Swaragini (Yeh Kaisi Dastaan, Kaisi Nafrat aur Kaisa Ishq? Yours or Mine?) Episode 5



The episode starts with Ragini getting pulled, she looks up and is shocked to see Sanskaar and Laksh,
Ragini: You…?
Sanskaar: Tell me the truth Ragini…where’s Swara?
Ragini thinks,
Laksh: Please Ragini.
Sanskaar: Our family is missing…
Ragini: She went behind the temple and…
Sanskaar: And?
Ragini: And she is in trouble …
Sanskaar: What type of trouble?
Ragini tells them about Aray, Sanlak get shocked.
Ragini: It wasn’t Swara who had sent the divorce papers, it was him. Swara is gone to help them.
Sanskaar is shocked.
Ragini: He wants her so he said he can do anything…
Sanskaar: How can…
Sanskaar rushes there, Laksh and Ragini follow,
Ragini: The Dr told you to take complete bed rest but you…
Laksh: I’m fine… Anyways we need to help Swara Bhabhi…

Swara is shown opening the gate, Sanskaar who is far from her sees her entering, she is looking nervous, Ragini and Laksh reach there, Ragini was about to go when Laksh stops her,
Laksh: Are you crazy?
Ragini looks at him
Laksh: There’s goons there and your running off.
Sanskaar thinks: Swara was in so much pain and I couldn’t even see it…!
Sanskaar goes forward,
Laksh: Bhai…
The trio sneakily head there, the hide behind the tree and see some goons guarding the factory,
Laksh: I’ll distract them while you two go in.
Sanskaar: But Lucky…
Laksh comes forwards and the goons see him. Ragini phones the police,
Goons: Hey, who are you?
Laksh: Police…
The goons get shocked along with Ragsan.
Goons: Ey…
Laksh runs a little and the goons follow him with guns.
Sanskaar sneaks in,
Ragini: I can’t let him go alone… He’s not in the right state.
Ragini then goes towards Lakshs direction. Sanskaar turns around and sees her missing, he shakes his head. He then turns around and goes inside.

Laksh runs and hides behind the tree, the goons look around, Ragini also hides behind the tree, she looks around and sees the goons searching, she also looks around while hiding and sees Lakshs hand, a goon was really close to him, she then picks up the Rock and throws it, the goons hear and go, she then runs there and Laksh comes out,
Laksh: What are you doing here?
Ragini: Come…
She holds Lakshs hand and they run, they then reach there, a car arrives and Ragini pulls Laksh and they hide behind the wall, Laksh looks at her,
Laksh: What happened?
Ragini: Shh!
Laksh: Wha…
Ragini puts her hand on Lakshs mouth,
Ragini whispers: Chup! Can’t you understand once? You’re so stubborn!
Laksh smiles and looks at her while she’s looking out, Kuch to hai Jo neend aye kum… Plays in the BG.
Ragini sees them gone and moves her hands, she was about to go when he holds her hand and pulls her closer, Laksh then switches, he makes Ragini stand against the wall,
Ragini: Laksh…
Laksh: Sshhh…
Ragini: Laksh! Let me go…
Laksh moves in and closer, suddenly the goons reach there,
Goons: Chi…is this the only place you find…?
Laksh gets shocked, he then hides his face, Ragini also gets stunned,
Goons: Go do it somewhere else! Anyways have you seen a guy running past?
Laksh nods and points in the other direction,
Goon: Why are you not facing us?
Goon: Bhai, he’s lost…
The goons laugh and Ragini glares at Laksh, the goons then head there but one of the goon realises and turns around,
Goon: He was wearing a maroon shirt… He also had cast around his arms.
The other goons realise.
Goons: He’s the one…
They then go there but Ragini and Laksh run. They then catch them and surround them.
Goon: What did you think? We are dumb?! Let’s take him to Bhai!
They then take them.

