and he tells her the plan. It’s muted….Shruti nods and he makes her understand, she put her thumbs up and smiles, Sanskaar(Varun) also smiles a little.

After a while….in a cafe….
Shruti and Sanskaar are sitting and talking, a black car comes there.
Shruti: Bhai…the car came…let me guess, first that gol gappa would come out. Billu steps out with his black glasses on.
Shruti: Now that Kala haathi (Black elephant)
A guy comes out with black long hair and black shirt, he is tall and buff ??? (Strong only Haa, not….)
Shruti: Then Chotu….
A small guy steps out, he has muscles too.
Shruti: Last and final…Rotten gulab jaman who shows off a lot…
A guy with big muscles comes out and smiles, has one teeth missing and the rest are dark.

Sanskaar: Good….are they coming here?
Shruti ignores them and says Haa.
Sanskaar stands up and walks towards them.
Haathi: Bhai…he’s coming here…
Billu: Haa, let him come!
Sanskaar reaches there,
Billu leans to his car and says: What?!
Sanskaar: Why are you teasing my girlfriend…who are you? Are you Bhalu?
Billu: No…I’m Billu!
Sanskaar: No…you’re Bhalu….
Billu: I said I am Billu!
Sanskaar: Oh….sorry Billu!
Sanskaar (Varun) remembers Billu stabbing him and holding Swara with a knife pointing her neck. He controls his anger.
Sanskaar: Anyways…Billu…where is Bhalu…?
Billu: What’s it to you?! He must be in his station.
Sanskaar: Haa, he wouldn’t take my complaint.
Billu: What complaint?
Sanskaar: Of my girlfriend getting harassed by Veeru.
Billu: Ey! With respect! Call him Veeru Bhai…! Anyways if Bhalu is with us then how can he support you?

Sanskaar (Varun) then has a flashback….10 months before: when him and Swara were running, they went to the police station…after they had there complain filed…Bhalu assured them that nothing will happen, then they started running more…Bhalu smirked. When they stopped the bus and sat at the back… Bhalu called them and asked where they were, Sanskaar told him that they are in a bus which is heading towards Kolkata…. After a while the goons reach them and attack them, it happens to be that Bhalu had informed them as before breathing his last…he heard Bhalu and saw him laughing with Billu and Laksh.
End of FB….

Billu: Ey! Where u lost?
Sanskaar(Varun): Oh nowhere…so I’ll just talk to the commissioner….
Billu: The commissioner wouldn’t do anything.
Sanskaar: Why?
Billu: The commissioner is out of the city and is in our favour.
Sanskaar smiles,
Sanskaar: Who’s men are you again?
Billu: Veeru Bhais.
Sanskaar: Okay…
Billu: Hear one thing….once Bhai has chose a girl…he would get her at any cost…..if he can…
Before Billu completes his sentence he gets a call. Sanskaar(Varun) turns around and leaves, Billu gets shocked and turns around, he sees him gone.

In the cafe, the video is playing….Shruti gets happy while the people get shocked.

Billu reaches home, he has his head down and sees Veeru sitting down Goulding his head with his eyes closed and is angry. Bhalu is also there, he is angry.
Bhalu: What is this?!
Billu: I didn’t know…Bhai…
Veeru angrily stands up and slaps Billu.
Veeru: Enough! You useless fellow! You can’t even do a single thing properly!
Billu gets embarrassed and closes his eyes, just then Sanskaar(Varun)’s image pops up.
Bhalu: I will handle ur bhai…we will say Billu is gone crazy….
Billu: Why do you want to make me go crazy? You wouldn’t be in this position is it wasn’t for me…don’t forget that!
Bhalu: It was Bhais mercy…you were nothing!
Bhalu and Billu glare at each other.
Billu: Bhai…it was that boy…he had recorded it and sent it…i….
Veeru: Then why are you here?! I WANT that BOY!!
Billu and the men run out, Veeru gets angry and shoots one of his men. Bhalu gets scared.
Bhalu: Bhai…I’ll also help them search.
Bhalu rushes out.

The episode ends on Veeru’s angry face.

Precap: Sanskaar(Varun) kills Bhalu…

Thank you for liking….I hope today’s episode doesn’t get confusing….I hope you continue liking and do comment to let me know how the story is going so far….thank you ?

I have added some changes and some of my own ideas…..

Sanskaar: Varun Kapoor
Social – Gopinath Bhalla
Veeru – Sandeep Anand
Billu – Brahmanandam

Man(tenant…Sanskaars so called Chacha) – Deven Bhojani

Shruti – Kritika Kamra
Akhil…??? (I’ll decide and tell…any suggestions…????)

Thank you??

Credit to: Halima

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