Swaragini (Yevadu) Episode 1


Hi…. I have added some changes as I said I was but it would be similar to the original movie but it wouldn’t be better as the original movie is ???????? not even this FF can compete against it…so it’s not going to be exactly the same as that would be copyright, lol, but it’s going to have some changes…. Hope you enjoy it.

Episode 1:

The story opens with goons running around, they reach a house and start knocking on it,
Goon1: Quick before that Socials men come!
Goon2: Yeah, break the door anyways where’s Billu Bhai?
Then a man is shown, he has black sun glasses on and formal dressing (like suit) and says “Billu Bhai is here!” They turn around and see him,
Goon 2: B..Billu Bhai….
Billu takes off his glasses and walks up to them,
Billu: Break the door!

Goon 1 knocks,
Billu: Did I say knock on the door or break the door? You guys don’t get anything! Useless! Move, let me do it!
Both of the goons move out of the way, Billu moves back and runs to kick the door but the door opens and Billu falls inside on the sofa.
Goon1 and 2 laugh,
Shekhar: Who are you?!
Billu’s face is shown shocked, he gets up and turns to him.
Billu: You don’t know who we are?! I’m Billu! Veeru Bhais man!
Just then another two men come in wearing suits and Billu gets shocked. He hurriedly puts his hand on his cheeks, he looks side to side and just then someone enters while tying a black cloth on his hand, he looks up and it’s none other than Laksh(Lucky)
Lucky: Marcipōtē Veeru, telisina Social Bhai!
Goon1: Ey!
Billu: Who do you think you are huh?! Nissabdanagā Vadili! (Leave quietly!)
Shekhar gets confused,
Billu turns to him: Nahi samajh Ayi? (Didn’t understand?) Oh yes, you speak Hindi and Bengali….That’s why Veeru Bhai has fallen for your sweet roshogulla.
Lucky: Social Bhai loves her more!
Billu: When two elders are talking, you shouldn’t interfere!
Lucky laughs and claps and gets serious: Daun udhrtini! (Calm down) Or direct heart attack! Why have you got your hands on your cheeks?

Billu puts his hand down,
Billu: What’s it to you?
Shekhar: Enough!
Sumi comes out, Billu folds his hand,
Billu: Let me get direct to the point, Veeru Bhai loves your daughter and he would keep her happy, Social can’t even afford clothes so how would he treat your daughter like a queen?!
Socials men: Ey!
Billu lets out a little laugh and says: What happened? I know truth is bitter, look. (Pointing at Lucky) if he can’t have nice clothes then…. (Laksh was wearing a black t-shirt with black shirt with the arms rolled up and jeans.)
Laksh gets angry and breaks the Vase that was near him, Billu looks on. Sumi and Shekhar get shocked, Sumi looks at Shekhar and tears fall out of her eyes.
Billu: No…don’t cry Aunty, just give us your daughter then you would be smiling.
Lucky: Chup! Veeru Bhai…what has he got? Look at him? (pointing at Billu) if people like him are there then your daughter would rot and remember 1 thing, if your daughter can’t be Social Bhai’s then she can’t be anyone’s! Where is she?!
Shekhar: She’s not here, it’s been a week since she left…we d…
Billu: You know where she is, tell us!
Sumi: We don’t know…!
Billu gets his pocket knife out to scare them, Sumi and Shekhar look on.
Lucky: If you’re lying then watch!
Lucky heads out with two men,
Billu: Remember!
Billu also heads out.
Shekhar closes the door and Sumi heads upstairs.

Sumi opens the attic and Shekhar comes up, he takes the ladder down and heads up with Sumi, a girl is sitting down wearing pink Salwar with pink leggings, she has her head down and knees to her face,
Sumi: Shona…
The girl looks up and has tears in her eyes, she is none other than Swara,
Swara: Maa….
Shekhar: Who is that guy?
Swara: Which guy?
Shekhar: The guy you wanted to marry, he wasn’t Bengali….
Swara: Sanskaar?
Shekhar nods yes,
Swara smiles: But Baba….
Shekhar: I can’t see you in pain…. Go!
Swara nods and smiles.