Sanskaar looks around and sees his family in the cage, he then hides and sees Swara standing and waiting. Aray comes in and hugs her, she angrily pushes him,
Swara: Stay in your limits.
Just then Raglak get pushed in, Swara is shocked to see them,
Goon: Bhai…
Aray turns around, he then looks at Ragini and gets mesmerised, he smiles.
Laksh: I don’t get why they brought us here…
Aray: Oh please, you can go…but she can’t.
Swara thinks: Oh no…did he start liking Ragini…?
Aray takes his glasses off,
Ragini looks at the cut on his forehead and gets shocked,
Aray: Anyways guys, stop your drama…Swara you can go.
Swara: If you dare to look at my sister with your filthy eyes then watch!
Aray: Ooo I got scared, Swara…baby enough of you now.
Swara shakes her head.
Ragini: Vikalp…
Aray turns around, Swara and all get confused.
Aray: Who’s Vikalp?
Ragini walks up to him and looks at him,
Ragini: You’re Vikalp…
Aray: Baby…you’re mistaken.
Ragini: No you’re Vikalp!
Aray: I’m not!
Ragini: You are!
Aray: No!
Ragini: Yes!
Aray: No!
Ragini: Kala! Bandar!
Aray: Kali! Kowi!
Ragini then smiles while Swara and Aray get shocked and all get confused, Sanskaar comes down.
Ragini: So Vikalp…?
Aray: No I’m not…
Swara holds his ears,
Aray: Ok fine…I’m Vikalp
Swara then slaps him on the shoulder.
Swara: Ragini… How did you find out?
Ragini: Our so called Aray forgot to hide his cut…
Aray then touches it,
Aray: You was the one who done this to me.
Ragini: It was an accident and that cut was there for lifetime and in that position, so it had to be Vikalp.
Swara: Why would he do that?
Vikalp: Because I wanted to help you reunite with Sanskaar. It’s true I liked you but when I heard about your problems then I had to rush back. So I made this plan and your family were in this with me…
AP and them look down.
DP opens the cage door and all come out.
Swara shakes her head and heads out. Ragini slaps Vikalp on the shoulder. Sanskaar follows out.

Ragini also goes out and Laksh follows her,
Laksh: I need to tell you something Ragini…
Ragini: What?!
Laksh: I…love…you…
Ragini gets shocked and stops, she then turns to him.
Ragini: Listen Laksh, love and marriage isn’t any game.
Laksh: I know, that’s why I said I love you to you…
Ragini: But Laksh…us two…this can’t happen.
Laksh: Why?
Ragini: Because it can’t…
Laksh: But we are already married…
Ragini: Yes, I know but that happened forcibly and your love would also be a joke…
Laksh: Listen Ragini…say anything about me but don’t question my love…
Ragini: But this can’t happen…
Laksh: But I love you…
Ragini: And do you know what love is…?
Laksh: Haa, maybe…
Ragini: I didn’t want to hear maybe… Laksh, this is immature act…
Laksh: But Ragini…
Ragini: You don’t love me…
Laksh: I do…
Ragini: You don’t…
Laksh: I do…
Ragini: Please Laksh, try to understand, this isn’t possible…
Laksh: You try to understand Ragini, why isn’t it possible?
Ragini: Because it isn’t…

