Swaragini (Yevadu) Episode 2


Episode 2:

I’m not too gud and Telugu….sorry…I’m not too good in Bengali either….hope you enjoy.


The episode starts with Lucky and Billu looking, then Swara and Sanskaar (Parth) are seen running down the valley,
Swara: Sanskaar….
Sanskaar: No…lets go…you wouldn’t let me fight and now you’re not even running.
Swara: Haa, it’s all my fault isn’t if?!
Sanskaar: Haa, it’s your fault! Why are you so beautiful?
Swara: Because God made me….
Sanskaar: For me.
Swara and Sanskaar have an eyelock, suddenly a goon spots them and shouts Billu Bhai!
Billu hears him and rushes towards the place where that sound was coming from. Lucky also follows.
Sanskaar looks back at the goon, he then turns around and sees Billu and Lucky in front of him.
Lucky: Haath Chodh! (Leave her hand!)
Sanskaar: Not till I die!
Billu: You’re so fond of dying! I’ll show you how it feels!
Sanskaar: Show then…
Billu takes out a gun, Sanskaar(Parth) was about to go to fight but Swara stops him and nods no.

Then a goon comes from behind and attacks but Sanskaar(Parth) holds his hand and bends it, Swara gets shocked, Sanskaar turns around and punches him and he goes flying. Sanskaar turns around and finds Billu, Lucky and Swara missing,
Sanskaar: Swara..?!
Lucky and holds Swara and forces her, Billu ans him argue,
Billu: Ey! Give me our Bhabhi!
Lucky: First let her marry Social Bhai!
Lucky gets a call and he picks it up,
Lucky: Hello…Bhai…..?
Social: Where is she?
Lucky: Bhai…Āme….(She’s)
Lucky turns around and sees her missing,
Social: What happened?
Lucky: Ēmī…..(nothing)
Social: I’m coming there..in fact I reached Howrah…
Social disconnects the phone and Laksh looks on.

Billu is seen taking Swara, Swara is trying to free her hand,
Swara: Please leave me….Bhai…soddarudu(brother)…
Billu looks at her,
Billu: You can call me that after you marry my Bhai….until then sorry…

Sanskaar reaches there and shouts Swara….
Swara hears him and shouts Sanskaar back but Billu covers her mouth, Sanskaar hears her and walks towards there.
Sanskaar: Swara..where are you?
Swara is on the other side of the wall, Billu signals his men but the nod no, Swara cries and Sanskaar feels her, he then walks there and Billu quickly lets go.
Swara runs to him, Sanskaar was angry and was about to go hit Billu but Swara nods no and he starts running with her.

Then more goons come from Social and Veeru’s side….

Lucky finds Billu,
Laksh: Oye! Where is she?!
Billu: What’s it to you?!
Lucky: Saale! How dare you huh?
Billu: Dare what? What would you do? You can’t even afford clothes and….
Laksh: cālu! (Enough!) you….
Laksh was about to slap Billu when a goon comes and tells Laksh that they are heading towards the bus stand.

Swara and Sanskaar are still running,
Sanskaar: I had enough…I can’t run, let me fight them and solve the problem….
Swara: Violence isn’t always the answer, if anything happens to you..then what?
Sanskaar: Shona…nothing will happen to me…
Swara and Sanskaar (Parth) hug, they then see a bus and Sanskaar breaks the hug and stops it, Sanskaar talks to the conductor and the driver, they nod yes and Swara and Sanskaar board the bus.
They rush to the back seat and sit down.

After a while the bus stops with a sudden jerk, black cars are surrounding the bus. Sanskaar (Parth) was about to go when Swara touches his shoulder and stops him, he moves back.
Then Lucky walks in and so does Billu,
Billu: Everyone..Khaaliigaa the bus!
All rush out, even the conductor and driver, Swara and Sanskaar finally caught Luckys eyes. Sanskaar stands up, Laksh punched him and they start fighting, Billu goes to Swara,
Billu: Bhabhi Ji….what is this?
Swara: Mīru telusu…. Mīru nāku tākaḍaṁ dvārā porapāṭu?! (Do you know….you made a mistake by touching me?!)
Billu looks at her: Arey, Bengalan speaking Telugu? Wow, you learnt it for Veeru Bhai right?
Swara: Sannkhya! (No) Nā Sanskaar kōsamm nērcukunna! (I learnt it for my Sanskaar!)
Billu looks on, he then turns and sees Lucky and Sanskaar(Parth) fighting.
Billu: Āpu! (Stop!)
Sanskaar turns around and Laksh looks there, they see Billu holding a dagger on Swaras neck.
Sanskaar gets shocked: No…please leave her.
The men come in and start beating Sanskaar up,
Billu: If she can’t become Veeru Bhais then she can’t become anyone’s!
Lucky: Ey! Are you crazy?!
Sanskaar: Leave her…please…
Before Sanskaar could complete his sentence, he gets stabbed by Lucky, then Billu slides his knife and comes towards Sanskaar and stab a him, Sanskaar (Parth) gets stabbed 6 times and faints. Tears escape his eyes, the goons set fire on the bus and leave, the bus explodes and Billu walks out. Episode ends on Billis smirking face.

Precap: 10 months later…. In Kolkata…..

Thank you for liking…..

Credit to: Halima

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  1. Awesome dear

    1. Thanks AB

  2. What hpd to Swara? Omg…actually idnt knot telugu nor bengali coz i’m a malayali…
    But still being a RAM CHARAN & VARUN KAPOOR Fan… I love ur ff… Is rags is there in dis ff?

    1. Oh…thanks Hope….yes Ragini is in this FF….

  3. What about swara??.awsum halima.i dont knw telegu also.but learnning sumthng new alwys appriciable.this story give lil bit knwldge abut telegu.post soon next updte .

    1. Thanks Sumeeta….true?
      I will try to upload soon.

  4. No no yaar please don’t kill Swasan yeah u told b4 that it is a Swasan ff……please don’t kill her. I am a Malayali n I am the big fan of Ramcharan. I had seen this movie many times. It was just awesome…. Ohh no Manik’s plastic surgery lol……yaar please don’t make it Ragsan,they are just like siblings for me

    1. Me too consider ragsan as bro n sis…
      FYI I’m the biggest fan of RAM CHARAN… 😛 B-)

    2. It is a Swasan FF….don’t worry….wait and watch…lol?

  5. don’t kill swara yaar. plz don’t make it ragsan.it’s a request. as u said u will do some changes so plz don’t kill swara.

    1. Yes Ireena….I will add some changes….wait for the next episode…?

  6. It’s yevadu in Telugu…ryt? But dis ff is really good?

    1. Yes…a little….thanks ?

  7. Update next epi soon

    1. I will try Nazrin.

  8. V.nice dear.I don’t know Telugu, I know Bengail language.Bcz I am Bengail.

    1. Thanks….it’s okay…I don’t know Telugu or Bengali much…I hope I make it clear so everyone can understand……

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