Then a guy is shown walking on the streets with his guitar attached to his back, he has black sunglasses on and is eating Icecream, then suddenly his phone starts ringing, he picks up and says: Hello?
Swara: Where are you?
Sanskaar (Parth): Now you want to talk to me?
Swara: Be serious!
Sanskaar (Parth): naenu ninnu praemisthunnaanu! (I love you)
Swara: Norumuyyi! (Shut up!)
Sanskaar (Parth) gets surprised: You learnt Telugu?
Swara: Staying with you had to force me to learn!
Sanskaar (Parth): I’m coming….
He disconnects the phone and starts running.

After a while he reaches Swaras house, he knocks, Shekhar opens the door, Sanskaar smiles,
Shekhar: meeru aelaa unnaaru? (How are you?)
Sanskaar: Uncle…you too?
Shekhar: I only learnt a little, come in.
Sanskaar nods and enters. He sees Swara sitting on the sofa with Sumi, Shekhar closes the door,
Swara: Do you love me?
Sanskaar: Yes….y?
Sanskaar looks around,
Swara: Meeru nannu pelli cēsukuntārā?
Sanskaar smiles and nods yes,
Sanskaar: Haa, āmi tōmākē biyye karaba.(I will marry you)
Swara, Sumi and Shekhar smile,
Swara: You know Bengali?
Sanskaar: Being with you forced me to learn Bengali.
Swara and Sanskaar smile at each other.
Sanskaar: Be ready tomorrow, I’ll pick you up.
Shekhar: Take care….we won’t be able to come.
Sanskaar: Why?
They then tell them about Veeru and Social….
Sanskaar: Veeru and Social? Don’t worry uncle…nothing will happen to you daughter!
Sanskaar takes blessings and leaves.

Swara and Sanskaar reach the temple, Swara is in a bridal attire while Sanskaar is in a suit.
Sanskaar: Shall we go?
Swara nods and they go, the wedding starts happening.

Suddenly one goon tells Lucky while the other one tells Billu that Swara is getting married to her lover, Billu gets his men ready and heads out.
Lucky stands up and goes.

Lucky and Billu reach there, their cars are opposite each other, they get out and glare at each other and was inside the temple, they see Swara and Sanskaar taking Pehres.
Billu shouts: Stop!!
Swara looks there, she gets worried, Sanskaar also looks there.
Sanskaar: At the wrong time! Wait till the marriage is over then I would come to you.
Lucky: Ey! What do you think of yourself?!
Billu: Ledu! (Don’t?)
Sanskaar nods his head while thinking,
Sanskaar: meeru thelugu maatlaadathaaraa?
Billu: Haa!
Laksh: Yeah, so?
Sanskaar: Arey Swara, they’re our own people!

Suddenly another black car arrives, Lucky and Billu look back, Billu smiles and says “My Bhai is here!” Then a man is shown getting out of the car, he is wearing suit with sunglasses. He is walking up the stairs with one of hand in his pocket. Billu smiles proudly, Swara hides behind Sanskaar(Parth).
Finally that man walks up the stairs,
Billu: Veeru Bhai…
Veeru slaps Billu across the face.
Billu gets shocked while Lucky and Socials men giggle,
Billu: Bhai…
Veeru: Bas!
Veeru takes his glasses off and looks at Swara, Lucky stands in between,
Lucky: Hey! Don’t you dare look at our Bhabhi!
Veeru: You’re right, but I have to marry her first then you can call her Bhabhi with full right, Haa?
Veeru steps forward but Lucky stops him, then Socials men start arguing with Veeru’s men while Billu and Veeru argue with Lucky.

Billu looks behind and gets shocked, he starts sweating,
Billu: Stop!
All look at him.
Billu: Where’s Bhabhi and her lover?
They look there and see them gone missing. Veeru gets angry and slaps Billu again, Billu touches his cheeks.
Veeru: You can’t even do 1 work properly! Go find them!
Lucky: Find her!
Lucky and his men start searching with Billu and his men.

Precap: Action….night…still running….Swara not letting Sanskaar fight more…..

Sanskaar: Parth Samthaan.
Social – Gopinath Bhalla
Veeru – Sandeep Anand
Billu – Brahmanandam

Thank you…the next update might be on the 6th May…till then please enjoy and like?

Credit to: Halima

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