Then scene shifts to Swasan, Swara and Sanskaar reach the temple,
Sanskaar: Swara…
Swara turns around and ignores him, she goes into the temple and prays, she starts crying,
Swara: What was my fault…? Hey Bhagwan help my family stay strong and Sanskaar, keep Sanskaar happy and now…I can never be his…
Swara starts crying, Sanskaar comes in and touches Swaras shoulder, she jerks him off,
Sanskaar holds Swaras hands and makes her turn,
Sanskaar: Listen Swara…I’m truly sorry…I loved you Swara but you betrayed me and despite that I still love you but you’re not ready to talk to me.
Swara: Go away Sanskaar…
Sanskaar: Swara…
Swara: Go… It’s too late, I guess we will never be one in this life time…
Swara then heads out and Sanskaar stands there confused, he then follows her and holds her hand,
Sanskaar: Please Swara…I love you.
Tears fall out of Swaras eyes,
Sanskaar: Don’t leave me… You can’t punish me like this… Please…
Swara gets some courage and breaths: Let go Sanskaar…
Sanskaar: I held it to keep it for the next 7 life times, I can’t let it go now…
Swara gets touched and hugs him quickly, she then cries, he hugs her back, agar tu hota toh Na rote hum…plays in the BG.
Sanskaar smiles: I knew you loved me too Swara.
He hugs her tighter, she then feels dizzy and faints on his shoulder,
Sanskaar: Swara…
Swara doesn’t respond, he then moved her in front of him and gets shocked, he shakes her face and white bubbly stuff comes out of her mouth.
Sanskaar: Swara!
Sanskaar holds her face and hugs her, he then picks her up and takes her to the hospital.
It then goes into a flashback of when Swara was at the washroom, she has poison bottle in her hand,
Swara: I can never become Arays…
She then drinks the poison bottle and heads out.
End of flashback.

AP, DP, Sujata and RP get a message and head towards the hospital.

Ragini and Laksh are walking,
Laksh: Ragini… I l…
Ragini: Why can’t you understand Laksh…this isn’t possible…
Laksh: It is possible! Arey, the same Laksh who doesn’t care about anyone else has fallen in love with you! The same Laksh that partied and hanged with friends has fallen for you, the Laksh who never talked to a girl like you has given his heart to her, the Laksh that doesn’t look at girls like you is forced to look at you 24/7 because of the heart, if this isn’t love then what is?!
Ragini is speechless and walks ahead,
Ragini: Even I don’t know what love is but I heard that they sacrifice anything to see their happiness, would you be able to sacrifice your love?
Laksh gets shocked,
Ragini: No Na? Then you shouldn’t be showing off your love…
Just then they reach the temple and Ragini looks around.
Ragini: Where is everyone?
Just then Laksh gets a call and is shocked.
Laksh: We will come there.
Laksh disconnects the call,
Ragini: What happened?
Laksh: Vo..Swara…
Ragini: Swara Kya?
Laksh: Swara is in the hospital and has consumed poison.
Ragini: What?!
Raglak then rush there.

The Dr comes out and nods his head,
Dr: I’m sorry Mr Maheshwari, we lost her, you brought her in late.
All get shocked and their faces are shown and it freezes for a bit and then shifts to everyone and the wind is playing in the BG.
Sanskaar breaks the silence,
Sanskaar: Nahi! Swara can’t leave me like this…nooo…Swara…!
Tears escape from Ragini, AP and Sujatas eyes,
Ragini then turns around and goes to the temple built in the hospital.
Sanskaar: No….!
Laksh comes to console Sanskaar and hugs him, Sanskaar cries on Lakshs shoulders.
Sanskaar: She left me…
Ragini closes her eyes and prays,
Ragini: Please do a miracle, save my sister, please….
Bells are heard in the BG while Ragini prays with closed eyes.
They bring Swaras body out and Sanskaar is shocked to see her,
Sanskaar: Swara! Wake up, please Swara!
Swara is then taken, Sanskaar then goes out and walks on the roads heartbroken, he then remembers Swara… Suddenly he hears bells ringing and looks up, he sees the temple and gets a FB of him and Swara coming there one day before his marriage and Swara says “Whoever comes here and asks for what they want will come true because my wishes come true..”
Sanskaar: Achcha…wish for something…
Swara: I already have.
Swara then ties the thread around the tree,
Sanskaar: What?
Swara: I can’t tell you…
Sanskaar: Please.
Swara: Don’t be stubborn! It won’t come true then!
Sanskaar: Swara, tell me….
Swara: Okay fine, I asked for us to be together for the next 7 lifetimes….and if it doesn’t come true then I’m killing you!
They both laugh and smile.
End of Flashback.

Sanskaar: Swara…I’m sorry…
He then goes inside the temple and starts ringing the bells,
Sanskaar: You have to listen to me today! You have to feel my pain…return my Swara to me! I won’t stop until she comes back!
Sanskaar stares at Goddess Durga and starts ringing the bell.

Swara is shown getting ready in the bridal attire, Ragini is crying and Laksh walks up to her,
Laksh: Ragini…
Ragini hugs him tight,
Ragini: Swara left us…Laksh, this can’t happen…
Swara is finally shown dressed fully in the bridal attire. She is then taken to MM, Sanskaar is still in the same position and is still ringing the bells.
After a while they prepare to take Swara for her last ritual.
Ragini: Nahi…!
AP cries and consoles her,
Laksh: Where’s Bhai?

Just then Sanskaar feels dizzy and moves back, he then falls and rolls down the stairs.

DP: We can’t get through his phone.
RP: Leave him Bhaisa, he is in a shock, he won’t be able to compose himself.
DP nods, then they pick Swara up and take her for her last ritual.
Ragini was about to go when Sujata stops her.
Sujata: Na Na Chori…
Ragini breaks down and cries.

Laksh, DP and RP are shown putting the sticks in, just then the ambulance arrives, all look there. The ward boys bring out dead body of someone who is covered in the a white cloth. The ward boys bring him closer and the cloth movers out of his face, all are shocked.
Laksh drops the stick out of his hand,
Laksh: B…Bhai…?
Sanskaar is shown with closed eyes,
Ward boy: Sir, he met with an accident, the Lorry had ran over him as he was lying on the floor.
DP: Lying on the floor?
WB2: He fainted.
DP is shocked.
Then they do Sanskaar and Swaras last ritual and pour their ashes in Ganga.

They reach home with their head down,
AP: Sanskaars phones not reachable…Ji, please try…
DP doesn’t say anything.
Laksh: Ma…
AP: What?
Laksh: Maa… Bhai had an accident and we…
AP is shocked,
RP: And we done his last final ritual.
AP breaks down and falls, Sujata helps her and they cry.
Laksh also gets teary eyed.
Ragini also has tears in her eyes.

After few hours there was silence in MM, Ragini walks up to Laksh and touches his shoulders, he has tears in his eyes and remembers Sanskaar.
Ragini wipes her tears: There’s no point of crying anymore…what happened has happened and we couldn’t change it.
AP hears her, she then stands up and walks up to them.
AP: I already lost a son and daughter in law…I don’t want to lose my other son. He loves you Ragini…
Ragini looks at her and AP takes his hand and places it in Raginis hand,
AP: Please accept this crazy one…
Ragini has tears in her eyes, RagLak look at each other and they nod at AP, AP smiles and breaks down. They hug her.

Sumi, Shekhar and Dadi are back, they are shocked to hear about SwaSan. After few days RagLak get married.

Ragini is sitting down in her bridal attire, Laksh comes in and shuts the door, he turns around and walks towards there, Ragini blushes. Laksh then sits down and looks at Ragini,
Laksh: Last time our wedding was fake and this time it’s real because I love you…
Ragini looks at him.
Laksh (copying Ragini): But love isn’t a game…!
Ragini then glares at him, he irritates her and she slaps him on the shoulder and turns around angrily,
Laksh: Ragu…I was joking…
Ragini ignores him, he then touches her shoulder and she jerks it away.
Laksh then goes and sits in front of her, she looks away but he comes closer, each time he comes closer, she moves but he holds her by her waist and pulls her closer, Raginis hand touch Laksh chest and they look at each other,
Maula mere….plays in the BG.
Laksh comes closer and pulls her closer, Ragini closes her eyes and breathes heavily. He then takes her nose thing off with one of his hands. He then takes off her jewellery. Ragini tries to move back but he pulls her closer and their foreheads touch. Then he moves closer and their noses touch, Ragini then moves in and they kiss each other passionately. He then makes her lie down and breaks the kiss, she breathes heavily and he kisses her forehead, then nose and then cheeks (both). He then kisses her neck, then they consummate their marriage.

19 years later:
Ragini is shown cooking in the kitchen with her hair tied in a bun and is wearing plainish Sarees, then suddenly someone hugs her from behind,
Ragini: Laksh…
Laksh: Ragini…
Laksh has a beard and is wearing suit.
Ragini: Your so shameless, your kids even grew up but you haven’t changed!
Laksh: So? We have rights too and how can I change.
Ragini smiles and turns the gas stove off, she then turns around and puts her hands around his neck. Laksh smiles and leans in,
Ragini: No…
Laksh: Why?
Ragini: Your beard will prick.
He then rubs his cheeks against her cheeks.
Ragini: Laksh!
Laksh laughs, just then someone enters and coughs. They compose themselves and look there, a girl is shown smiling, she is around 15-16 years old.
Ragini: Ananya…?
Laksh: What?
Ananya: Hm… Not bad huh, romancing in the kitchen?
Laksh: So?
Ananya: You two look sooo cute…. Ohho, I wonder how you must have got married…
RagLak look at each other and remember their child marriage.
Just then AP comes in, she is wearing glasses,
AP: What’s happening?
Ananya: Uh Mamma Papa…
Laksh glares at her,
Ananya: They’re gifting me an IPod touch, the new generation.
Laksh: Huh…?
Ananya winks at them,
Ragini: Ha..Haa..
AP: Is the food ready?
Ananya: Mamma..Papa…come I’ll show you which one I want.
Ragini: Haa Maa, the food is ready.
AP then calls the servants and they take the food out, RagLak go out with Ananya.
Laksh: When did we promise you an IPod?
Ananya: Just now…! Mama said yes…
Laksh: No, we don’t have any money…!
Ananya: Oh come on Papa… Don’t be stingy!
Laksh: You blackmailed her that’s why she said yes!
Ragini: Enough! She won’t listen, she’s after all your daughter.
Ananya: Vo toh mein hoon, and after all I have to inherit some genes from you…
Ragini: And you never win against her… Your Laad Pyaar spoilt her.
Ananya: Because I’m your princess and since I’m your princess I should get treated like one.
Laksh smiles and Ananya hugs him,
Ananya: Love you Dad…you’re the best Dad.
Just then two more people come there, two boy are shown, the boy looks like he’s 10-11 years old while the other boy looks 19-20 years old.
Ragini: Sanskaar, Shravan…?
Shravan hugs Ragini,
Shravan: I’m Mammas prince!
Ananya: Haa Haa!
Sanskaar is the 19-20 year old, he looks like Sanskaar.
Sanskaar: Well no matter what you two say, Mamma Papa love me most. They all then share a family hug.

After lunch Ragini goes to her room, she sees Swaras photo,
Ragini: I kept your child safe…he looks exactly like his Papa… I wish you were here to see your son grow.
It goes into a flashback when after a week when RagLak got married, a lady came from an orphanage with a child and a letter, she gives the letter to Ragini while everyone are confused, Ragini reads the letter out loud, it says ‘He’s my son…I’m sorry Ragini, I lied to you but we did consummate our wedding and he’s the result, everyone knew I was pregnant but they thought I gave birth to a dead child but no, please take care of my last symbol Ragini….I’m sorry I didn’t tell you all’ Swaragini title play… Ragini looks at the child and takes him. Then they decide to take care of him and they name him Sanskaar.
End of Flashback.

Ragini: If he’s alive then you must be there somewhere…?
Just then a girl is shown, she comes out of the airport. Her face is shown and it turns out to look like Swara. “Swarali?” A voice is heard, Swarali looks back,
Swarali: Mom…it’s not that bad…
They then shift to their house.

After a few days Swarali meets Sanskaar, they become friends and fall In love but they feel a connection. All get shocked to see Swarali and then agree for their marriage and their marriage takes place.

All get happy.
Ragini: They made a promise to love for the next life time.
Laksh: And they kept it.
RagLak hugs.

Mere hath mein tera haath Ho…plays in the BG.

The End….

Thank you for liking and enjoying and supporting me.

Ananya – Aditi Bhatia
Shravan – Ayaan Zubair Rehmani

Credit to: Halima

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